Need a C# coder to code me something for Twitter [EASY]

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    Jan 12, 2010
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    I am planning to sell a Twitter account creator which I coded myself but need help with a 'module' inside the creator program.

    I need you to code something that makes all the accounts you import into the program follow an account the user specifies. I would need this to be done in the web browser built in with C#.

    I was coding this on my own but sometimes Twitter wasnt logging in, sometimes the accounts werent being followed so I was getting frustrated and just want this to be done.

    I already have a ton of source code for both the mobile Twitter and the regular Twitter (I tried coding it on both) to help you out.

    I have the code to make it log in, and the code to make follow the other user.

    I would need the source of the program when you're done coding it.

    I dont have a big budget, its actually quite quite small so hopefully we can negotiate a price. Please remember that I already have most of it done.

    If you're interested please PM straight away!