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[METHOD] PLR Cash - Killer Tactics To Make A Fortune with PLR

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    Don't touch the REP!
    PLR Cash - Killer Tactics To Make A Fortune with PLR

    If you're not familiar with PLR content, now is the time to learn!

    Private Label Rights is a type of content that, once purchased, allows you to reuse that content as your own. Although every publisher gives different rights with their content, you are usually able to rewrite it, add your name, divide it up and sometimes even publish it as is.

    There are a lot of other things that you can do with the product. You can give it away as a bonus, use it to build your list, use the content to use as an autoresponder sequence to your list, use it as content for your web site, break it down into smaller articles etc.

    If you haven't been using PLR products, I've got some good news for you and some bad news for you. The bad news is that you have been missing out, the good news is that you can really start to make some serious money using PLR products.

    If you're going to make money online you have to be able to manage your time. One thing that using PLR products does, is free up so much time.

    You don't have to spend that time writing new products. You don't have to write that content for your web site, you don't have to write all of those articles etc.

    That's huge because that's time that you could be spending doing other things. You just have to find a place to get really good PLR products and once you find that place you can keep coming back for more.

    When you buy PLR products you have to look at it as an investment. It's an investment because you're buying the product, in order to save time and make money from it.

    It's just like investing in a domain name or web hosting. We invest in those things because we want to make money from our website.

    Killer Tactic #1: Create Audio Products

    Audio products are hot! And that trend is on the rise as everyone and their dog get MP3 players. It's so easy for someone to purchase a product they like, upload it to their MP3 player and listen to it while walking their dog, exercising or cleaning their house.

    The first business plan we'll look at it is how to take PLR content and make your own audio products from it. It's easier than you might think!

    Step #1: Choose Your Topic

    Before you begin creating your product, you need to determine what topic you will be covering. There are lots of ways to research popular topics. Start by visiting forums, reading online and offline publications, researching what keywords people are searching for and checking out what's hot on eBay and Amazon.

    All of the content available to Elite Members has been researched to make sure it's a topic that our members can make money from. Whether you're looking for reports and articles on business topics, health topics or hot niches - you'll find it! Keyword lists are even included so you can get ideas on how to position the content to make it even more profitable.

    Once you've found the main information you want to use for your audio product, look for some additional information you can add. Remember, by combining different types of PLR content you're making a product that is different then what other people may be offering. Simply using one piece of PLR content means that others can easily recreate the product.

    Step #2: Decide on Your Purpose

    Are you going to sell the digital audio product? Use it in a membership site? Give it away to build your list? Sell it as a physical product? Bundle it will other products? Use it to drive traffic to your site?

    Let's look at a few ways you can use an audio product:

    Sell it as either a digital or physical product. Audio products have a much higher perceived value and as a result you can charge a premium for them. What might sell for $37 as an ebook can often sell for $67 as a digital audio product or $97 as a physical audio product. That's a big difference in the amount you can earn for just a little bit of extra work. And if you offer both an ebook version and an audio version, you can greatly expand your potential market.

    Give it away to build your list. Free giveaways are a great way to build a list (and we'll talk about other ways to do this in upcoming Business Plans). Impress potential customers by giving them an audio product in exchange for giving you their name and email address.

    Use it as a front end product. We'll talk more about front end products in Killer Tactic #7, but the basic idea is that you sell something for significantly less than it's worth just to create a list of BUYERS. A list like this is worth a lot more then a list of prospects because proven buyers are more likely to buy again.

    Knowing before you begin how you will use the audio is important because it may determine whether you record one long audio session or shorter sessions. And it may have an impact on your choice in Step #3.

    Step #3: Determine How You'll Present the Information

    You can simply read the PLR content word for word if you want - a lot of people have had success doing so. But there are other, more creative ways that you can present the PLR content for your audio product:

    => An interview. Position yourself as an expert by having a friend interview you about the topic. To keep your answers professional and on topic, it's a good idea to arrange the questions ahead of time and have your answers written out.

    => A question and answer session. Create a series of questions related to the PLR content you've decided to use for your audio product. You can then ask and answer the questions to create a very useful audio product.

    => An information class. Structure the information so that it can be presented as a course. Start with the basic information as an introduction and then move into more advanced topics. Depending on the topic you may even create worksheets to include with the audio as a great bonus!

    => A series. Certain topics are best presented as a series of audios instead of one long one. Dividing the content up can make it easier for customers to use it as a learning tool. It also has a higher perceived value.

    => A Live Session. If you're confident with your presentations skills, you can do your session with a live audience. Invite your friends and colleagues and even mention it in related forums to get some listeners. The advantage of having a live audience is that you can field questions after you present the core information.

    Step #4: Figure out the Technology

    Free teleconferencing lines are now very easy to find. The one that I personally use is Free Conferencing.

    It's free, easy to use and they offer the recordings at no additional charge. So once you're done you can download the .mp3 file within 60 minutes and you're ready to burn it to a CD or upload it to your website. It couldn't be any simpler!

    And since there is no charge to use the conference line or have recordings made, you can redo it as many times as it takes.

    Want to interview someone but don't want them to pay for long distance? No problem, you can use their very affordable 1-800 number service for around $0.08 a minute. And you don't have to buy minutes that you won't use, simply pay-as-you-go.

    Step #5: Have a Transcript Created

    Audio products that include a transcript sell for more then ones without a transcript.

    iDictate is an affordable transcription service that allows you to upload an .mp3 file. Within 24 hours (although often much sooner) you'll have a professional transcript! The only down side is that jobs are priced per word so it can be difficult to know exactly how much you will pay ahead of time.

    Killer Tactic #2: Create a Membership Site

    Membership sites are a great way to start a recurring income stream. Even if you have only 200 members that each pay $20 per month. That's $4,000 every month from one site. And that's before backend sales.

    Starting a membership site using PLR content will save you countless hours of writing (or countless dollars having the content written for you). And since membership sites need to have a lot of content to attract members, PLR can give you a leg up quickly.

    Step #1: Choose Your Topic

    When asked how to best start a membership site, Ansel Gough (Ansel has created several successful membership sites and now helps others do the same at MembershipSiteAdvisor.com) is very clear - it's all about choosing the right topic.

    "The best place to start is to focus on your own interests and hobbies. You'll usually find that if you are passionate about something, so will a lot of other people. Ask yourself these questions:
    a) What sites do I keep returning to?
    b) Why do I return to these sites?
    c) What products have I purchased on the topic?
    d) What made me buy it?
    e) Where did I find the product?
    f) What keywords do I use when searching for my hobby or interest online?
    Answering these questions will become your market research. You can then build your site around the answers to these questions. Before you launch anything remember this saying "whatever they're buying I'm selling."

