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    Let me say right off the bat that this method can be labor intensive. The determining factor is if you consider creating brilliant looking infographics fun, and if you're fast at it. Of course, you non-artists can always pay someone to do what I'm about to suggest, but I don't know if that would be cost effective at all.

    Okay, well I've tested this method in a few cities with great results. I hesitate to share it, but I know that only a few who read this will take action, so there's plenty of cities to go around.

    If this method has been published previously, I apologize. I could not find it when I searched.


    1. Go to Facebook, type the name of a city and then click "Places."

    2. Select two brick and mortar business in the same industry/niche.

    3. Choose 1 business to be your target. Call it business "A."

    4. Find out all you can about the OTHER business, call it business "B." Visit their website, look them up in Google Places, etc.

    5. Create a mini-infographic that really emphasizes what sets business B apart from their competition. A menu item, a sale, w/e. The key here is to make something about half the size of a normal infographic, so that you aren't spending too much time on this.

    6. Place a watermark ("PROOF") on your infographic, export it and then send it to business A, along with a note.

    The note I usually go with is something like,

    7. A few minutes later, send Business A another message, saying something like,

    Or anything else. Don't get too cute, and for the love of GOD, don't make a pitch here! You never make a pitch with this method, that's why it can work.

    8. Wait. One of three things will happen:

    1. Nothing. They ignore you.
    2. They write back saying something like, 'Oh, no problem. Have a nice day!'
    3. They ask you what your rates are. You're in business.

    With number 3, I usually get a note like,

    From there, just send them a nice reply, apologizing again for the "mix up," and telling them what your rates are. Tell them that you're a bit busy but that you MIGHT be able to fit them in.

    I find that offering them a flat fee that is lower than the high-end infographic makers (These guys charge $600-$800) works the best. I charge my regular clients a flat fee of $100 myself, simply because I work very fast, so $100 each meets my needs.


    Obviously, guys, the quality of the sample has to be superb. I mean up there with anything you'll find on TechCrunch or any other huge blog. This is why this method, while it can be rewarding, is labor intensive. There is a cost of time up front. If you can't send them something that will blow them away, don't bother.

    That is compensated a bit by the fact that if the quality is high, the response rate is fairly high too. Curiosity kills the cat.

    But honestly, you really have to be on top of your game, and you need the sort of professional Photoshop and Illustrator plugins that save a lot of time. If you have this set up, great. If you don't, well, you can find it if you get creative.

    Need proof that this method can work? I didn't try to sell it as a crummy WSO for $7.
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    cool nice trick here.. can I see some sample infographic? pm me if you don't want it in public.. thanks,,
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    Very thoughtful approach... Curiosity and the 'my-competition-is-one-upping-me' can be very powerful

    I would like to see an info graphic example as well. You can PM if you don't want it public.

    Thanks again for the share!