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Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by matansh, Sep 7, 2011.

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    Jan 16, 2011
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    I try several weeks to publish CPA offers on mobile device. until now i didn't got any success with it.
    I made some bucks but lost more.
    is mobile marketing as affiliate really works?
    or is it just a buzz from internet marketing "gurus" whom want to sell us new ideas

    i would love to here from you before i quite mobile marketing

    Thank you in advanced
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    Like most form of advertising the success of your campaign depends on your targeted audience, the effectiveness of your message (Ad) and how often you communicate your message. CPA offers via mobile is still on trial. You may be able to get more conversion if the CPA offers only requires an email address. The more information required the lower the response rate. The response rate will vary based on the time that your message was delivered, the demographics of your audience and the how much involvement must your audience take to receive your offer. You have to test, test and test to see what works best. If you would like you can PM me one of your ad and I will give you my humble opinion.