    This simply means that whatever people are buying you should start off selling that item. Don't try to sell something that no one wants buy, or you don't know if they want to buy it."

    Step #2: Decide How You'll Make Money

    Before you create your membership site, take some time to plan out exactly how you'll make money. A few options to consider are:

    => One Level of Paid Membership - All members pay the same price for access to the site.

    => Multiple Levels of Paid Membership - Members pay different prices depending on what level of access they choose.

    => Conditional Free Membership - Some membership sites charge a fee unless the member's agree to meet certain conditions. For example, this may be a certain amount of participation on the site such as a minimum number of forum posts or providing time to help other members.

    => Free Membership - Sometimes there is more money to be made from selling products to a trusting group of members. In this case, a free membership option would be best.

    Step #3: Put Your Site Together

    JVManager is one of the best membership scripts. All you have to do is create your member's area like you would any website and put all of the files in one folder on your host's server. Then in the backend of your JVManager you can specify which folders contain member's only information and it will automatically require a login and password for access to those pages.

    Step #4: Add Lots of Great Content

    The more content you can offer your members, the better! Remember, your members are paying to learn something and the more you can give them, the more likely they will be to stick around.

    PLR content is by far the quickest and cheapest way to add a lot of content. Once you have lots of great information to offer, use these other creative - yet easy - methods to continually grow your site:

    => Interviews - Contact well-known people in the industry and ask them to complete a short email or phone interview. Or do a series of interviews on a certain topic.

    => Case Studies - Talk to customers who have used some of the techniques given to members and do a case study on what worked for them. For example, if you are creating a membership site on "heart health" you can interview someone who has survived a heart attack about their experiences and how they have become more health conscious.

    => Reprint Articles - Although original content is best, there are a lot of informative articles available for reprint provided the resource box is included. Including some of these articles is an excellent way to provide more information on certain topics.

    => Reviews - Doing a review of a website, book, software package or service can be a quick and easy way to add content to your site. And members love this type of content!

    => Comparisons - Put together a chart of comparisons on different products or services. For example, a comparison of the features available in the different weight loss sites would add great value for members.

    Step #5: Keep Your Site Updated

    The key to a successful membership site is to add content on a regular basis. The more "hands off" you can make it, the better! That will free up your time to focus on recruiting new members and building other membership sites.

    Here are some ways to keep your membership site updated...

    => Add a "Content Drip"

    Probably the easiest way to do this is using the blogging tool WordPress. It's easily added to your site so you can have a section for new content that is updated on a regular basis. When you write a new post there is an option to change the "Post Timestamp". Simply set it for a future date and time and the information will not be available until then.

    See Killer Tactic #6: Start a Money Making Blog for more great information on how to start a blog using WordPress.

    => Add Lots of Quotes/Tips

    Another great way to have your site changing on a regular basis is to use a "random text" script. This works by pulling information from a text file and displaying it whenever the page is loaded.
    Scripts like this are a great way to display random quotes, tips, resource recommendations, jokes and related websites. And every time a member loads the page they will see a different one so customers are always seeing something new, without you having to be constantly adding content!

    A free "text rotator" script that I've used many times is Show Random Quote 1.0 from HotScripts.com.

    => Add an RSS Feed

    There are thousands of sites that allow others to publish their content using RSS feeds. How it works is you insert a little bit of code into your site and then when they publish new content it's automatically added to your pages. Once you've inserted the code, there's nothing more for you to do.

    One of the best services for getting RSS feeds and easily integrating them into your site is RSS Feed Reader. All you have to do is choose from their many different feeds (which include everything from world news to sports) and then choose how you want the content to look. They'll give you the code you need to add the RSS feed to whichever web pages you want. It's as simple as pasting it into your site.

    Killer Tactic #3: Create a Physical Product

    In most markets, a physical product can be sold for SIGNIFICANTLY more then a digital product because it has a higher perceived value. Use this to your advantage by offering customers the option of both an electronic version and a printed version of your books and CDs.

    Physical products also result in fewer chargebacks and refund requests. After all, it's difficult for the bank to honor chargebacks when you have proof that a physical product was shipped. And people are less likely to ask for a refund if they are required to pack up a physical product and return it.

    Best of all, with the new "create on demand" services now available, it's not all that much extra work or expense to have your own physical product.

    Step #1: Choose Your Product

    The first step to creating a physical product is the same as most of the business plans. You have to decide what your product will be about, and what PLR content you'll use.

    A great way to find out what other products are available is to research on Amazon.com. You'll get a good idea of what is already being published on the topic you're considering.

    Are you finding there is lots of competition? That's probably a good thing because it means there is a strong market. A winning business plan has always been to create a product in a hot market - but make it BETTER then what's currently available.

    Step #2: Find a Printer

    There was a time when having a physical product meant finding a publisher and paying to have hundreds or thousands of copies printed. You would then have to keep those books or CDs piled to the ceiling in your spare bedroom or pay to have them stored in a warehouse.

    Luckily, it is now A LOT easier!

    Companies such as CafePress.com, lulu.com and Disk Makers will publish your products on demand and send them directly to your customers. There are no minimum order numbers and no prohibitive setup fees.

    An added bonus is that both CafePress.com and lulu.com also have busy marketplaces where your book will be listed at no additional charge. This is an extra distribution channel that is very profitable for many self-publishers.

    Step #3: Get Your Product Listed on Amazon

    Amazon is by far the largest online bookseller - so having your product listed with them can mean huge exposure. It will take a little bit of work but it is entirely possible for you to get your product included on their site.

    Getting an ISBN or UPC

    In order to sell your products on Amazon you'll need to get an ISBN (for books) or a UPC (for CDs and DVDs).

    If you publish your product using lulu.com or CafePress.com they have packages that include the necessary numbers and barcodes.

    If you want to purchase an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) yourself, visit the US ISBN Agency. On their site it says they only sell them in blocks of 10. But if you call them at 1-877-310-7333 (select option #4 from the menu) you can get information on purchasing a single ISBN for approximately $125.

    Once you get an ISBN you'll also need a barcode. There is software that you can purchase to do this yourself. Or a great option is Bar Code Graphics, which charges only $10 to generate a barcode using your ISBN.

    UPCs are distributed only to members of the UCC (Uniform Code Council). Unfortunately registering can cost a lot of money plus there is an annual fee to remain a member. An alternative for most self-publishers is to purchase a UPC code from a reseller. A good one is Subdivisions Media Inc. who charge $100 for your first UPC code and $35 for each additional. Another option is Simply Barcodes who sells UPC codes for $89 each.

    Or, if you're using Disc Makers, they'll give you a free UPC code.

    Creating an Amazon Account

    Once you have your ISBN or UPC code you can apply for an Amazon Advantage account. The cost is only $29.95 per year in addition to the 55% of the original list price that Amazon keeps as a commission.

