My 500+ Sign up per month Niche E-mail Traffic Method - Beginner friendly | Dropshipping based


Jan 24, 2019
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$20 Down < 500+ emails < 2,117 entries < a scalable model < and a simple Noob friendly amount of knowledge to work.

More so I managed to convert $20 in to a perceived $300 dollars giveaway
yup thats right it all started with a giveaway Method
note before you read on while the Process is SIMPLE and the amount of needed knowledge is simple the leg work is a thing (if im aloud to post a link to my giveaway for people to copy someone comment below and i will)


And I decided to adapt and use his traffic method
here are my results
the giveaway started on july 3 of this month and ended on the 17th
I Got 358 email sign ups over 14 days of time for my gaming niche
Image example above.

so over a VERY short amount of time I learned I can build a Email list quickly and easily...alas how did I tweak this lady and where is the extra 200 odd emails?

Well keep readin mista
Anywho, this is what I did

[MY METHOD] (tweak from previous persons)

I own a ecommerce store and created a collection of products that IF I BOUGHT IT from aliexpress would cost me 20 bucks . On my store after I listed the items and tweaked there price to be a bit higher than normal. Created a Giveaway collection that totalled 303 some odd dollars Hence the 20 bucks to 300 dollar conversion. Perhaps you have something that con perceived as 300 or so some odd dollars to create value for your traffic.

Anywho once I had $300 worth of stuff I used my odd method I still had in place


I collaborate with twitch brands in the game Cause I have a gaming niche website< so I messaged one of my streamers and told him to do a giveaway on his page for a Recent event He decided to have (a marathon of pokemon/ a race with one of his friends).

*** Also fun fact the streamer is along term partner who I give 50% of all sales to him from any items he sales in HIS collection only. When a person tells his viewers about the new store it really makes your site look real and correct cause the viewers just take the word of the streamer. ALSO the streamer links to your site so back links are a nice ad on too :p

He loved the Idea after I pitched it but was straight up STARTLED. That's when I knew I was getting some where with it. Fear is a high emotional response. And we all know emotion can equal cash irl.

anywho we ran the giveaway for the length of time he had his marathon. his average viewers were around 50 to 70 at any given time.

(side note I low key think he might have been boosting his views but i dont know how to prove that.... Please comment below if you know how!!)
I also included a embed link to his channel and actual LIVE stream on my giveaway page (funnel i created on my shopify store), so my giveaway had a brand to make it legitimate, a live video always running on it aka actual content, and a prize to really actually want.
who doesn't want $300 (as I phased the title) $300 Pokemon Marathon Giveaway. The description then clarified that the giveaway was for 300 bucks worth of gear

I then used Only 4 or 5 of the traffic giveaway sites that the previous OP posted in his BHW post (see above link) I posted the give away in each after making an account pretty much.

So bamo after this REALLY short amount of time i had a really nice sign up amount
The other 200 or so emails?
well I had used a previously come up with a DIFFERENT method on my own actually!
one you might actually be able to do.


Youtube Shoutouts.
I didn't advertise a product or service FIRST OFF.
I GAVE something to the youtuber, A give away for a zelda necklace and ring set. So I just dmed thier twitter instagram and youtube with a collaboration offer to do a giveaway.
HOT TIP* Turns out most gamers including this one are on DISCORD.
So we talked on there. I made the Funnel landing page for the giveaway and he made the Link in his description and video for his next LOZ video that he did.

It was a WIN WIN situation. < CLASSIC president trump lol
He didnt charge me to do the shout out cause he had a small channel and wanted to give something back to his viewers any way and I got free emails for my master list mwhahahah

His video
Only got like 2k views at the time But its still up and is STILL bringing me traffic so heyo yes plz
he is now at 6 k views

So in total
I had 500+ emails... CLEARLY offering $300 and posting on other giveaway sites is the way to go people.
I also have (notice the Tense in my diction) have a link in a youtube video for free always bringing me new traffic
and I also have a streamer who is posting about my store in his show daily (cause he literally has a Tab link to my/his site/shop )

IN POST (here's where id love some help)
While It worked, giving me the above. I Highkey have no idea how to properly monetize it. That I'm still learning (help welcome in comments)
I recently did complete the giveaway offering a sorta email marketing tactic that didn't do so well.
Check the first or so comments below and I'll post that method and information next.

thanks for reading bois. Now, comment your fury im ready

I didnt go into some
of the detials here so ask the questions and ill answer accordingly

o look a rainbow to help control your subconscious mind into reading this part.

