My first share and firt post in 1year plus

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    My first post for more then a year... join date 06-17-2010 so hi everyone :D

    I've been with BHW for quite a long time and I learned a lot in here - most of the time giving nothing in return (just some affiliate money for software :D )

    Now I want to share my strategy with you - it is simple but it worked.

    For some of you it might work, for others it might not but at BHW I've learned that it is important to think out of the box and that is what I try to do :)

    A quick background:

    I wanted to do something about marketing on sites that are somehow innovative.

    I started from Foursquare. I had some success with them promoting my websites (affiliate links on blogs - clickbank). Unfortunately it did not last long - Foursquare does not allow to create "virtual venues" which were my main traffic source. - result: all my work banned.

    After FourSquare I had no luck with GoWalla (oh well)

    My last candidate was NoticeKiosk.

    My strategy:

    1) Get a lot of e-mails: hotmail,like 10$ for 500 (I needed only 5 of them for the first day)
    2) Create title and text that will attract people (in many variations)
    3) Post my advertise in New York on about 5 places/kiosks (???) every day to stay under the radar. (unfortunately it is local site so only new york)
    4) Get traffic USA/New York

    Result: almost 50unique visits first day - I know it is not much, but I think that as long as it's free it's worth it - and is US not china traffic, right? :D

    Simple as that, hope it helps :)