    After applying it will take a couple of weeks for Amazon to approve your title. Remember to wait for their approval before you mail them your product. They will then email you a request (usually for 2 copies), which you should send them promptly.

    Future orders will come as Amazon sells your book. Typically they'll order a few at a time, but if it's a big seller be ready to provide them with greater quantities. Either way, remember that you won't be paid until someone purchases your product from Amazon.

    Getting more Exposure on Amazon

    There are a couple of ways that you can increase your exposure on Amazon. Start by providing a scan of your cover. This is an easy way to make your product stand out.

    Another method that can improve sales is to participate in Amazon's "Search Inside the Book" program. If you choose, the entire contents of your book will be scanned and made searchable via Amazon's search engine. This allows people searching for keywords that you use throughout your book to find your book easily.

    Killer Tactic #4: Start a Money Making Blog

    You can make a lot of money with a blog, if you do it right.

    The key to success is to have great content and to monetize that using several different revenue generators. As Darren Rowse of Problogger.net says "I've long advised that bloggers seeking to earn an income from blogging spread their interests across multiple revenue streams so as not to put all their eggs in one basket."

    Darren is very open about earning in excess of $100,000 each year from his 20+ blogs. As a professional blogger he's learned the ins and outs of creating a money making blog. I highly recommend that you read his blog at Problogger.net and learn as much as you can.

    Step #1: Find a Unique Angle

    The best blogs are like good newsletters - they have something unique to offer readers.

    Start by researching the topic and/or industry you're interested in blogging about. What angle is not being covered by the current blogs? What new information can you offer readers?

    Once you've found your unique angle, come up with a great name and slogan. Branding your blog will be important to make it stand out and be remembered by your visitors.

    Step #2: Choose Your Software

    I highly recommend WordPress because of its flexibility. Since it's "open source software" anyone can use it on their site for free. And there is an entire community of developers who create plugins that add functionality.

    Because WordPress can be installed on your own server, you have more control over it. If you're nervous about installing your own software, don't worry. The instructions are extremely quick and easy to follow.

    Step #3: Customize Your Blog

    Another thing I love about WordPress is the number of free templates that are available. It makes customizing how your blog looks a breeze! For some of the best, check out:

    There are several plugins that almost every blogger can benefit from. Here are several of the best and the sites where you can download them:

    WP-Polls - This plugin allows you to add a fully featured poll to your blog. Because it adds a new menu option in your WordPress administration area it's extremely easy to add, change and delete new polls.

    Recent Posts - Allows you to add an area to your sidebar where the most recent posts are displayed. This is a great way to catch a reader's attention by showing them other posts that they may be interested in checking out.

    Subscribe Me - The Subscribe Me Plugin automatically adds buttons to your sidebar that allow visitors to add your blog's RSS feed to the news reader of their choice.

    WP-Quotes - A great way to add changing content to your blog is using the WP-Quotes Plugin. It allows you to load a database with your quotes and then choose to display them randomly or assign specific quotes to specific posts.

    WP-Cron - This plugin adds to the administrative features of WordPress by allowing you to schedule certain functions in the WordPress admin panel. It comes with several helper plugins that depend on the main plugin. For example, the WP-Cron Moderation plugin sends an email every hour about comments that are awaiting moderation.

    One of its greatest features is that it includes the ability to schedule backups. Once you enable the WP-Cron plugin, you can schedule daily backups of your WordPress database to be sent to an email address. Simply set it and forget it -- the backups will execute on a daily basis without any effort on your part.

    AdSense Deluxe - If you're using WordPress with Google AdSense this is a great plugin. It lets you easily embed AdSense or Publisher Network ads in your blog posts. One of the nicest features is that it gives you an area where you can preview ads and see what might be displayed for a given post using a test account. You can click on ads to see where they lead without counting as an impression or going against the terms of service. It's not exactly what will be displayed but it gives you a good idea.

    WP-ContactForm - Quickly add a contact form to your blog to make it easy for visitors to contact you without having to list your email address.

    Subscribe to Comments - Often visitors will leave comments that they would like to track. Unfortunately, they often forget to check back, or choose not to because they don't have an easy way. This plugin solves this problem by placing a checkbox next to your comment form so that visitors can easily check that box to receive email updates as comments are added to the post.

    Akismet - Spam comments can be a big problem with WordPress blogs. If you allow comments this plugin helps weed out the spam.

    WordPress Email Notification - Keep people coming back by allowing them to subscribe to your blog and receive email notifications when new posts are made.

    Step #4: Setup a "Content Drip"

    The surefire way to have a successful blog is to update it at least once a day. If that seems like too much work, don't worry! You can set up a "drip" of content so that you don't have to login and make a post every day.

    How a drip works is you enter a series of posts at one time and set them to be posted to your blog on a schedule.

    WordPress makes this easy because when you make a post you can simply set the "Published On" date to whatever day you want. When that day comes, the post will be automatically added without any additional effort on your page.

    Step #5: Add Multiple Revenue Streams

    The key to making good money from your blog is to use as many different revenue generation tactics as you can without it being distracting to your readers. Remember, developing a loyal following is key to the long term success of your blog. So don't scare them away by making your blog look like one big ad!

    Here are some great ways you can make money from your blog:

    => Promote Your Own Products and Services - You are likely to make the most money from promoting your own products and services. So whenever possible, mention them in your posts. Don't have products or services of your own? Read the other business plans in this report and make a few using PLR content. It's quick and easy to do!

    => Recommend Other People's Products and Services - There is no shortage of products that you can promote as an affiliate. A great way to introduce them to your blog readers is to write a review or incorporate them into an informational post. Whatever you do, make sure you write something unique telling people about the product or service instead of using the affiliate materials provided. Readers can spot sales copy from a mile away.

    => Join an Advertising Program - One of the most popular advertising programs for bloggers is Chitika Mini-Malls. Their program allows you to insert pictures and "buy now" buttons for products such as electronics, baby supplies and even makeup. Another options is to add Amazon.com products to your posts. Or even embed related eBay listings. All of these are great revenue generators when used in context.

    => Sell Advertising Space - There are several services that exist to help blog ad sellers connect with ad buyers. Once your blog is getting some traffic you may want to explore this option as another revenue stream. One of the largest services is TextLink Ads but if you do a search in Google you'll find others as well.

    => Include AdSense Ads in Your Posts - The easiest way to do this is with the AdSense-Deluxe WordPress Plugin. Follow the instructions and in no time you'll be able to quickly and easily add AdSense to any posts you want.

    => Post for PayPerPost.com - A new service now available is PayPerPost.com. It's a service that matches up advertisers looking for links on blogs with bloggers looking to make money by posting links. For every post you make for an advertiser you'll earn a minimum of $5. It's not a lot, but it's a great way to make some extra cash while you get your blog off the ground.

