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Jul 26, 2009
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I thought I'd share this method I created a few months ago. I packaged it up as an ebook and sold it as an ebook on DP under my user name of 'tbagsdomains' .

Made plenty of sales back then, but I must say this method has become a bit overused, and may not reach its promised $200 a day.

Nevertheless, you can still make some nice moola ($60-90 a day) with it, and it is pretty easy.

Please give thanks if you find it useful.:)

It is in ebook format. Download from here:

Link 1:

Mirror 1:

Mirror 2:

Mirror 3:

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Many thanks if this method is original, will be checking out right now.
upload to mediafire or rapidshare (rules)
Nice straight forward method...and because it is pretty simple to do, it is unfortunately pretty saturated, or will be after posting it here. At $200/day I would have outsourced it.

Thanks OP.


Post edit: Moving this to Jr. VIP would help keep saturation down.
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I think this should be moved to jr. vip and the op should get an upgrade to jr. vip for providing it.
Yes, I like this method too, though most of you probably already know this. Nothing new actually, but I'm sure you can still make money with this :)

Anyways, here's the mediafire link:
it is saturated, but there are so many sites out there apart from youtube:
veoh, metacafe, supernova, ustream, justintv etc..

plus you can also try to get your link posted on video sites that refer to shows.
it may not stay there long or get voted as broken, but it costs you nothing so it's
100% profit for a few extra minutes of your time.

all you need is 3 sales a day, and you're already doing well ;)
This is not a great method if you are a sheep,it is great method if you twist it with your own input. Don't only use hotrends from google, use other sources plus upload to multiple vid sites... this way you can still cash in.
This method is already out there its nothing new but is good for new marketers so theres no reason to move it to JrVip really as it'l help out the new guys
Nice method mate. Good Potential guys, for twisting it and making it your own! I like the methods like this that reward the creative marketer. Cheers again, I will implement this!
Don't only use hotrends from google, use other sources plus upload to multiple vid sites.

Yep, everyone knows about Google Trends but the lesser-known sources can still be very helpful (and I'd imagine with much more untapped potential).

One list is here

I haven't really used other sites apart from Youtube, myself - do sites like metacafe even have anything like the annotations in YT?
Im doing this for a bunch of sites currently and Ill post results tomorrow :)
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