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Muffin Builder has a limit? (Wordpress - Be Theme)

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by blackhatcoffee, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. blackhatcoffee

    blackhatcoffee Newbie

    Oct 26, 2017
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    Hello everybody, a couple of days ago i downloaded the Wordpress's theme called BeTheme. It's a nice theme that use a plugin called "Muffin Builder", this allows you to build your site in a easier way.
    It worked all fine, but when i started to make a site, with the muffin builder, that has a lot of content i had a little problem.

    The problem is that when i try to add one more element, and upload the site, the last content that i tried to add it dissapears. So i did a lot of tests, and i have a theory that maybe this plugin has a limit of content, or maybe the betheme has a limit of height that the website can show you.

    Do you know if that is correct? There is a way to change the limit of the builder?

    Also, you may need to know that i'm using the betheme cracked version, and i found a thread about my same problem but i can't see the answer because you need the purchase code to see it .

    Related pic:
    (me trying to solve this problem)
  2. Reem khan

    Reem khan Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Apr 3, 2017
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    Freelancer ( front end designer/developer)
    Designing world
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    You need to re-install the be theme, sometimes it solves the issue.