    Step #6: Get the Word Out

    One of the best ways to get the word out about your blog is to use "pinging". Pinging is blog speak for "notifying other sites when your blog is updated". There are a number of services that keep track of blogs and publish when they are updated to provide readers with up to date content.

    By pinging these services, you let them know that your blog has been updated so they can crawl and index your site. The result is an increase in your blogs popularity and in turn your traffic.

    WordPress comes with a built in pinging feature. Every time you make a new post to your blog, a ping is sent automatically with no work required on your part. You can find more information on which sites are pinged in the "WordPress Admin section". From the "Options" menu choose "Writing" and at the bottom of the screen you'll see "Update Services".

    By default, WordPress sends a ping to Ping-o-Matic which is a service that sends your ping information to more than 15 of the most popular blog directories. If there are directories that you would like to ping that Ping-o-Matic does not include in their list, you can easily add them by simply typing their ping address in the "Update Services" box.

    One directory that is worth adding is Technorati. Although Ping-o-Matic does send information to them, they recommend on the Technorati website that you ping them directly. Do this by adding http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping in the "Update Services" box.

    Killer Tactic #5: Create Front End Products

    Another excellent use for PLR content is to create front end products. These are products that encourage people to make their first purchase with you. The first purchase is ALWAYS the most difficult (and expensive) to get. If it goes well and the buyer finds the content valuable, it will be significantly easier to sell to that customer again in the future.

    If you have a list of people who have shown a genuine interest in what you offer, you'll be able to sell to them over and over again.

    But not all lists are created equal.

    A problem that a lot of newbies have is that they build a list of the wrong people. They focus on giving away as many freebies as they can. And often these freebie seekers never end up spending any money with them.

    How you can create Front End Products...

    Step #1: Create a Great Product

    The first place to start is always to put together a great product. It has to be something that people are willing to pay for and that will make them want to buy from you again. With the first product is always a good idea to OVERDELIVER. Do this by making sure the content is really great and by adding an unexpected bonus.

    So what type of content works well?

    Special reports, ebooks, audio products, workbooks and software applications all make great front end products. Choose something that will capture the interest of your target audience.

    Step #2: Find Ways to Promote Your Product

    Once you've created your product, you need to get the word out about it. One of the best ways to do this is to ask others to promote it in exchange for a 100% commission. If they know they'll be able to make ALL the money, they'll be much more eager to spread the word. Remember, you're still capturing every buyer's contact information so you're building a very valuable list of PROVEN buyers.

    As people agree to promote your report, it will be important to find an easy solution for tracking sales and paying them their commissions.

    Along with the report $7 Secrets, Jon Leger also offers an amazing script that automatically send payments to your affiliates PayPal accounts the second they make a sale for you. You don't have to do a thing, and they'll love getting their money instantly instead of having to wait for it.

    This script alone is worth the $7 for Jon's report.

    Step #3: Automate the Delivery of Your Product

    One of the best parts about selling digital products is that you can automate the delivery. This means less time you have to spend dealing with administrative work so you can focus on getting new products to market (and more money into your bank account!)

    One of the easiest ways to automate the delivery of digital products is using the very secure and easy to use, JVManager. It handles payments through PayPal (which is the easiest and cheapest option) as well as other payment processors such as Clickbank, eBay, 2Checkout.com and Authorize.net to name a few.

    Step #4: Make the Most of Your New List

    Once you start building your list of proven buyers, you have to stay in contact with them to keep them interested in what you offer. Send them a weekly newsletter full of great information, direct them to your blog to read informative posts or offer other products at varying price points.

    Take good care of your list, and they'll take care of you!

    Killer Tactic #6: Reposition the Content for Other Markets

    The key to financial success is that whenever possible you have to leverage your resources. A great way to do this is to market the same content to different target audiences.

    For example, for Elite Members one of the types of content we offer is Niche Domination Packages. These include a series of tips (usually 101) on a variety of topics like Time Management.

    Now a lot of people would simply offer the time management tip as is. But smart business owners know that taking the niche of "time management" and making the focus even smaller is a great way to leverage the content.

    Simply reorganize the content, add a relevant intro and maybe include a few specific articles or rewrite a few tips to be more focused on the niche. And voila! You now have reports you can sell to...
    => New Parents
    => Dentists
    => Students
    => Working Moms

    ...and the list goes on!

    Think outside of the box and you'll probably be able to come up with dozens of other groups who would be interested in a specialized time management report just for them. After all, if you're a student are you more likely to buy a general report on time management or "The Student's Guide to Time Management"? I think the choice is obvious.

    Step #1: Choose the content

    This is the easiest place to start. Choose a topic that you can immediately think of several different groups of people it applies to.

    Step #2: Brainstorm a list of markets that would be interested in this content

    If you've selected a good topic, you'll have no problem coming up with a couple of dozen different groups who will be interested in your report. Take some time to brainstorm as many as you can.

    Once you have a big list, do some research to see whether similar products are being offered. Look for groups that are large but where the competition is minimal. These are the best places to start because you can quickly see results.

    Step #3: Create Different Versions of the Report

    To create a different version of the report, you don't need to change it completely. Simply write a great introductory letter aimed at the group and then pepper unique tips and other information throughout the report. Give it an appropriate title and you have a "nichified" report.

    Killer Tactic #7: Use eBay as a Lead Generator

    eBay has more than 200 million users that buy more than $28 million dollars worth of products every day. EVERY day. Imagine what even a fraction of that traffic could mean for your business.

    Sydney Johnston - creator of the Auction Genius Course - has been dubbed "The Auction Queen" because of the success she's had selling on eBay. Although she started using eBay to sell products, she's since changed her focus and now uses eBay as a lead generator.

    I had a very interesting conversation with Sydney and learned more about how she's using eBay...

    "Physical products are outstanding for cash generation, when you really need money.

    But once I'd solved my money problems and I didn't have to worry about paying my bills every month, then I started looking around for ways to build wealth instead of cash flow.

    The lead generation via eBay is what I have as a wealth plan. So I don't sell many physical products any more."

    So what exactly is Sydney's plan?

    It's actually brilliantly simple. Create mini-sites that focus on a specific niche and then generate leads to those sites using eBay, article marketing and search engine optimization. Sydney has it down to such a science that she's currently creating one site every two weeks or so.

    Read on to find out her step-by-step plan.

    Step #1: Research Topics that are Hot on eBay

    You'll get a lot further with a lot less effort if you look for a "hungry market" and then give them what they want. Unfortunately a lot of online marketers get this wrong. Instead they choose the topics that they're interested in and then try and find a market for them. Trust me, it's a lot easier to find out what people want and then provide it.

    Selling on eBay is no exception.

