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    Hello BHW. I have been watching this website for quite a few months now and finally decided to start actually doing something to get me some extra money.
    I'm what you will call a "noob" in terms of IM. The most stuff I learned in this domain were from the posts on this website.
    This being said, I'll like to add that I tried some CPA in the past, using Sharecash, Dengee and Envirofile (no longer exists) and youtube to get people to download my file. With some luck I pulled of like 1500$ in 2 months. After that, YT took down my videos and accounts, so I found my self back at square 1.
    Now I am willing to give IM another shoot, this time giving my best. For the time being, I made a blog on blogspot (since I failed to do so in wordpress) and locked the download page with the adscendmedia content locker.
    For redirecting traffic to the blog I use facebook, youtube and yahoo answers.

    So for now I have:
    - 1500$ in paypal
    - a blog with content locker
    - a youtube video
    - a facebook fan page

    The strange part it that I got 200 hits on my blog download page (that has the locker) but 0 conversion and no one even clicked any offers. Maybe I did something wrong but I don't know what.
    After I'll dry out this opportunity, I am planing to invest in a steadier income, registering a few domains and making some review blogs and then trying to get them ranked up and high.
    ANY advice, feedback, criticism, etc is welcomed. I am opened to anything you have to say (good or bad).