[Method] How to Create Facebook Profile with Pass Phone Verification

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by cowogendut, Sep 27, 2016.

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    Hi all Expert here... I am as Newbie.. want to share how to I created facebook profile unlimited with my method. And pass the facebook phone verification. Maybe my methode already using with some members here... I am so sorry if my method to old and classic... I am just want to share and write a posting here... not only reply the others posting... :)

    Let's my little contribute for BHW begin..

    1. First, I install Firefox and Install addon AnonyMox.
    2. After that I create some disposal email at www.temp-mail.org
    3. For Phone Verification I searching on google with keyword "bypass verification" and I got some good website.
    4. Looking a nice photo at Tagged or any not famous social media website [female or male photo]
    5. Go to facebook and register the new facebook account

    I only write the important thing step.. I am sure... all here can do this step too. I am sorry for my english.

    Thanks :)