    The eBay Marketplace Researcher is a great tool to find out what eBay users want. As explained on the eBay site, it allows you to "access up to 90 days of eBay historical completed items data. Understand the demand for items you're planning to sell with charts trending average bids per item, number of completed items and more. View top searches within a category or the entire site to see what buyers are searching for."

    Step #2: Create Your Mini-Site

    Once she has chosen a good topic, Sydney creates a mini-site with around 30 pages that contains informative articles, Adsense ads, info products for sale and affiliate program recommendations. She refers to these as "wealth sites" and her business is made up of hundreds of them.

    When looking to build a new wealth site, Sydney uses the following criteria:
    1. It must be profitable
    2. It must be able to be put on autopilot
    3. It must endure

    Her income goal for new sites is only $10 a day. It doesn't sound like much, but if you have only 10 of these sites that quickly becomes $36,500 a year. Once you have 100 sites you're earning $365,000 a year! Not too shabby.

    And remember, once they're set-up all of the sites are running on autopilot and will continue to run indefinitely. We'll talk about this more in Step #6.

    Step #3: Put Together Your Info Product for eBay

    Putting together an info product can be as simple as combining several articles. Within your info product be sure to direct people to your website for more information, special deals, a related product, to join your newsletter, etc. Remember, the purpose of selling the info product is to generate interest in your website so spend some time including compelling reasons why buyers should visit your site.

    Step #4: List Your Info Product on eBay for $0.99

    As Sydney explains, "The info product will be a way to generate leads. Period. I don't care about the money that I make from eBay auctions. Don't misunderstand me, I want the money, I'm not saying I don't want it. But that's not my goal.

    If you've got an auction on eBay you've got a choice of one of two goals. Number one is you want to make as much money as you can on whatever you're selling. The cash flow. Number two, you're after the lead. And that is the wealth building. This helps me to get to my $10 a day from AdSense and my one info product on the site.

    So the way I do this is very simple. The eBay rules say that the cheapest price you can sell an info product on eBay if you're going to sell multiples is $0.99. I used to do $0.01 auctions all the time and I can still do them but only one at a time and it's just not worth my time.

    So what I'll do is I will create an auction selling a $0.99 info product. And I give a lot of stuff - Ken Evoy always uses that word "overdeliver" - I overdeliver. I've got an ebook, I've got a bunch of articles that go with it, etc., etc. So it's an incredible bargain.

    It costs me $0.20 to list a $0.99 info product on eBay - for one auction. And then every time I sell one it's $0.05. But of course I'm making $0.99 so it doesn't really matter. So what I'm doing in effect is creating a classified ad that goes on eBay. And it's totally within their rules, I'm not doing anything sneaky.

    I put this product up there and I will experiment with it until it's producing about as well as I think it's going to. So for a little over $10 a year I have a permanent ad on eBay.

    And you can have up to 15 products that are all the same. Some products I will create variations like "asthma for teenagers", "asthma for babies" or "asthma for people who live in cold climates". I can vary it just enough to make it a whole different product.

    And you just leave these things up there year round and they keep churning out money. And at $0.20 an auction it doesn't take much to be profitable. There is software that you can use that will relist your products on eBay. It's on autopilot. I mess with the auction a little bit to get it going and then I let it relist and relist and relist. It's the cheapest advertising in the world.

    Inside these info products will be various links that will take people back to my site for various reasons... Maybe I'm giving away something free, maybe I have a newsletter or I use Private Label stuff a lot and there will be reports, or maybe I've got a coupon, or affiliate links."

    Step #5: Approach Others to Promote Your Report

    One trick that Sydney has used successfully is to approach other people selling products on eBay that are related to the report she's promoting. She then offers it as a "free instant download" that the eBay seller can give to everyone who makes a purchase. They get content that is of interest to their customers, and Sydney gets her report (and the plug for her mini-site) in front of people who have expressed an interest in her topic.

    Step #6: Put Your Site on Autopilot

    After her promotions have paid off and Sydney's site is earning around $10 a day, she puts it on autopilot...

    "Once I get my $10 a day - it can be $8.97 or $11.46, somewhere in that market - I put it on autopilot.

    And the way I do that is my tech partner built me this software that does what they call dripping. It has roughly 30 articles on there. And I add another 30 articles into this drip software. And every 3 to 4 weeks it adds another article automatically without me having to mess with it.

    So I don't have to mess with that site again for another two and a half years. I can build that site, get it to $10 and then go on to the next one.

    Although I don't mean to imply that I can build this site and then everything comes to total a halt. I don't do that at all. But I have 3 or 4, maybe 5 at any one time that I'm promoting."

    Whatever your info product is - an ebook, a special report, an audio product - using this method is a fantastic way to use eBay as a lead generator. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

    Killer Tactic #8: Build a Huge List Using Traffic Exchanges

    Traffic exchanges have gotten a bad rap. People looking to "get rich quick" try them out for a couple of days and when they don't see immediate results they declare them a waste of time.

    But there are a lot of people quietly building HUGE lists using only traffic exchanges.

    One of those people is Jon Olson. He's the owner of Hit Exchange 101. Says Jon about his experience with traffic exchanges - "I first got my start with them actually trying to promote a music band I was managing back in 1999. They have been the best source of traffic I have ever used."

    So why does Jon think that people are so quick to say that traffic exchanges don't work?

    "A few reasons. One, they take effort. Internet marketing has always been based around the 'set it and forget it' way of doing business, and that's fine. But getting good results in the traffic exchanges does take a bit of elbow grease. The next reason, people try to sell all the time. In a traffic exchange, the selling should come on the back end. Generic affiliate pages do not work and that is still to this day, what is promoted the most in the exchanges. So I think ignorance is why these programs have never been as respected as they should be. There's much more to them that sticking a page in the exchanges and surfing for credits."

    According to Jon, anyone can see success with the traffic exchanges. His advice is to "be a sponge. Soak up as much information as you can. There is a lot of amazing information out there on how to build a business using traffic exchanges, but not everyone takes action. Get out there and learn the who's who in the business. Learn the terms. Come to the forums. Attend the weekly seminars. Just be a sponge."

    Step #1: Determine Your Objective

    Jon has strong opinions when it comes to what you should NOT promote in the traffic exchanges. "Promoting generic affiliate sites. You must remember, traffic exchanges are on a short 10-30 second timer. So why on earth would you promote a 15 page long sales letter? Think of it this way. People are surfing to earn credits, not to read a novel. So KNOW this and promote accordingly."

    Another thing to keep in mind is what type of people are using the traffic exchanges. They're other entrepreneurs like you looking to make money. A report on "How to Get Started with Needlepoint" probably isn't going to be a big seller with them. However business and health related topics definitely will be.

