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    Don't touch the REP!
    "How To Use Private Label Rights Content To
    Drive Thousands of Laser-Targeted Cash-In-Hand
    Visitors To Your Website Quickly And Easily!"

    PLR Traffic Tactic #1 - PLR Viral Report Traffic

    Viral eBooks are eBooks that are specifically intended to be distributed by anyone who obtains a copy of them. You want every person who downloads a copy to pass it on to their contacts, who in turn you'd like to pass it on to their contacts and on down the line.

    These eBooks generate website traffic which turns into profits, and they build lists which turns into profits and they brand your name which turns into profits, and they grow your business which turns into profits...and it can all be done automatically without any continued work on your part once you release them!

    Viral eBooks are awesome. They definitely work, and work huge.

    It's easy to turn a high-quality PLR report (or you can compile a few together) into something worth passing along. All you have to do is modify the content slightly, change the title to something attention-grabbing and write a controversial introduction and conclusion. If you want your PLR viral ebook to go viral you need to spin it into something exciting and/or controversial and/or highly useful.

    For example, let's suppose you have PLR content based on feeding a natural diet to dogs. It's kind of a bland topic, right? To spice it up, all you would have to do is base the report on the controversial premise that those feeding commercial foods to their dogs are risking the dog's health. A good title would ratchet up the controversy, such as, "Here's How You're Poisoning Your Puppy."

    That's just an example, but you can do the same thing in any niche with the PLR content that's currently sitting on your hard drive.

    The REAL Secret to Going Viral

    Let's suppose you have a highly controversial, entertaining or useful report. Will people pass it along? Maybe.

    Now let's suppose you give people the option to insert their own links into the report ...will they pass it along? You bet they will! That's because the more they pass it along, the better chance they have of earning a passive backend income. It's an excellent incentive to encourage readers to get your viral firestorm raging!

    Of course you benefit too, because all the links in the report are pointing to your products and/or to two-tier affiliate programs. Either way, when someone rebrands your report and passes it along, you're pulling in a steady stream of traffic and backend income quickly and easily!

    Now maybe you're thinking all of this sounds like a lot of work. It's not. All you have to do is spend a few minutes setting up your report using ViralPDF.com or a similar rebrander. Then each prospect and affiliate who downloads your report uses this tool to rebrand the report with their own links.

    To kick things off, post the report on your blog, send it to your newsletter subscribers, post in on (affiliate) forums, and - most importantly - send it to your list of affiliates. Your affiliates are most likely already understand how a viral, rebrandable report can make both of you a lot of money, so you'll have no trouble convincing them to rebrand it and send it to their lists!

    PLR Traffic Tactic #2 - PLR Blog Traffic

    You can use the same technique above - where you spin bland PLR into controversial information - except post the content on your blog. It's the quick and easy way to start a blog that grows both in content and in popularity.

    Of course when it comes to blogging, not every post needs to be controversial or shocking - but it does help to sprinkle at least a few "attention-getting" articles into your regular blog posts. No matter what, the important thing is that your blog posts are consistently full of good, solid information - the type that makes your visitors return again and again to see what you have to say next.

    To pull in search engine traffic, the first thing you'll need to do is find out what words and phrases your market is using to seek out niche products, information and services. To do this, just visit WordTracker.com (or your favorite keyword tool), plug in the most common keywords for your niche, and in seconds you'll have a large list of hundreds, even thousands of related keywords. Best of all, you'll also know how much traffic these words get each day, and how many other webmasters are competing on these same words.

    Unless you're already a search engine whiz, your best bet is to choose a word that may not get a lot of traffic, but it doesn't have much competition either. Choose dozens or even hundreds of keywords like that, and in no time you'll be collectively pulling in massive traffic.

    Your final step is to re-write your PLR content - 20-30% will do the job - around those keywords. Use your keywords in your article title, as well as sprinkle them throughout your article at a two to three percent keyword density rate (meaning your keyword should show up in your article about twice for every one hundred words of content).

    Now load up these rewritten, SEO'ed articles to your blog and "ping" the blog directories so they visit your site (use pingoat.com) ...and then watch in the coming weeks and months as you start pulling in free search engine traffic!

    Insider PLR Traffic Tactic: Do you "Squidoo?" If not, you should... and this is yet another way to use your PLR content to build web pages that draw search engine traffic in like crazy.

    You see, the search engines love squidoo.com. Build a site on Squidoo.com, and you can bet it will get spidered quickly by Google and other search engines. And not only that, but the site itself ranks pages (AKA a "lens") for the pleasure of their visitors. The higher you rank, the more people who will see your Squidoo lens (and click through to your site or onto your affiliate links).

    Bottom line? You can upload PLR content to the site to race to the top of the search engines ...

    PLR Traffic Tactic #3 - PLR Social Bookmarking Traffic

    Maybe the idea of rewriting content around keywords for SEO purposes doesn't sound like your cup of tea. That's ok - you can still load PLR content up on your website or blog and pull traffic in like crazy.


    By "bookmarking" your site (with appropriate tags and/or in appropriate categories) on the popular social bookmarking sites. The end result is that you probably won't get traffic from the search engines but you WILL be pulling in traffic from the high-traffic Web 2.0 sites.

    But there's a catch. You can't just bookmark bland content and expect people to visit. What you want your visitors to do is get excited and tell their friends - and in the case of social bookmarking, that means you want your visitors to bookmark and rate your site.

