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Sep 15, 2017
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Hey all,

I have a adult Foot Fetish website which generates about 700...800 visitors daily and currently
I have juicy ads installed which makes me about 0.10...0.20 USD daily.

I have the e-mail adress of about 1900 members (and growing)

So I have 2 Channels

- Email
- Website ads

I am looking for a better way to make more income with the site.

Can I earn more as currently? Do you have ressourcesto read thourght? Can you give me tips?

Thank you for the help =)
You can send your traffic to FOOT FETISH webcams, there's some whitelabel sites that can help you with it.

Awempire for example.
The 1st way is to use Niche Paysites, For example - JAVBucks

The 2nd way is to use Adult Dating smartlinks to monetize all your traffic.
Whats the layout of the site?

Is it landing page, tube site, forum

And you are just placing banner ads and such?
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