    Step #2: Choose a Giveaway that will Build a Good Quality List

    Remember, your ultimate goal is to build a targeted list. The more that the members of your list are interested in what you sell, the more likely they'll be to purchase from you. Keep this in mind when choosing a giveaway to offer.

    For example, if you sell information on "Keeping Your Heart Healthy", a great free report would be "Tips for the Busy Entrepreneur to Stay Heart Healthy". By relating the title of your report to the audience you'll greatly increase your response rate.

    Step #3: Choose Your Traffic Exchanges

    There are both free and paid options. Which one is best for you depends on whether you have more money or time to devote to the Traffic Exchanges. Either way, be sure to do your research before choosing which Exchanges to participate in - they are not all created equal!

    Some of the best Traffic Exchanges are:
    I Love Hits
    Max Traffic Pro

    Step #4: Setup Your Mailing List Software

    A reliable mailing list solution is very important when building a list of prospects. Making it easy for them to subscribe and unsubscribe automatically will mean less time you waste managing your list. And using professionally managed mailing software means MUCH higher delivery rates. The major mailing list providers have relationships with the large ISPs such as Yahoo!, Hotmail and AOL so that your messages get past the spam filters and don't end up in the dreaded "Bulk Mail" folder.

    Getresponse.com has one of the most reliable autoresponder/mailing list services available. If you're looking for an affordable solution that will grow with your business I highly recommend that you check it out. I use them, I love them.

    Step #5: Create Your Splash Page

    The key to success in the traffic exchanges is having a killer splash page. If you're not familiar with splash pages, they are short and to the point pages that tell visitors what you're offering. This is what prospects will see when they click on your listing in the Traffic Exchange so it has to grab their attention immediately and make them want to take action.

    "Use splash pages" Jon recommends, "and hire a professional designer to make them. Shock and awe works in the Traffic Exchanges."

    And as Jon says - you have to promote you first! "The trick is to always be branding you in the traffic exchanges. So whether you are promoting XYZ Opportunity or ABC Business, you are always promoted along with it. And then the biggest 'secret' that will explode your list is to stick with it. Keep your face / name in front of people for more than a month. People give up so quickly with traffic exchanges because they don't see results in 3 weeks. Slow and steady wins the race!"

    The important elements of a good Splash Page are:
    Title - Make sure it grabs the reader's attention. Without a great title you'll never get the prospect to look further down the page. Craft a great title by asking a question, making a shocking statement, using an interesting quote, giving a little known statistic or explaining "How to..."

    Offer - Offer them something that has a high perceived value. The more irresistible the offer, the more signups you'll get!

    Signup Form - Make it super easy for interested prospects to know how to get the freebie offered. Make the form stand out so they see exactly where to enter their name and email address.

    Your Picture - Brand yourself by including your picture and signature on your splash page. People are more likely to buy from people that they feel they know. So let them get to know you and associate your face with what you sell.

    Remember, Traffic Exchanges use a timer that is no longer than 30 seconds. Your website has about 5 seconds to make an impression, and trust me, the viewer has already made up their mind after those first 5 seconds.

    Step #6: Plan Your Backend

    The way to make money from the traffic exchanges is to build a list and then sell them products on the backend. Giveaway a little in the beginning, to make a lot in the end!

    Before you even get started it's a good idea to have a plan in place for how you'll follow up with new subscribers to build a relationship. A big part of this is knowing what offers you'll present them and when.

    This is a great opportunity to promote your audio or physical products if you have them. Or you can offer other people's products as an affiliate, resell rights products or even your time for coaching/consulting or to do some other work for prospects.

    Killer Tactic #9: Create a One-Time-Offer

    A "one time offer" typically involves giving prospects something for free, and once they sign up for it they are presented with an offer that they will only have access to once. Hence the name, "One-Time-Offer".

    Although it's been overdone in the Internet Marketing niche, this is a technique that works unbelievably well in other niches.

    The first step is to give people a special gift in exchange for providing their name and email address. Some effective giveaways are special reports, ebooks or audio recordings. The key is to offer something that has a very high perceived value so it's a "no brainer" for prospects. Combine this with a great mini-sales letter that lists the biggest benefits of signing up for your report.

    Leave customers wanting more... and the only way to get it is to join your list and get the additional information you've promised!

    Once the customer has joined, the next thing they see is your one time offer page. It's a sales page for a product that the customer will be given

    Step #1: Create Your One-Time-Offer Product

    If you don't already have a product ready for your one-time-offer, that's the first step. A great option is to use your audio product from Killer Tactic #1. Or put together a series of related reports, ebooks and/or audios.

    This is one of those times when having access to PLR content from multiple sites can make product creation quick and easy.

    Whatever you do, make the package irresistible so customers can't so no!

    Step #2: Put Together a Report to be the "Hook"

    With a one time offer, the initial information that encourages people to join your list is a very important. If it's not something that your target market is interested in, they'll have no incentive to enter their contact information and they'll never see your one time offer.

    Step #3: Create Your Squeeze Page

    Your squeeze page is where you give customers all the details about your report. The idea is to tell them just enough that they're excited and want to learn more. Unlike a squeeze page designed for the traffic exchanges, your one time offer squeeze page should include more information. It's not so much about branding yourself, but rather telling people about the exciting information you're offering. Remember, your goal is to send targeted traffic to your one time offer page.

    A great tip is to include questions on your squeeze page. This will allow you to gather invaluable information about what your customers want.

    For your squeeze page, there are several important elements:
    1. The Headline - Don't overlook the headline because it really is the most important part of the page. If it's well crafted and attention grabbin you'll draw people in to read the rest of the page. If propsects aren't interested in what the title says, chances are they'll leave before they read another word. The best information to include in your headline is the biggest benefit. Customers respond to benefits!

    2. The Bulleted List - To the point, interest piquing bullet points are the best way to get customers interested in what you're offering.

    3. The Call to Action - This is right above the form and should explicitly tell people what you want them to do. "Enter your first name and primary email address below and within seconds you'll be emailed...."

    4. The Submit Button - Don't waste this important space. Instead of simply using "Submit" make it much more interesting. Try "Yes! Send me the FREE Report" or "Send me the FREE Report NOW!"

    5. The Privacy Statement - Reassure people that you won't misuse their personal information with a simple, one line explanation below the submit button. An example phrase would be "We hate spam just as much as you do. That's why we NEVER rent, sell or share your personal information."

    Step #4: Create a Great Sales Letter

    A great sales letter is a MUST to sell visitors on your one-time-offer product. If you're not comfortable writing it yourself, consider hiring a professional sales letter writer. It will cost you a little more but you'll more then recoup that with increased sales.

    Step #5: Install the Script to Manage Your One-Time-Offer

    There is a great script available for Elite Members called the Instant One-Time-Offer. It has easy to follow instructions that makes it possible for almost anyone to install it themselves.

