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    Yeah , just another journal from a Newbie Internet marketer,

    NOTE : my english (Grammar) sucks . please dont pay attention to that ;)

    About me : I did my engineering with Computer science. got a job in a good IT company but wont be getting joining till April-May 2011 . till then trying to learn IM and trying to pay my bills ,i dont take money from my father anymore .
    My IM History : -

    Being lurking in this forum since 5-6 months ago. took some actions which dint gave me much success :

    What i did in past :-

    a)Started with sharecash - too hard too much work .. not doing well with it but still earning $3-5 Average daily on autopilot . Far from being descent .

    b)After sharecash i went into fiverr : started with promoting gigs related to designing, video making, seo related stuffs like commenting, bookmarking etc... that was not making me descent money so i figured something else (a twist) and worked with it that made me earn around $350 in 2 months. but that was lot of work so i decided to leave it . made an ebook about my methods and sold a few copies at Hackforum .sold only 11 copies as technique was very saturable. made some $150 selling ebook.

    c)After fiverr decided to go for CPA using twitter method : Made around 50 accounts with cracked version of tweetfollowing and started promoting offers .First day With Beginner's luck earned $12 . next day all accounts got banned :( . Tried again but no luck . RESULT = FAIL

    d)Tried to build some websites for HOT videos with content blocking scripts .used youtube video methods. but i m not getting results. Again FAIL

    e)Now m determined to get into Clickbank Affiliate marketing.


    1) Went to clickbank marketplace ,chose a product form health category.

    2)Went to to check how the product sales website was performing. it was up since 13 months and was having good constant traffic. so i decided to go with this product

    2)Went to google adwords tool , put the product website in the website field and generated all the associated keywords,downloaded csv file with 100 keywords and again ran those 100 keywords in google keyword tool to generate next 800 keywords.

    researched all 1100 keywords in market samurai , and after 3-4 hours intense research i decided to go with a 2 worded phrase as primary keyword "xxxxxxx xxxxx" which is having:

    Total searches : Global :90,500 , local : 74,000

    google competetion:

    a) 280,000 without quotes i.e. xxxxxxx xxxxx
    b) 19,700 with quotes i.e. "xxxxxxx xxxxx"
    c) 563 with intitle with quotes i.e. intitle:"xxxxxxx xxxxx"
    d) 381 with inurl with quotes i.e. inurl:"xxxxxxx xxxxx"
    around 20,000 with quotes

    Was going to purchase that 2 worded phrase domain but later i found that those 2 words were having low PBR percentage in market samurai means there are some missing keywords that are usually used with those 2 word phrase .so i digged deep and found a longtail phrase that has high PBR percentage.
    That longtail phrase is having 5 words "get rid of xxxxxxx xxxxx"

    This 5 worded long tail keyword is having low searches i.e.
    Global : 3600 ,local :2900

    But almost have same competition as the above 2 worded phrase
    google competetion:

    a) 90,100 results without quotes i.e. get rid of xxxxxxx xxxxx
    b) 22,200 with quotes i.e. "get rid of xxxxxxx xxxxx"
    c) 572 with intitle with quotes i.e. intitle:"get rid of xxxxxxx xxxxx"
    d) 205 with inurl with quotes i.e. inurl:"get rid of xxxxxxx xxxxx"

    i decided to go with this keyword first, if ever i get good rank for this keyword i will eventually aim for that 2 word primary key.
    i just hope i am not choosing wrong keyword for my first campaign :(

    4)Bought the '.com' domain with that long tail phrase which is "getridof

    5)Built a wordpress blog with all necessary seo plugin and using Thesis 18b theme (just basic theme i dint learn to customize it yet)

    started 3 days back and put 3 unique articles that i basically created using articles collected using a software called 'instantarticlewizard' .pinged all articles using scrapebox (that i purchased with my first online earning)

    7)i created one presell kinda page with the review of the product i m aiming to promote .this article is pinned to the homepage. i dont know if the presell page i created is good or bad but i will see about that later.

    8)Also i m trying to collect emails of viewers using the system i learnt from 'Mass money makers' using icontact free account. offering viewers a free report about how to solve their problem and then redirecting them to the homepage of my blog.

    i bookmarked all 3 articles in digg, reddit, stubleupom and few other site.

    submitted my site to many whois pages using

    10)Build around 200 forum profile links with cracked sick submiter .

    11)Yesterday stats :
    a)google search: site:" " returned nothing. Means none of my website pages are indexed yet.
    b)google search: " " returned 43 pages . all are forum profile links and whois links.
    c)Got some visitors from reddit . none from other bookmarking websites

    11) Today's stat :
    a)google search: site:" " returned nothing. but with the next query i found that 2 of my website page are showing up on google. i dont understand what is this ?
    b)google search: " " returned 35 pages . less then what it was yesterday. many links got down . i dont understand why ?
    c)Got some visitors from reddit . none from other bookmarking websites all pages are indexed and the site got no other visiter then few from reddit bookmark. i dont know why i got no visitor from digg or other bookmarking sites

    12)Today i m going to build a link wheel on my main keyword phrase. i will post it once i finsih it.

    13) No sales till now ;)

    NOTE: Please suggst me if there is something that i am doing wrong or is there anyway i can improve :)

    Thanks for you help
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    UPDATE :

    i started creating link wheel .
    i scraped related article from internet and combined it and then using spinnerchief i generated 13 spunned articles which i submitted to the following site


    in each submit i included a link to my landing page and in a few i included the clickbank hop link.
    i did not yet linked all the submits together . i will do that later.

    i pinged all the pages.

    hubpage is indexed and sitting on 2nd page of goole with my keyword.