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[Method] how to start with youtube for free (noobs friendly)

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by Pokemat, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. Pokemat

    Pokemat Newbie

    May 30, 2012
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    Hi there,

    I created my account here a while ago, read and tried many stuff. Since I was a noob, my first aim in december 2012 was to make money online without spending a dime. Didn't know if it is was possible especially because 99% of methods over here imply to invest a variable amount of money and time, two assets way too precious to be wasted for hypothetically results. So I decided to apply my own twist to youtube methods and here's how I found my nich, created my own ebook and selled it to approximatelly 6 to 10 people / month (average : 100 views /day). I underline the fact that as said before, my goal was to discover if it was possible to make money online for free, so this method is certainly not 100% optimized.

    1) find a niche based on mobile apps offering on demand service such as music, navigation...etc

    2) find a free equivalent to this app : for instance if we are focused on navi apps : tomtom will charge you as hell for on time trafic forecast whereas waze do the same for free

    3.1) Make a youtube reverse review / presentation of the expensive app -> be sure to entitle it this way : " better than tomtom premium : how to have unlimited navigation and trafic forcast on your smartphone for free" Now it is really important to package it as if we were talking about tomtom because this will be our main keyword. in fact we are going to hit the #1 position on this keyword. I actually used to rank no more than 2-3 keywords like "free tomtom premium" or "tomtom premium crack"

    3.2) During the video, make the presentation on your phone of the main features and be sure to hide the logo and the name of the app, avoiding people to bypass your offer (I used post-it paper to hide them but post-prod gaussian blur works too).It is really important to explain that the usage of this free app require a limited number of users allowed and that's why you need to make them pay to insure a good quality service for all ("as a regular user, I really do not want the app to be overused, so only few motivated people will access it...") be creative

    4) Youtube SEO : I noticed that people on youtube (at least in my country) are looking only for 3 social proofs : views, thumbs and comments.So I used a free view-sharing software found here on BHW, created a really basic macro to automatically gain points and convert them to views. In a week or so i hit something like 7k views, way enought to start ranking on Google.
    Addmefast scrpits allowed me to hit the 100 thumbs up milestone in 2 or 3 days
    And i just wrote 5 good comments with fake accounts. Set the comments as available but requiring a moderation, so you can filter the good seed from the bad and publish only favorable comments.

    5) Create a basic PDF explaining how to download the app, password protected, uploaded on mega

    6) Paypal payment : create a paypal payment link and insert in the description of the video. Since i'm in the Euro-zone I asked for a 5? payment (don't be too greedy), highlighting the fact that their investment would be completely convered in a mather of a month or less, depending on the price the regular app charges for the service (for my niche it was only 2 weeks)
    Each time i received a payment i had to send manualy the download link to the customer (using the paypal app on my phone, I received a notification when they paid, and sent them right away the link). But I'm pretty sure it's possible to fix this and run it in full-auto mode

    My method was working with a cydia alternative so supposed to jailbreak the device before, justfying the payment and "keep it secret" stuff

    With this method I earned "only" 500? in one year but again, the purpose was mainly an empirical study and stopped it in fall 2013 since I was looking for an internship, did not wanted a recruiter to run into this...
    Now I'm kinda done with those methods since the couple risk / reward is not interesting enought for my standart of living, looking to invest in a more serious venture. BTW I have 3K to invest if someone feels interested in selling his website or so... PM me ;)

    Hope this will help some of you to get it started, and don't forget to have an awesome day :)
  2. SEOexpert986

    SEOexpert986 Newbie

    Aug 7, 2014
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    very long and informative post. thanks for that
  3. darksnake

    darksnake Newbie

    May 29, 2013
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    nice tut, but gaining free views doesn't work anymore