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Nov 29, 2018
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Wow that’s a great share! Impressive! If you continue on with this, you’ll have thousands of subscribers that can be monetize!


Jan 24, 2019
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SO I Had 500 plus emails....

WTF do I do with it idk You tell me so far this is What I did

I completed the giveaway first off.
The 300 dollar giveaway actually had this in its description

Multiple chances to win:

1st Place winner: The "Full list of Items Above" Grand Prize **( the 300 dollars with of stuff)**
2nd Place winner: 75% Discount on the above Grand Prize Items (Code will apply to above list)
3rd All Entries prize: All Participants who sign up are guaranteed to win these following prizes:

  • 50% Discount one the above Grand Prize Items listed and
  • 10% off all items on our Entire store.
  • Stipulation, 50 people must sign up for the giveaway or the participation prize isn't given out
So the giveaway ended and I sent out an email to a random winner chosen by kingsumo.
I then Sent out and ANNOUNCEMENT EMail saying the ERA*****@G***.com had won the giveaway to my audience members. To help SPARKS some jealous :p wink

the announcement also said that 2nd place would be chosen soo and a FREE GIFT
"Free giveaway Item with Sign up!" was also on the way for all those who participated.

I then sent out a couple of 2nd prize winners giving them the above 75% off discount code (i think i chose around 89 people to get this)

That's when I went for the big one.
The 3rd place email This was SUPPOSED to actually make me money....supposed to...anyway
I sent out the participation email WITH:

  • A Picture with code of - The Free Gift ( a listed 29 some odd dollar drawstring pokemon hand backpack)
  • 50% Discount one the above Grand Prize Items listed and
  • 10% off all items on our Entire store.
that went out to the 500 PLUS people in my niche email list..
HOLD UP WAIT your thinking HowTF did I afford to offer 500 some odd people a free gift.
Well i did and didn't I 100% discounted the item but still required shipping to be paid...
THIs killed my return rate harshly, least i believe it did...there no way as you know to actually prove this.
any way ugh ok ok

And this is where I tell you about DEATH, MY HEART BREAKING and my soul low key dying inside me to this day.

So yesterday was the 3rd day after I've sent and launched this email campaign and here are the results.

from the 16th of the month to today the 23.
i have a GROSS 124.21 in sales.
a total 15 orders
and a profit margin of 27.89 or so in NET PROFIT.

WhereTF DID ALL MY MONEY GO. well lets talk for a sec...
->The cost of each bag was SUPPOSED to be like 3 to 4 bucks but due ME NOT REALIZING that shipping to locations around the would vary the price which was really
5 to 6 dollars per bag

I ONLY CHARGED 6.78 or so for Shipping.... So I Barely broke EVEN on like 15 orders of a pokemon bag.
Moreso This also means ALOT of people saw the free gift and didn't go for it. So i may have a funnel issue with my email and or site.

ALAS i messed up
I ended up play Legendary on halo and only got past the first checkpoint of lvl 1!
for you none gamers that translates to.

I only MADE MONEY if a person bought something else on my store or used a discount code.

Speaking of which< the positive<
3 people did!
2 people just straight up felt compelled to buy normal other items with normal actual shipping on my store.
give me some ok return aka the above gross you saw.

the 3rd person actually used the 2nd place discount code BUT i had a shipping error on my part and they got free shipping from the oder. so I AGAIN broke even. >-> i know im special and YES i'm open to help go so my JV kidos or feel free to tire me one here in the comments.

I broke pretty much even on the campaign and made next to no money.
Getting emails skill CHECK CAN DO< monetization of sed email idk man idk...

PS YES I did change the shipping price to 7.89 or so... not sure if it should be high. Im thinking if should be .... some one comment your opinion I live in a lower california income area so my brain is lagging like a bitch rn form the economic shortcoming of my area.

During the next upcoming week WHICH Ill keep you guys posted on the RESULTS
I plan on:
  • Sending a follow up email saying there is STILL a little time left to claim there free gift
  • Announcing a Summer 50% sale (may up the prices and make it like a 70 to 89% sale)
  • Announce a 50% discount on a eevee semi cosplay hoodie thats coming up
I'm open to ideas so please Do lay them done <<<---- next i'm about to get EMOTIONAL
so my next comment is more for ME then is it noobs are those here to actually learn If your like me here for actual information feel free to NOT read my next section I GET IT we are lazy being, Busy Being and generally don't have time to read emotional context.

