My fears :) - A beginner questions


Nov 17, 2008
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First, I apologize to everyone because of poor English skills!

I have a simple affiliate link. I'm posting in forums and classified ad sites but with url shorter service. My question is the next: Anyone find out that who I am from the affiliate link?
The link is a simple zanox affiliate link...

Thank you in advance for answers
No body will find you out through the affiliate link.Trust me

Just make sure Zango approves this mode of posting aff links in forums and classified ad sites(Check they approve)

OK go ahead
@2 OP said Zanox not Zango

OP, the network will be able to find out soon once they become interested in it - depending on the shortening service, their logs will capture either the short link or the real referral (forum page etc).
You can do a DMR through a domain you own, but things will be interesting then if you loose the referral completely, the network might also start asking questions. Make sure you have some legit sources of traffic to the very same offer and double-check the TOS. Good luck!
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