My first Journey ever !

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    May 21, 2016
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    Hello all!

    First post on the forum, yeay ! And not a little one 'cause this is about... My first journey !

    I'm reading BlackHatWorld since few months and i'm now ready to begin something, maybe something big, maybe not, but i wanna try !

    So there are my plans :

    Building a pornsite________/_____Redirections to webcam add trick---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(sooo original you'll tell me..)---------------------------------------------------- (To earn some money as soon as possible to reinvest into pornsite)

    -1) Find a NDD/Host----------------------------------------1) Get a NDD And redirect it on-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2) Install Wordpress------------------------------------------ Crackrevenue webcam add--------------------------
    3) Find a theme and launch WpxTube---------------2) Download/Upload porn videos with my
    4) Get accepted on CrakRevenue
    ------------------------NDD in the title (Make a Macro for this?)
    5) Find pack of images of tasty girls
    -----------------3) Advertise on webcam sites by using a video
    almost naked (but not too much to
    -------------------of hot girl who sends my NDD to the horny
    be accepted on social media)
    --------------------------- guy
    6) Starting a Twitter/Insta/FB/Tumblr/Youtube
    ----4) Earn quickly some money to reinvest into my
    add campaign
    ------------------------------------------------Pornsite and social medias bots
    7) Buy or find bots for all these social medias
    to be more efficient
    8) Get money with PPL on
    CrakRevenue I hope !

    And maybe try to do some dropshipping to reinvest money into the Pornsite, but i don't know i will be able to manage it all together..I'm pretty messy !

    Also sorry for my English mistakes, English is not my native language!

    I will try to keep this updated as soon as possible!

    Thanks for reading and tell me if you have any advice for my case !

    Thanks a lot