1. Deadlight

    ✅ TESTED ✅ Rewrite Any Article With Extremely Human-Like Output Using This Single Prompt

    Hello BHW Here is a rewriting prompt for ChatGPT that can create extremely human-like output. Been testing this out and getting great results, it works best with GPT-4 but the free version of ChatGPT works as well. Test it out for yourself The only thing you will need to change is the...
  2. BR0C0LLI

    Fix my .htaccess rewrite REGEX code (simple)

    After web migration and new URL architecture, I need to redirect old URLs because I am getting lot of 404. Old URL examples: New URL...
  3. I

    Where to hire a rewriter?

    What websites do you guys usually use to find article rewriters with the best quality/price ratio? The language is English.
  4. G

    Auto-post, rewriter and translator, Should point to the original canonical for SEO?

    Hello here! I need your help lovely community. I'm trying to create my side hustle here, and ill be creating a news blog in a niche and in Portuguese. I'm using the WP automatic plugin with a rewriter/spinner and a translator. My question is should I point to the original canonical (the...
  5. fxkool

    Need writers for product review sites

    Hi all, I am looking to hire freelance writers for my product review sites (various niches). Pls PM for more details - it might be a long-term project as I plan on launching a new website every two weeks. Thanks

    Looking for someone who is good in English to rewrite sports news

    I'm looking for someone who is good in English to rewrite sports news News from 250 to 500 words
  7. Danieljarto

    [QUESTION] Is it possible to copy content from another website without being sanctioned in SEO?

    Is it possible to copy content from another website without being sanctioned in SEO? I know there are automatic rewrite tools, but do they work? Do you know of any method to copy content? Thanks!
  8. sonyhp

    WordAi Question

    Any WordAI user here who can answer this? I have a CSV with following format: Column A | Column B Unique_Code | Content Can I upload the CSV to WordAI do bulk re-write? Then will be able to download in following format? Column A | Column B Unique_code | Re-written contents Thanks
  9. geekhob

    Suggest the best free article rewriter

    Guys please can someone suggest best free article rewriter that can offer human-readable content.
  10. W

    Looking for writer with excellent English *long-term project*

    Hi writers, I'm looking for someone with excellent writing skills in English. Native or not, I don't give a s*** - just be willing to work hard and give your best and you'll be rewarded. *This is an ongoing project. I have LOTS of content that I need written/re-written!* If your English is...
  11. V

    pure rewrite blog

    I plan to hire 10 rewriters who is college level and pay them $3 per rewrite and try to run a blog, you think over time this blog can become profitable?
  12. the gent

    [Suggestion Required]

    Hi All, So, I'm beginning a new adventure here, basically, a viral website about Celebrities and whatever is going viral at this moment, I don't know if this method still working nowadays, but I'm determined to test this out. So my plan is to outsource my articles from other site and rewrite...
  13. illuminateme

    Getting the URLs from htaccess rewriterule

    Have anyone else had to work with an old massive redirect list that's thousands of lines long? Is there a tool/reliable way to grab the origin url and destination url from a bunch of rewriterule from htaccess and dump it into a spreadsheet? or better yet, a tool that can identify and eliminate...
  14. blackbeans

    100% American Native English Speaker Rewriting Service - DIRT CHEAP - Get Your Review Copy Today

    BHW Reviews More BHW Reviews For Review Copies: Step 1: Read the restrictions mentioned in the ad. You have to be a Jr. VIP member. Review copies are limited to 500 words. Step 2: Post your request for a review copy in this thread NOTE: Since paid orders take priority over...
  15. R

    Tips/Thoughts on rewriting existing content for a new website

    Hi guys, I have an existing website, and am interested in setting up a new website in a similar niche with some overlapping content from my first site (so I rank both sites). I'm looking into ways to go about rewriting some of my content from my first site in a timely manner, without...
  16. virtualbyron

    [Challenge Journey] $20 000 to $100 000 (rebuild a site)

    Hi! The first August I bought a site related to a niche I already know well in order to develop it quickly and resell it at $100 000 in a few month. Site infos Niche: General health Income: adsense $450 / amazon $500 TF 11 / CF 23 Good side Few solid links Backlinks profile clean and niched...
  17. L44B1L4

    Tool To Rewrite Articles

    Can anyone give me any tools to rewrite articles? Please.
  18. ste83

    Multiblogger [content automation] Skype group!

    I want to create a Multiblogger Skype group to share ideas, case studies and info about how to use it. If you recently bought it or you used it and you want to participate, join here:
  19. Burn Notice

    IMTaskPro: Content REWRITING Service - U.S. Writers, Native English, 100% Readable, $1.35/100 Words

    Greetings fellow Black-hatters, Real simply, we’re offering high-quality Copyscape passing, 100% readable REWRITTEN content from native English speaking U.S. writers. When you order from us you’ll get content with NO grammatical or spelling errors at prices you can’t afford to pass up. Plus...
  20. Alaindeloin

    WordAi account "share" or service

    Hi guys, I need a couple of french articles rewriting. Does someone has a wordai account ? Does exist a service on BHW who sell articles rewriting with wordai ? Thanks.
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