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Mobile Marketing Options and Channels

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by stevewagner, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. stevewagner

    stevewagner Newbie

    Jan 4, 2010
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    Howdy Team,

    I have been a lurker since quite sometime and have been wearing 3 hats on and off. From a typical Whitehat SEO practitioner (past contributor at SEOChat forums since 2006 under a different handle), I have been wandering into the gray areas of black hat as well. With quite some success from the methods posted by all of you here, I have been more than curious now to participate here and share my thoughts periodically.

    So this being my first post here, I would like to thank you all here for contributing so much and for sparing out your time to guide peers.

    That said, I am here to seek guidance on the possible channels that can be used to exploit and reach visitors using Mobile (read: sms, whatapp, viber et al). I have had a huge success with whatapp marketing and that prompted me to discuss with you all as to what other channels can be used to market products and websites using the mobile platform. (Viber wasnt a success as such due to limited userbase compared to whatsapp)

    Please see, I am not asking you the ways and "how to" guides to promote on channels, but, I would just like to hear a couple of suggestions from you all about what do you guys use the most on your smart phones?

    Facebook Messenger, SMS is already on my mind, twitter, instagram.. these are the essentials that almost every phone has and thus can be used to promote stuff.'

    More similar stuff and apps would be highly appreciated. Yet again, I would request to consider my thread as just a platform advice seeking rather then "method and how to" thing. If we all can contribute ideas, probably me, or someone else can come up with marketing scripts or ideas to exploit such channels..

    If that sounds in-appropriate to be asked here, then perhaps pardon and erase the thread..

    Thanks and look forward to hear back from you all.