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My first Aliexpress Dropshipping journey

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by 12popi123, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. 12popi123

    12popi123 Junior Member

    May 3, 2016
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    So here i am, my first journey starts here. I was lurking on this forum for about 3 months. I read thru a lot of threads and i guess i learnt something that i can now use on my journey. And i better ask now than make poor decisions. So now is time to take action.
    I dont have any expectations that how much i should make or how many product i have to sell. However i dont need much. But ill do it for fun and im excited about this and try my best.

    MY PLAN: (i borrow this from fellow member @loedown)

    Step 1) Find a niche
    Step 2) Find a company that will ship these products in this niche for you.
    Step 3) Setup a website with these products at a higher price than you pay for them.
    Step 4) Promote
    Step 5) At the end of the day order the products your customers bought from you from the drop shipper, put their address as shipping address.
    Step 6) email the customers their tracking # (drop shipper will provide)
    Step 7) Profit.

    1a. i find one product that is about 6 months old but its price is fairly high. Cost about 100$
    The seller dont have much reviews on this products. But have over 5k feedback score and 97% positive feedback. I already contact them and they said they can dropship for me and they deliver free via DHL. To not have only small amount of product in my store i will broad a bit and will offer components for this and related products. A disadvantage of this product is electric. So i can image that can broke after some time. Also i think this product can be hyped in next months. But im not too much satified with quality and with lack of suppliers. Ok now i found only one on amazon and one on ebay for about 100. What do you think about price? If i buy it from Ali for 100 should be enough to sell it for 250?

    1b. next product is a lot cheaper cost about 2.5 to 15$. I didnt contact any supplier yet but i think there is no problem dropship this item. For this product is avaible Epacket for 2$ which is nice. I think this product is more safer and cant broke that easy. Also have a lot possitive feedback 4.7+.

    Ok so plan for today is choose niche. Yeasterday buy domain, template and choose woocommerce or shopify? And stuff it with products.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.
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  2. Activeits

    Activeits Registered Member

    Jul 27, 2015
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    I think if your buying a product for 100$ then 250$ is way too much to ask for. Try making the sane commission % on each product. Easier to manage that way. Also if you think the product is cheap and will break I suggest you try another one. Last thing you want is to be giving returns and such. And you don't want to lose your sites reputation. Keep us updated on progress and good luck mate.