Nab someones entire WP install - down to widgets and settings

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by inWar, Sep 21, 2010.

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    Use scrapebox with a foot print sorta like this:


    Blogzap is a wordpress back up thingamajig I've liked over wpmanagerDX...anyway...

    the above footprint looks for sites that forgot to delete this oh so crucial-to-********ing-delete file. I've got about 3 - haven't SB'd it yet. Interested in results. Maybe a better footprint to be had I just f'd around for a second thought I'd share. Might be good for a site or two, especially down the road as this plugin is used more often.

    Most people using this have content spun to the hull and probably not even indexed yet. I'm off to have some espresso.... 10cupcoffeemaker dizzot kizzom / zap dot php

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    I too found that coffee site after using your advice, i have also set scrapebox off, though not sure what exactly it will return...

    I will update as to my findings