    How to Re-Write a PLR Article in Under 7 Minutes

    The Meat Of PLR Rewriting

    The first thing you need to do is change the title. This is an absolute MUST. By changing the title, you have already changed the most important part of the whole article.


    The reason is because the thing that most people will remember about an article is the title. Plus, when you go to the search engines and look up a subject, the first thing you will find in the listing IS the title. So the last thing you want is to have a title that is the same as the original article.

    Okay, let?s be honest here. Is there a chance that you?re going to come up with a title that somebody else also came up with? Of course there is. But you stand more of a chance of having a unique title in the search engine listings if you change the one that was given to you than if you simply left it as it was. If you?re looking for a 100% guarantee that your article is going to be 100% unique from everything else that?s out there, you?re in the wrong business. What you want to do is give yourself the best chance of succeeding. That is what this process is all about.

    Let?s take the title of this report, ?How To Rewrite A PLR Article In Under 7 Minutes.? Suppose you were given this report as a PLR article and wanted to put it up on your site. How would you rewrite this title?

    Well, here?s where you have to use a little bit of brain power, though not much. You want to keep the main points of the title.

    What are they?

    • How to rewrite a PLR article
    • How to do it in under 7 minutes
    That?s it. Those are the main points.

    Well, keeping those main points, we can come up with several rewrites.

    Here are just a few off the top of my head.

    • Rewriting a PLR article in 7 minutes or less
    • Rewrite YOUR PLR article in less than 7 minutes
    • Tips On Rewriting Your PLR piece in under 7 minutes
    • Super Tips To Rewrite Any PLR In 7 Minutes Or Less
    Get the idea? It?s not hard. The English language is filled with words. Grab yourself a thesaurus and look up substitutions for various words. You could easily come up with 20 or 30 titles for the topic of this book. All it takes is just a little thought.

    Total time for coming up with a new title is about 15 seconds.

    Okay, after you?ve tackled the title, the next thing to do is tackle the article itself. This is where people run into problems because they try to tackle the WHOLE article at once.

    That is their FIRST mistake.

    A good PLR article, and I will show you how to look for one, is written in such a way that it is VERY easy to read and rewrite.

    Keys To A Killer PLR Article

    A solid PLR article will have the following:

    • Title
    • Introduction
    • 3 or 4 paragraphs of content
    • Summary
    That?s it. That?s the formula for good article writing, which is something I teach to all my students. If you stick to this formula, which most good writers do, you?ll have a PLR article that is very easy to rewrite.

    The key, is taking it one section at a time.

    So, in the next chapter, we?re going to focus on the introduction, since I have already shown you how to quickly rewrite a title. I will give you a sample introduction, show you how to quickly and easily rewrite it and then you can apply this principal to any article you write.

    Rewriting Your Introduction

    Let?s get right into it.

    Let?s use, as a sample article, one on the topic of ?Internet Advertising.? I?m picking this for several reasons. The main one, however, is that Internet advertising is the key to profiting online. Without it, you?re dead. So, not only will you learn about rewriting, you?ll also learn a little about advertising which should also help you in your efforts to earn a living online. So I am killing two birds with one stone.

    The title of this article:

    ?3 Killer Advertising Tips For Your Business?

    You should already know how to rewrite this, but in case you need some help, here are a few suggestions.

    ?3 Ways To Advertise Your Business Effectively?

    ?3 Solid Ways To Promote Your Business?

    ?3 Killer Ways To Advertise On The Internet?

    Okay, let?s get to our introduction.

    Here it is:

    The keys to having success on the Internet are many. However, the main item that I find most people have problems with is advertising. They simply don?t know how. This article is going to focus on 3 top notch forms of advertising, explain what they are, how to use them and what kind of results you can expect in a given period of time. It is my hopes that after reading this, you will be properly armed with enough ammunition to get your business of the ground quickly.

    There you have it. The introduction is 88 words. An article should be a minimum of 300 to 400 words to be effective. We should have no problems reaching that here.

    Now, how do we rewrite this?

    What we need to do first is take a look at the main points of the intro. What are they?

    1. Key to success online is advertising
    2. 3 top forms of advertising
    3. What they are, how to use them, what kind of results to expect and how long to get them.
    4. Conclusion to introduction or what author hopes to accomplish.
    There you have it. Okay, to rewrite this, you take it one point at a time and slightly modify the wording of each point.

    Let?s take the first one.

    The keys to having success on the Internet are many. However, the main item that I find most people have problems with is advertising. They simply don?t know how.

    A simple and quick rewrite, taking the above section, might look something like this.

    There are many keys to having substantial success online. What most people don?t realize is that advertising is probably one of the most important. Worse yet, they don?t know how to advertise.

    We just took the same section and put it in slightly different words.

    Let?s take the next section.

    This article is going to focus on 3 top notch forms of advertising

    This is our next point. Okay, a simple rewrite might look something like this.

    The article you?re about to read is going to give you 3 of the best forms of advertising on the Internet.

    Simple? Of course it is. Like I said, the English language is filled with many words that all mean the same thing.

    Let?s look at the next section.

    Explain what they are, how to use them and what kind of results you can expect in a given period of time.

    Here?s what a simple rewrite would look like.

    I?m going to explain what these 3 forms of promotion are, what to do with them, how effective they?ll be and finally how long it?s going to take for you to get results.

    And finally we have the conclusion of the introduction.

    It is my hopes that after reading this, you will be properly armed with enough ammunition to get your business of the ground quickly.

    This is simple enough to put into other words.

    I hope that after reading this, you?ll be able to advertise your site in a way where you will see results quickly with as little effort as possible.

    Now, let?s compare the original introduction to the rewrite.


    The keys to having success on the Internet are many. However, the main item that I find most people have problems with is advertising. They simply don?t know how. This article is going to focus on 3 top notch forms of advertising, explain what they are, how to use them and what kind of results you can expect in a given period of time. It is my hopes that after reading this, you will be properly armed with enough ammunition to get your business of the ground quickly.

    88 Words


    There are many keys to having substantial success online. What most people don?t realize is that advertising is probably one of the most important. Worse yet, they don?t know how to advertise. The article you?re about to read is going to give you 3 of the best forms of advertising on the Internet. I?m going to explain what these 3 forms of promotion are, what to do with them, how effective they?ll be and finally how long it?s going to take for you to get results. I hope that after reading this, you?ll be able to advertise your site in a way where you will see results quickly with as little effort as possible.

    114 Words

    You will notice that the rewrite is actually longer than the original introduction.

    You will notice that you haven?t had to do any research. You simply took the material you were given and put it into your own words. It took me about 2 minutes to do this rewrite. That?s all there is to it. Next chapter we tackle the content.

