[Micro Guide] Some PBN link building Foundations


Jan 17, 2015
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Generally, it's better to understand all the theory craft behind an action than just going for the action mindlessly.

A question that I've read frequently in this forum generally regards the fear of going for the PBN purchase or not (that makes sense, especially in a forum with so many PBN offers within).

But first, we have to answer some questions:
  • Why using a PBN could be good or not?
  • Why a comment in a blog could be good or not?
The link building hypothesis

Most theories out there are based on both experience and hypothesizing layered in the foundation of naturality.

But naturality is something subjective AF.

For example, someone could suggest that 1K incoming link to a newly created site could look high suspicious and dangerous SEO-wise, but, what if your site is an ad-hoc promo site for a concert and 1K music blogs and newspapers are linking to your site regarding the concert? Is it going to be penalized by the fact that the popularity has rocket launched your site from day 1?

Then we will hypothesize from the naturality standpoint. that it is not the same 1K incoming links from relatively reputed sites than 1K incoming links from comments in forums, blogs that are not only not reputed but filled with other spammy comments.

But what happens if you have a 1K PBN which is already reputed (from the basic foundation of the PBN theory) and you launch the 1K incoming links from the PBN sites? It's not, in essence, the same scenario like the one before?

One doesn't have to build their own PBN, but at least, you need to know how a PBN is built. There are some popular posts in the forum like this one:
(by the way, FYI @vishyjames has some free course on PBN in Udemy also:

In fact, only when one starts learning about PBN crafting, one starts appreciating the effort that must be put into this practice and the evaluation of possible sellers is much more precise and confident.

PBN theory crafting foundations

The only issue with PBN packages is that not all sellers (for obvious reasons a.k.a. Gugl complaints) are willing to provide their linking PBN sites, therefore one can never 100% sure if the incoming links come from trustworthy and reputed sites or not. This is why most people apply the commonsense (not buying 1K PBN links for $5) and also there is a degree of trust between the seller and the buyer where the later try to monitor how the incoming links affect the rankings in their sites (some pro buyers tend to tier the PBN links bought to taste the quality before investing too much on them in their main sites, regardless of the price).

If they could give you the links for analysis, then it would not be PBN but simply guest posting. This is why many people don't understand well the foundations of the PBN and try to build them as if they were trying to build a regular blog, which makes sense in terms of website development in general, but doesn't make any sense from a Blackhat standpoint (maximizing the time/effort formula). I would say that the main difference between a private blog network construction and a "public" blog network, is the time that shall be put into domain acquisition research. PBN is much more focused on the already reputation earnt by domains, and blogs for guest posting could be concerned but is not critical. This is because, PBN never do incoming link building and completely rely on the already earnt reputation to squeeze its value, while blogs for guest posting shall (if not always) do it.

And obviously a guest post tend to cost slightly more than a PBN link but even though, it's not guaranteed that a guest post may give better results than a PBN links, because there are very powerful PBN domains out there that are highly curated without a shitton of outlinking.

Conclusion, TL;TR

Take your time and learn a little bit about the topic to know the effort that has to be put into this practice and evaluate from your own perspective which should be the minimum investment that shall be put into this type of links to understand if the offer in the package makes sense or not.

If you may never buy a diamond for $50 why would you buy a 50 PBN linking package for $5? Because you do clearly understand that a diamond for $50 is robbed or fake, but you don't understand how much effort shall be put into a 50 site PBN.