On to the next one


Jan 24, 2019
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So emotionally IM DRAINED AND just kinda wanna stop.... but i wont

(EDIT*)(before you read on this literally is just the emotional context of a person in my position and a piece of my heart. It's not necessary to know to get information on my methods. It is however a good thing to read if your thinking of GOING ON MY JOURNEY. please read this and Dont do it or do do it read on) LOL HE SAID DO DO...)

What YOU PEOPLE lol (my old English teacher used to say NEVER say you people cause it alienates your audience and turns them off from reading :p Luckily i have a trick around that anyway) WHAT YOU PEOPLE DONT KNOW

Is I started my journey of IM around march of LAST YEAR I got a good amount of money from my social media business and instead of GOING TO JAPAN or buying a car to make payments on I went FULL OLD MAN TAKURAH STYLE>

I researched bought listened to and tried to understand the flow of MONEY why it exist and How there are rich people and poor people ALSO I studied HOW TO BE RICH Heavily.

I save around 4 to 6 k to invest in not only myself but any business I could get my hands on to try and (after A LOT of research taking me into July) create a Passive source for income or a source that I could hire people to then Convert into income. So in July along with a few other projects I LAUNCH MY DROPSHIPPIG STORE < the only deterrent I found online was the NEED FOR STARTER CAPITAL and well I had that so I thought bam I got this



So fast forward to the next year and I had no sales an ok sized store I Have NO IDEA HOW to move traffic.

Also My other methods had failed at bringing in Passive income.
"BUT TAKURAH how did u squander a year" Well I’m not in a very Business oriented location, I'm doing this ALONE, my age group sucks at MONEY. And I had to mentally RE WRITE how I interacted with myself and the world to Motivate myself to change< you ever LONG TERM self motivate with no outside influence tHAT S***IS HARD MAN

If you want to know how I did that comment and I'll reveal that method as well GOD IT WASN'T EASY and it was Painful IS PAINFUL TO THIS DAY it’s still hard < it’s like the way people describe mental disorders hard...

Long story short

Post the holidays, I killed my old self and was dedicated on 2019 February.

I worked really hard on understanding the flow of money and how to create money on my own and I was working!

I saw PLENTY of ways to trade my time for money but I Never say a path to passive income...

Except a few which I am now diligently trying< Check out my other posts to see which<


It’s been now over a year here we are at the end of July and I have no means to take care of myself financially anymore and my funds are running LOW< FUN FACT ITS $30 A MONTH FOR A SHOPIFY STORE >_>

I have the money set aside to do some final TRIES on my shop and other projects but I now have


O GOD yup here we are sob story area WELCOME RICH PEOPLE You are here.

I'm not going to die in the next up coming months by any means, but I'm at a point where I will have to go back to Either a Normal JOB < Pray to God I can go back to Social media management In person or get some kinda job that God reveals to me.

I’m just sad You know!? Like.... ugh I really wanted ONE OF THESE TO WORK so I could teach others and help my community and Support myself outside of the normal 9 to 5 SPACE
(insert whinnying baby emoji and or meme CAUSE IM TO SAD TO DO IT MYSELF!)

IM Better than a Gosh darn 9 to 5 but I getting called back to it like a moth to flame because I apparently Suck?
Im so much better than a 9 to 5 i have so many brands under my belt I can pretty much do 1/4 the services on bhw, have college degrees and plethora of other experiences and acolytes. BBOOOI I just used the word acolytes with out googles HELP! GET on me!

IDK Rather it was my POOR Mismanagement of time
Current social Circle
Current ECONOMIC system
Parental up bringing or
Personal Failure

Either way I've run my time and now Have to make this a SIDE THING something I so wanted as my main thing


OK We've more..., cough cough ok, I'VE more then HAD MY POUT SESSION here's where we go from here.

Im now looking to find a Trade my TIME for money JOB and I'm open to anything that allows me to keep working and or teaches me some more valid information While i work.


I'll keep up with my store for now

I'll follow thought with my other avenues.

  • Advice
  • Collaborations
  • Help
  • Partners
I really want to make this whole mail thing work in the next week or so so I dont have to go back to a time for money job.

My goal remains
Find a Fully Virtual business model that makes substation profit margins that is either innately passive or can be converted to passive income from the training i've received.

Thanks for reading my life in a year BHW in the future ill be converting this to a you tube video

ty d dave for the ok in a previous forum to post about the forum.

Here's hoping i can teach someone something profitable soon.

For now i walk and pray (literally bye internet!)



Jan 24, 2019
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Nice way to gather opt-ins. Seeing a lot of old methods with twists lately. Now the key piece you need is monetizing that.

yup thats where im at when I get back from this walk ill be re reading the post i included< your welcome to chime in :p XD