Multiple Sites Deindex By Google In March Update

I get a big hit from the last google search update, 350K daily visits to 100k daily visits and still the website getting down,
is using more good backlinks gonna save us ?
Nothing so far. Update has just begun.
Yeap many more sites are going to deindex so far i have seen 1000+ sites got deindex.
4 sites out of 30 got deindexed,,. Mostly it should be a manual operation. I dont see any big impact other than improving some of my stuffling keywords while impacting few targets... I guess people over thinking the process.

Google is not a single operation therefore they cant do 100 percent ruleout. Thats why wvery single stratergy still work even some say its not working.

I am pretty sure this is gonna be very common shill shout out from big g and its not going to be chaotic for long
Manual Action taken on 90% sites
I'm running a couple of autoblogs, and my wife manages a lifestyle blog paired with a YouTube vlog. Both took a hit recently, but our AI is still kicking.

Seems like the hits are random, just like always.

I'm part of the jolideSEO private case studies, and my experiences align with what I've observed there. No need to overcomplicate things.

Keep on doing your thing, but always aim to improve.

I used to feed my GSA SER with a mix of 50% OpenAI content and spun articles. Decided to drop the spinning. Now, I'm all in on high-quality AI content.
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I am building a topical authority site using Koray Framework site started ranking and growing day by day but from last 2 days it lost around 50% traffic ( All AI content Claude + Grammarly + Bard )
To safeguard your website, it's essentially about understanding your audience (talking about on-page topic). If you're relying strictly on AI for SEO and not taking the time to read your pages and adjust content to enhance readability, then I wish you well, this is where your journey ends with March 2024 update. Now, for the rest of the SEO practitioners who adhere to ethical practices, or at least have a grasp of SEO in its entirety, our main task comes down to ensuring that the content we produce is satisfactory to us and presentable to our audience. Personally, I find it challenging to approve content without considering every possible scenario of a consumer's thought process on the webpage. Not just AI, I want to deliberate on what they should see first, second, third, etc., and then tailor the content accordingly. Understanding the audience's intent is crucial, and by doing so, you should be able to excel with your on-page SEO.

Basically short answer, the minute you start to shift your focus from merely meeting SEO requirements to prioritizing capturing your audience's attention, your ranking will improve. Then you can incorporate essential SEO practices for on-page. If this one important tip is not considered in any of your SEO work regardless of what website your doing. You will not reach end goal. Having this one essential tip kept with me, I am almost never afraid of any updates, Since this is been something I was taught very early on. I like Ai writing alot, and I think it will do well in terms of Googles benefit. They know Ai content will never go away, so now they will focus on who uses Ai content properly and whos not smart with it just copy and pastes and spams. That is why they are updating the intents of on-page content for these updates. Hope I was able to provide some feedback.
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many sites have been affected from the march update and yet the update hasn't been completed. You can expect a lot of changes in your website, ranking wise
Google is bluffing. The de-indexing so far has been manual.

Creating the fear of a ban can scare a good percentage of people not doing it.
This has been Google's #1 tactic for years.
One of my porn site lost all of it's high ranking keywords. It was getting around 20k traffic and now it's around 7-8k per day. Site is not deindexed only lost it's ranking.
The same happened to me too. I lost 75% of traffic. Porn sites are badly hit by this update.
Happy Monday People !

By the way I think about it, I saw a yt video of affiliatemarketingmc (ok, he promoting seo tools in his videos....) in one of hie actual video he shows obscure niche keywords where google sites (with free subdomain) have good rankings in 2,3,4,5,7,8,12 position (ahrefs tool)

a) So what is your experience with ranking google sites on free subdomain, do they rank good and in fast time?
b) Or they are better used as a traffic tool means a landingpage with good content linking to your main page?

For b) I think you can buy good backlink servive from BHW and pull out them to this google site , good quality not more than 100-200 to not get red flag from big G. That will be a good method to build a few affiliate sites with good content on it rank and make money....or use it as an additional traffic magnet linking to your site.

Yep.....does Bing has a similar tool like google sites ?
Last word, in the moment please not use squarespace yes I like it a lot, but there a lots of people posting that their actual version has an issue to get your content indexed by google search console, the ss team has not fixed it yet. SS posts not get indexed but wordpress (both com or the org selfhost version)
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So, any idea how to recover from this $hit. My 2 sites got hit with a penalty. From 30k daily traffic down to 5k daily traffic. Sad
So, any idea how to recover from this $hit. My 2 sites got hit with a penalty. From 30k daily traffic down to 5k daily traffic. Sad
Do you not get an email from the google support about any issues and how to fix it to get your site back indexed?
Do you not get an email from the google support about any issues and how to fix it to get your site back indexed?
Unfortunately, no. Sites are still indexed but the traffic really went down. I can immediately notice the changes because I usually check the analytics.
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