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    I live in a 3rd world country and the internet is still very new to most people. Probably less than 10% of the public use the internet over here but it's growing with more and more ISPs popping up each year.

    OK this is what I've been thinking of for some time now but only don't have the money for it yet. I took a look at and it's numerous websites. I want to start something similar in my country. I want to start an auto trading marketplace where I charge local used/new car dealers a fee for each car they list on my website. I'll create the site and visit dealerships to market to them outlining the advantages of listing their car on the site. Since most dealerships over here don't have websites or use the internet in any form of marketing I think they can easily be convinced.

    To get potential buyers to the site, I'll advertise on television, newspaper ads as well as media buys. This is where I'm stuck as to get the kind of publicity I'm looking for, it'll cost a log of money. But this is for me the best way I can think of getting visitors to the site quickly. I also plan on branding campaigns by printing and distributing car stickers, branding stuff such as pens, mugs and the likes. Billboard ads will also play a big roll in branding.

    I want to build a site that will become the place to go to when you want to buy a car my country. This is just a skeleton of what the whole plan is about but I believe it has the potential of making good money and if I'm able to grow it to what I dream of, I'll be in a prime position to take full advantage when the internet really hits top gear over here and even probably sell to a big fish for millions.

    This can be done but how do I secure funding? I have nothing to use for a loan and I reckon I'll need to hire a couple of workers as well.

    What do you think of the whole plan and any inputs from anyone who has successfully started a business from scratch with nothing, will be very much appreciated.
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    i think that... if not many people use the internet in your country, will your return on investment be worth it? you could do this offline as well... start a small used cars magazine. :)
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    You're better off doing a magazine. If you live in a 3rd world country then it should be even cheaper to start it up and still be able to charge a decent amount for advertising. I know it costs under 2k here to 5,000 issues of a 20 page magazine using pretty much the same type of paper that newspapers use and having color in it.

    A single full page of advertising sells for around $2200 in something like that.

    I'm guessing your expenses there should be quite a bit lower but you should still be able to charge about the same for advertising to places like auto dealerships.

    Maybe use a website to compliment the magazine. Say that their advertisements will also be places on the internet for millions of people to see. Purchase some cheapo worthless traffic that will show up on your statistics to show some value.

    Included with your advertising package (since I'm guessing you are decent with web design) include a $100 a month option to build maintain and market a website for them (make them sign up for 6 months for $500 give them a month free)

    You're all set, you have a magazine that brings in 3k a month profit, a web design business that could possibly bring in the same amount.

    After you have your clientele built up you just need to start training people to run it for you and then you're ready to start an ISP in your country

    You can do this a couple different ways, you could pretty much build a cable tv system and just use the cable to run internet service to everyone. Tell some cable company you want to buy all their old outdated cable modems and you're in business, heck play the 3rd world country card and say you are going to use them to help educate people and they may just give you a bunch of them for charity

    or the way I like start a wireless ISP

    Maybe you live in an area that has a lot of rural population that you don't wana run cables all over the place. All this takes is some towers, not even towers homes on some high ground that most everyone can see.

    Place some antena things ontop of them and then everyone that wants internet you put an antena on their house and point it to one of the tower sites.

    You train someone to install this stuff and collect your payments and then it's time to move onto something else.

    Probably use the money to go to school for advanced mathmetics and get started on the worlds next greatest search engine.

    Once you have accomplished that and find that you are bored with all of the wealth you have created it's time to get moving onto something more challenging, politics.

    Since it's going to look good that you have a doctorate in advanced mathematics but you know you need another ace up your sleeve you join your nations closest thing to the national guard. You do everything your drill sergeant asks you to just like Forest Gump and end up becoming an officer within a few years, this should be plenty to win you some type of regional seat.

    After you get your first taste of politics you start dreaming of world domination but you need to establish more power. With your high intellect and military background people naturally listen to everything you say and you begin to plan a coupe to over through the government because an election process takes far too much time.

    I would advise enlisting Chuck Norris to help you lead your coupe since that would pretty much in itself secure a victory. After you are finished with the coupe it's time for world domination.

    This is going to be the tricky part, since you are going to need to build up your country's military. This takes money, you will need to create tons of jobs. Consult with the USA's federal reserve and find out how to create money out of thin air for your new government.

    I"m done I've already wasted too much time writing this so I guess it's time to start using your imagination.