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  1. SEOWhat

    Looking for paid guest posts

    Hello everyone, looking for individuals or services where I can buy guest posts in following niches; House renovation. design... Kitchen renovation, design.... Furniture renovation, design, reviews... I would prefer website with Canadian domain extensions as well since all clients are...
  2. L

    How to Specify Canonical URL and Serve Localised Duplicates with Hreflang?

    I have two language versions on the same domain, (Portugal) & (Brazil) Goal: Specify to rank as canonical, serve duplicates for localised searches specified in hreflang. Current setup: Some articles are made to rank in...
  3. M

    Navigating the Impact of March's Google Algorithm Update and Seeking Optimization Strategies

    Hello everyone, I've noticed a significant drop in exposure for my website following the Google algorithm update in March. Many keywords have lost their rankings, including those that previously ranked within the top 20. This decline has left me feeling puzzled and anxious, prompting me to seek...
  4. P

    Google sandbox or Penalty

    Hi everyone. Please help me understand. There is a site in the adult niche.The site was created 9 months ago.In the first two months began to rank for some keywords after that it fell to 0. The site can now be found only if you enter site:domain in the search. Can you please tell me if this is a...
  5. BoriBlock

    Hello BlackHatters, I love to talk SEO and everything Google related. Open to learn!

    Hello BlackHatters, My name is BoriBlock and I love to talk SEO and everything Google related. I am open (and have much) to learn! I recently started my SEO & Google Solutions agency: And I need feedback and also some solid backlinks to start. I would love to discuss some...
  6. Epicster

    Google Discover Ban With the Core Update?

    So, as we all know the Core and Spam updates going on side by side, I just wanted to know if anyone has had its Discover traffic reduced to completely zero in or around the 8th of March? Right now, I have a site with tons of authority backlinks coming from top-of-the-line branded publications...
  7. A

    sitelist of backlinks

    need a sitelist of backlinks. (not a backlink service) I only need source sitelists of various types, such as:edu, gov, profile link and others
  8. dakudaddy

    Multiple Sites Deindex By Google In March Update

    In the recent Google Update, Google de index 100s of sites. Is your site hit by Google ? What's Your View on this ?
  9. hims.000

    (Discussion) www or non www which is best? which one you use? ((SEO Secret))

    hi my blog is on WordPress.. and i am using www. myblog .com ( example) when someone type it opens with www. myblog .com ... .. but i think now a days 90% people dont put www while typing the url.. so my question is which one you use? www or non www url? which will be better for...
  10. M

    Looking & Hiring For Expert In Website Phishing Service For Google SEO

    Hi all, my side is looking for expert for website phishing service for online casino SEO project in Bangladesh region. Budget is flexible depending on expert experience. Kindly pm my telegram: @Shamteh77 if any expert available. Thanks.
  11. backlinksful


    ❤️ BACKLINKSFUL SEO 2024 ❤️ BOOST RANKINGS IN ANY NICHE✅ FLAT 20% OFF ✅ ▶️LOW PRICE HQ LINKS▶️Paid Indexers▶️ SEO Packages ▶️ Order Now Email: [email protected] Whatsapp: +447480674012 Skype: live:.cid.cfedadd6e99de5d | backlinksful Telegram:@BacklinkFul
  12. S

    Is the correlation between Click-Through Rate (CTR) for a website and the google ranking?

    Can someone please explain whether is there any correlation between Click-Through Rate (CTR) for a website and the google ranking of that website? Is increase in CTR makes ranking high?
  13. W

    PR Services

    Dear Publishers, We are looking a long-term provider that is able freely publish, index and SEO content that is provided to him across blogs, popular news sites...etc Please provide your best contact information (telegram or skype). Thank you in advance!
  14. N

    Looking for an SEO specialist to run a grid of 4 sites for my product.

    The task is to create and maintain 4 websites for 4 main keywords with further redirecting traffic to the product. What needs to be done: 1. Collect keywords for meta queries. 2. Break them down into semantic kernels 3. Prepare content plan and create content 4. update articles, do linking and...
  15. W

    On-Page and Off-Page SEO

    Hi everyone, We're in the market for an SEO wizard who really knows their stuff with both On-Page and Off-Page SEO. We're talking about someone who can make our website fully compatible Google, Bing, and Yahoo algorithms. Not looking for anyone trying to pitch us SEO articles or publications...
  16. iammostakim

    Stop learning if you can't implement

    Stop learning if you can't implement Many of my friends have a common question about - How to learn? - Who to learn from? - How to sell skills? ↳ Today, I will describe How I learned SEO I learned from - Watching YouTube Video, - Research Google articles - Asking questions to ChatGPT -...
  17. K

    How to index search result page

    Hello everyone, I am currently running an adult website. My website has over 120k google indexes, but none of my tag pages, search results pages, category pages, etc. are indexed. On the contrary, it seems that they are not even recognized by the crawler. However, for example, the sidebar...
  18. D


    Is there any black hat methods to advertise my service? I have a service that I really want to get out there and get exposure to. I'm trying to do an arbitrage thing. I'm pretending that I'm an SEO expert and I tell peopl I have a bunch of clients I rank websites for. I'll charge people like...
  19. deitershopru

    Recommendations for promoting a new website

    Hello. I have created a website I publish a lot of articles on it using artificial intelligence. Can you tell me how you can attract traffic? Maybe someone will have comments on the CEO? I plan to do a lot of articles and connect google adsense
  20. N

    My Webdesign Homepage

    Hello everyone I've been doing web design for a few years now and, like everyone else, I'm unfortunately faced with the issue of not having enough customers. At the moment it is very difficult to find customers. My last order was in June 2023 and so far only one request. My visibility on Google...
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