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Namecheap 88c Domains .us .pro etc

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by ocL:\Rob, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. ocL:\Rob

    ocL:\Rob Newbie

    Mar 29, 2017
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    Staten Island, NY
    Hi, I am new to BHW (as you can probably tell by my introduction thread).

    Long story short, I lost my job, practically lost my life, and I must resort to what it is I do best, and wanted to let you all know about a currently going offer that is out that for those of you that need some domain names much like I am about to take advantage of right now.

    Namecheap is currently (and has been) offering up 88c domain names. I'd link you, but I'm a new member. Besides, at least I'm not earning a penny from you clicking a referral link!

    There are a lot of good TLDs available and whois is free for the first year. The domain renews at regular price.

    • blackhatworld2.club $0.88 /year Reg. Price $10.88/year
    • blackhatworld2.top $0.88 /year Reg. Price $10.88/year
    • blackhatworld2.us $0.88 /year Reg. Price $8.48/year
    • blackhatworld2.bid $0.88 /year Reg. Price $25.88/year
    • blackhatworld2.trade $0.88 /year Reg. Price $25.88/year
    • blackhatworld2.faith $0.88 /year Reg. Price $25.88/year
    • blackhatworld2.accountant $0.88 /year Reg. Price $25.88/year
    • blackhatworld2.download $0.88 /year Reg. Price $25.88/year
    • blackhatworld2.loan $0.88 /year Reg. Price $25.88/year
    • blackhatworld2.racing $0.88 /year Reg. Price $25.88/year
    • blackhatworld2.win $0.88 /year Reg. Price $25.88/year
    • blackhatworld2.review $0.88 /year Reg. Price $25.88/year
    • blackhatworld2.date $0.88 /year Reg. Price $25.88/year
    • blackhatworld2.party $0.88 /year Reg. Price $25.88/year
    • blackhatworld2.cricket $0.88 /year Reg. Price $25.88/year
    • blackhatworld2.science $0.88 /year Reg. Price $25.88/year
    • blackhatworld2.stream $0.88 /year Reg. Price $25.88/year
    • blackhatworld2.men $0.88 /year Reg. Price $25.88/year
    • blackhatworld2.info $0.88 /year Reg. Price $10.47/year
    • blackhatworld2.pro $0.88 /year Reg. Price $12.88/year
    Hopefully this is acceptable for this forum. Afterall, I'm not really selling domains, I'm just letting you in on this crazy offer.. especially for .pro -- that's unrealistic to me.

    Right now I'm sitting on a $40 gift card and waiting for a supposed 2 weeks of backpayments from unemployment.. hopefully this will help you as much as it will hopefully help me now that I have some new niches to tackle.