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    Hi All,
    Over the last few months I've really enjoyed getting into the black hat world. Being an SEO day-to-day I feel that what I've learned has made me more creative and SEO does not strictly have to be all white hat, depending on what you're trying to improve.

    When I first started black hat SEO I bought myself a bunch of domain names with in URL keyword match and put loads of automated SEO plugins on through Wordpress installs. I've got WP Robot chucking in a bunch of content through article spinning software. Ive got Ad Sense alternative on each site (20) and I've only earled 5 cents after about 2 months even when I'm getting 200 visits p/d day per site. So this is clearly not the way to go..

    Over the last week I've invested in some software, Bookmarking Demon and Scrape Box, Se Nuke, Auto Pligg & Zenno Poster.

    I've never used these tools before and at the moment I'm getting my head around BMD and SB. So far I'm creating a bunch of accounts with BMD and I've got about 1k so far.

    I bought 50 semi-personal SB Proxies, which are really fast and pretty sturdy. I've also got a list of about 50 gmail and hotmail email addresses that I created that I'm using for BMD accounts.

    So to sum up, I've got some great tools at the moment and I'm very happy with Scrape Box through the proxies and I'm getting some great data at the moment.

    I believe it's important to go for quality rather than quantity when link building so I'm going to be targeting a mix of,, edu and some .com links for authority.

    I've got a great understanding of white hat SEO, but I feel black hat is totally different. I've read a great deal on this forum and am on here every day doing some research with what others are doing.

    I'm really up for trying to make some extra cash, and am finding the time to do it. I'm really looking for a few tips, are these the right tools? Should I try and make some affiliate sales? How? Thank very much!!
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