    That means you need to choose your best PLR content to post to your website or blog. If the content reads like every other article out there, people won't bookmark it. But if you use the content that's well-written or even a little edgy, you'll have Web 2.0 traffic bookmarking and rating your site like crazy!

    Bookmarking Tips

    To make your social-bookmarking efforts even more effective, be sure to add the social bookmarking buttons on your web pages, so that your visitors can quickly and easily bookmark your site. This will improve your rankings on these sites, meaning more people will visit ...and more will bookmark it.

    While there are plenty of social bookmarking sites online, you'll want to focus your efforts on the most popular and high-traffic sites like: del.icio.us, stumbleupon.com, reddit.com, digg.com.

    PLR Traffic Tactic #4 - PLR Audio Traffic

    Instead of merely rewriting PLR content, you may want to consider putting it into an entirely new format altogether, such as audio.

    There are plenty of reasons to do this. For starters, some people just prefer to listen to audio over reading text. To please these people, you can offer your audio as a downloadable MP3 file that listeners can pop into their iPod and take with them.

    Secondly, some people feel that information that's conveyed as an audio is perceived to be more valuable. This is especially true if you offer both the text and audio versions of the content. As such, your visitors may be more inclined to listen to your audio simply because they expect it to be valuable content.

    So how do you turn your text into an audio? If you have a good speaking voice and a good microphone, you can do it yourself. Simply record the content into an audio editor like Audacity of the Hi-Q recorder, edit as needed, convert into an MP3 file if necessary, and upload to your site.

    Don't worry if you're not technically inclined, or if you're unwilling or unable to do the audio yourself. There are plenty of talented and reasonably priced voice-over artists who are willing to do it for you.

    To find these artists, you can search Google for "voice over artist," post a project on freelancing sites like elance.com, or search voice talent sites like voices.com. As with outsourcing any task, be sure to do your due diligence to ensure you're working with a competent, reliable professional. If needed, also be sure to ask if they'll handle the technical aspects of the job, such as putting it into the correct format (e.g., MP3 in most cases).

    So what do you do with your audio book or podcast once it's complete?

    One way to use audio content is as a lead generator to build your mailing list. In this case you would offer a downloadable format, perhaps with the text transcripts. Indeed, you can use it exactly the same way you use text content - only the format is different.

    The best way to use your audio to pull in traffic is to make the content available freely as a podcast (AKA "audio blogging"). The advantage of podcasting is that you can allow your audio content to be syndicated to tens of thousands of people - who are specifically looking for audio content in your niche!

    Use the most-known and widely used podcast directories like podomatic.com, ipodder.org, podcastpickle.com, podcastalley.com, itunes.com.

    PLR Traffic Tactic #5 - PLR Video Traffic

    Another way to transform text PLR content into a new format is to create videos around the content. Since you've no doubt heard of (and visited!) YouTube.com, you already know just how popular video is on the Internet right now.

    As usual, offering something that's shocking, controversial or highly useful and entertaining gives your video a better shot at going viral if you post it on video sharing sites.

    There are a few different ways to make videos. If you're doing the powerpoint presentation type video, then using Camtasia Studio and a good microphone will suit your needs.

    If you're planning to do a more traditional video, then you'll need a good digital camera, a good microphone, a nice backdrop, and good lighting. You'll also need software that allows you to edit your video (such as Windows Movie Maker). At the very least, you'll want to edit your video so that your site URL is displayed at the bottom of the video, and certainly at the end.

    Once you've created your video, it's time to submit it to the popular file-sharing sites. Obviously your first stop is YouTube.com, since it's the most-known and gets the most traffic. However, you may also consider submitting your video to sites like MySpace.com, Yahoo Video, MSN Soapbox, metacafe.com.

    PLR Traffic Tactic #6 - PLR Forum And Yahoo! Answers Traffic

    One way to establish yourself as an expert is to join forums in your niche, become a member of the community, and post thoughtfully. The problem is, it takes time to visit forums and craft thoughtful answers to questions. However, you can cut down on your time by posting PLR content.

    However, here's a warning: don't post long PLR articles in their entirety. Doing so makes you look more interested in what you stand to gain, as opposed to how you can help the community. Instead, you can post snippets from your PLR, and then point readers to a link on your blog that answers the question in more detail.

    Here are two things to keep in mind...

    First, make sure you understand not only the forum's rules but the community etiquette before doing this. Some forums don't allow you to point to another site to answer a question.

    Secondly, be sure that your forum post is able to stand alone even without the link. In other words, you should be posting thoughtful answers, and only pointing people to your blog for further information. Anything less, and you will just look too self-promotional.

    Another way to use PLR content to establish yourself as an expert is by posting the content on Yahoo Answers (answers.yahoo.com). You can post relevant parts of your PLR content to answer questions and post a link to your site as the source of your information.


    You already know you need content (and lots of it!) to get your fair share of the traffic and sales online. From search engine spider food to relationship-building material to helping you establish yourself as the niche expert, PLR is up to the task.

    Sure, sometimes you'll need unique content that you create yourself or outsource. But when you need massive amounts of content at an affordable price, you can't beat private label rights content. Use the strategies you've discovered in this report, and watch your bank account grow like crazy this year!

    Enjoy ..... :cool2:

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