    Rewriting Your Content

    The procedure for rewriting the main content of the article is no different from rewriting the introduction. Because of this, I am going to give you the 3 paragraphs for the main content, rewrite one of them and let you do the last two. This will be a good exercise for you and will help improve your rewriting skills quickly.

    Okay let?s get down to the content.

    The first form of advertising that is excellent for getting results is article writing and submission. The concept is simple. You pick a topic that you are interested in, write an article on it and then submit the article to an article directory. This is something you should do daily. The reason is because you will get immediate visitors to your site as article directories get a lot of traffic, especially the top ones like Ezine Articles.

    The second form of advertising that is excellent for getting results is Adwords. This is a service provided by Google where you bid on keywords, type up a simple 3 line ad and submit it to them. The reason this is so effective is because these ads target people who are specifically looking for a solution to their problem. These are the most highly targeted of all ads if they?re constructed properly. Many marketers do nothing but Adwords advertising. That?s how effective it is. You?ll also see results immediately.

    The third form of advertising that is excellent for getting results is Forum participation. This is simply registering with a forum and participating in the discussions. This is an indirect form of advertising as you are not allowed to advertise directly, but as people get to know you they will begin to trust you and start to visit your sites. This form of advertising does take time to bring results, but it can, over time, be the most effective of all if you?ve built trust.

    There you have it. The total number of words for those three paragraphs is 251.

    So we?re now up to 365 words, which is already more than long enough to be a good PLR article.

    Okay, so let?s rewrite the first paragraph and you can then tackle the last two on your own.

    Here?s our first paragraph.

    The first form of advertising that is excellent for getting results is article writing and submission. The concept is simple. You pick a topic that you are interested in, write an article on it and then submit the article to an article directory. This is something you should do daily. The reason is because you will get immediate visitors to your site as article directories get a lot of traffic, especially the top ones like Ezine Articles.

    Here is our rewrite. Pay careful attention to what I did.

    The first way to advertise on the Internet that?s great for getting people to your site is writing articles and submitting them to article directories. This is easy to do. You just find a topic you want to write on, compose the article, and then submit it to whatever directory you choose. You should probably do this everyday. You want to do this daily because you?re going to get people to your site right away because article directories get lots of visitors to their sites. Ezine Articles is probably one of the best.

    Do you see what I did? I simply replaced some words with other words. It took me exactly 60 seconds. It?s not hard.

    Once you start doing this more and more, you will find that it becomes so easy you?ll wonder why you didn?t think if this sooner.

    As you progress, your vocabulary will increase. At the beginning, yes, you?ll probably need to use a thesaurus, depending on how good your vocabulary is. Over time, it will get easier. Trust me on this.

    In the next chapter, we?re going to rewrite the summary to this article.

    Rewriting Your Summary

    Your summary doesn?t have to be long at all. A good PLR article will have a summary, or conclusion, that basically just states what?s already been stated. At the end of this report, I will show you how to find out if a PLR article is worth even getting and you won?t even have to see it to know.

    Okay, here is our very brief summary.

    Article writing and submission, Adwords advertising and forum participation are three excellent ways to promote your site. If you use these three things regularly, you will find that you?ll get traffic to your site on a consistent basis that will grow substantially over time.

    There you have it.

    Word count: 44

    We?re pretty much around 400 words, which is perfect for an article submission to a directory or for putting on your site.

    Time to get to our rewrite.

    The three forms of advertising that I have just discussed, article writing, Adwords promotion and forums, are probably your best bets for getting a steady flow of traffic to your site. If you use these in a regular basis, you?ll see that you?ll get a great number of visitors to your site and do so consistently.

    Word count: 56

    You?re probably going to find that your rewritten article is longer than the PLR article if you?ve done this correctly. In our next chapter, some tips on how to find good PLR articles.

    It?s easier than you know.

    How To Find Good PLR Articles

    I?m going to be very honest with you. The only reason this isn?t easy to do is because there aren?t a lot of great PLR articles out there. There is more junk than you can imagine.

    However, good articles exist. You just have to know what to look for.

    Here?s an example of a BAD one.

    ?10 Tips To Advertise Your Web Site?

    • Submit your site to safelists. They have lots of members and you?ll get lots of hits.
    • Submit your site to search engines. When they get indexed you?ll get lots of visitors.
    • Frequent forums. As people get to know you, they?ll go to your site.
    Do I have to go on? Okay, any time you see an article that is nothing more than a checklist, it?s crap. You are basically just taking an outline and writing your own article. If you don?t have enough knowledge on the subject, you won?t be able to do it.

    Then of course there are PLR articles with poor English and grammar. This, however, can be overcome if the structure is there.

    And that, my friend, is the key.

    You need to find out what kind of structure the author is using for his articles. This is easy enough to do.

    Ask him.

    It?s that simple. If he?s reluctant to show you a sample of his work, for fear that you?ll steal it from him (authors can be so paranoid) then simply ask him to send you an outline of his article structure.

    It should look something like this.

    • Introduction
    • Paragraph 1 on first point in intro
    • Paragraph 2 on second point in intro
    • Paragraph 3 on third point in intro
    • Summary
    If his structure is similar to what I have outlined above, then you have a pretty decent chance of coming away with a PLR article that will be easy to rewrite.

    If the author refuses to give you this info and says something like, ?My articles are good?, stay away.

    I personally have no problems sending somebody a sample of my work. That?s what you should look for, or at least a structure submission like the one above.

    This is how you weed out the crappy authors from the good ones.

    Go out and start making money with PLR products.

    Enjoy ..... :cool2:

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    You can never guess!
    Sorry OP so many killer tactics here. If we apply them, no one will be left on our planet...:)
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    Don't touch the REP!
    Thanks - I did change it in 2009 and haven't looked back! :thumb:

    Enjoy ..... :cool2:

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    Excellent post, popzzz!

    What you've taken the time to write here is pure gold. No, really. One could
    actually create gold (AU) from these words. Noobs and cash-poor take note.

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Dude, great post!

    It's kind of late, but I will finish it tomorrow...

    Maybe you should think of converting this post into an ebook :)
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    Excellent article. Some very interesting twists to common methods in there that got me thinking. +rep :)
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    You should make this into an eBook. It's well thought out and I need new ideas.
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    very generous of you to share this fantastic plan/ideas. there is a lot to digest and act upon. thanks again
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    Dude method is good and this is the most-indepth I seen on BHW.I have read only like 1/3 and I am stuffed with greatness.

    Thanks dude.You rock btw one question how can you have "Thanked 9,410 Times in 791 Posts"
    And have post count 563?
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    It's really helpful.
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    Nice thread! Thanks bro.for those that are interested on plr product, i have some products hundreds of products with master re-sale right. If you want to buy any of my products and make some cool cash with the above method, then pm me.
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    Your article is great. I really appreciate.
    You're rock...
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