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    Feedback is always appreciated :eek:

    As marketers it's extremely easy to get tunnel vision
    and not realize most people don't think like us/have
    the same information on marketing and monetizing
    traffic online. The general idea is "Oh I know what
    CPA marketing is, every other webmaster must too!"—
    fortunately this is not the case.

    There are still tons of website owners online who have
    no idea how to make money with their site other than
    with Google Adsense.

    Here's a good example: recently I pursued a cooking
    related niche website that gets over 20k visitors a day.
    They are monetizing with Google Adsense and judging
    by my own experience with Adsense placements on
    these kinds of sites I can almost guarantee they aren't
    making much (based on their ad placements, the lack
    of advertisers who are bidding low on the ad
    placements, etc.)

    These types of situations are great and PERFECT for
    this method you're about to learn. In most cases the
    person who owns the site started it as a hobby and it
    wound up doing well—and they have no idea how to
    earn money from it OR they started it to make money
    but never thought they could earn more than $10 in
    Adsense revenue a day from it.

    This is where someone like you or myself come in.

    The general idea is here to find a website, check their
    traffic and demographics and then make them an
    offer where we only pay them—IF we get paid. How do
    we manage all that? It's extremely easy.

    First thing is first—you need to find a website and you
    need to join a CPA network if you aren't already on
    one. In any report I publish regarding CPA I never
    cover getting accepted into networks. Why..?

    It's been done too many times and honestly it's pretty
    easy to get accepted. For the sake of keeping this
    simple I'll assume you are already on SOME network.
    Hydranetwork, CJ and Maxbounty are some big ones
    but there are literally hundreds and more popping up
    everyday—just make sure you're on a solid network
    with good payouts—those are the only qualifiers!

    You can start by either choosing an offer (and finding
    a site that fits the niche) or by picking a site (and
    choosing an offer that fits the traffic there).

    For beginners I'd recommend finding the site first but
    for more experienced people it may be easier to find
    an offer first THEN find a site that fits. To keep this
    simple I'll be assuming you want to find a site first
    then choose your offer to promote afterward.

    Step 1. - Finding a site to make money with.

    The trick to this step is that there is no trick at all.
    There are no tools to use, no keywords to type into
    Google, no nothing...
    It takes good old fashion research and patience to find
    a good site to do this with but I ASSURE you it gets
    easier and easier each time you do it. You get a nose
    for it pretty darn fast.

    The criteria for finding a site is extremely basic—find
    a site that is established, is getting good traffic and
    whose audience data can be gathered. The site I
    recommend using to gauge traffic/audiences is

    It can be a blog, a forum, a standard website or
    anything at all. You're merely looking for a site that
    gets traffic and isn't monetizing it to the fullest (i.e.
    Google Adsense ads on their pages in low-visibility

    It's a good idea to think about the types of people who
    also may have these kinds of sites and might start
    them up as hobbies—and not necessarily know how to
    monetize them. i.e. cooking related sites, hobbies,
    sports, fitness, etc.

    Step 2. - Find an offer that fits your audience.

    This is one of the easiest steps. All you need to do is
    logon to whatever CPA network you're on and find an
    offer that would fit the demographic of your site.
    If you have trouble with this you can contact your
    affiliate manager on your network (most assign you
    one) and ask them what offers they think would work
    best with your demographic that you researched on

    Here's an example: let's say I find a small
    Christmas related site and want to find a suitable offer
    that might do well with a banner placement on the top
    of the site. A good offer might a PayDay Loan Offer at
    $50.50 per action

    This offer pays out high and people who are on a
    Christmas site at that time of the year are more likely
    to be interested in getting some extra cash for
    shopping—targeted users = better conversions =
    easier money.

    Step 3. - Contact the website owner.

    Here's the "meat" of this method that makes it so
    sweet. We are going to email the website owner and
    tell them we can make them more money. The secret
    here is to email them and tell them you are willing to
    pay them on a CPA basis.

    For the above example with the eHolidayCash offer
    lets say I email a Christmas website owner and tell
    them I will give them $20 for every person that signs
    up for the offer through a banner placed on the top of
    their site.

    To the average webmaster who has never dealt with
    CPA before this is a huge amount of cash and they'll
    be more than willing to try it out (more often than not
    at least). If you pay them $20 per person you still
    make a profit of $30.50 on each action.

    You are GUARANTEED to make money with this
    method—or the website owner doesn't get paid either
    and you assume NO risk and lose NO money.
    Essentially you're just re-brokering the offer to novice
    website owners who wouldn't even know how to
    Google search for a CPA network let alone pick an
    appropriate offer or get it profitable.

    You make money, the website owner does all the work
    (and earns money!) and it's a win-win-win.

    Step 4. - Pay them after you receive payment.

    This is pretty straightforward. Pay the website owner
    for their number of actions they got. Let's say their
    site didn't do so well and conservatively only made 20
    successful actions for the eHolidayCash offer.

    20 x $50.50 = $1,010 (revenue)
    20 x $20 = $400 (paid to website owner)
    Profit = $610

    Cut them a check, send them a Paypal payment or
    wire them money—whatever you set up in your
    agreement when you originally emailed them.
    The website owner will be ecstatic about their $400
    for a month's "work" over their measly Adsense clicks
    and you'll pocket $610 by doing virtually nothing.

    Tip 1: Keep trying the offer on the site on a month to
    month or week to week basis. If it converts poorly or
    does worse than the previous month consider
    swapping out to a different offer. Especially true for
    forums or where there are high user loyalty rates!

    Tip 2: Agree to track clicks and actions through some
    tracking software, i.e. Budurl.com, bit.ly or through
    your own hosted tracking software. You can also
    redirect a normal domain to a budurl.com to "clean"
    the link up.

    Step 5. - Scale to new sites.

    Like I said before, once you've done this a few times
    you start to easily sniff out new sites that are RIPE for
    this type of thing. It happens pretty quickly.
    Scale out to new sites within your niche where you
    know the offers convert and also try out new niches to
    diversify your income and minimize any risk (i.e.
    protect against offers getting pulled, sites getting
    Google slapped and losing their rankings—etc!)

    You will also want to consider optimizing for higher
    payouts with your network—or go to a different
    network with a higher payout.
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    That's actually a method that I used in the past, it is indeed hard work at first, but once you find a good site that's converting, you're golden.

    Not to mention the fact that the website owner will see you as some sort of 'god' and will never leave your side.
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    Right on I figured that it would be a pain in the ass to find a dumb webmaster like that but im sure they exist
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    This is actually a fantastic method if you position it correctly. You could make thousands of dollars a day doing this, I'm not kidding. Please no PM's on how I'd approach this, there may come a time in the future when I want this method for myself.
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    sharing is caring!
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    Don't underestimate stupidity :D
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    I thought about doing this in the past, never tried it. Though I might just give it a shot, I'm pretty sure, as others said, that there are people dumb enough to fall for it. +1
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    It's not about finding "dumb" people, it has everything to do with how you approach this. You know there's a lot of million dollar companies that monetize with CPM/CPC advertisements, who could easily double or even triple their yearly revenues by cutting to the chase and changing CPC/CPM banners for CPA banners.

    You know people make a fantastic living out of saving other companies money, why can't you make millions of dollars helping them make millions of dollars more than they originally would?

    It's so simple, it's stupid.
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    Old but not very well known method. I suspect that you copied and pasted this out of an eBook however, because those $ figures look very familiar.
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    Sure did! Thought it would be an interesting share for everyone to get their minds thinking. Saves everyone 15 bucks ;)
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    i like the approach

    never thought of this... it is easy, when i was linkbuilding for a very large website I contacted so many semi professional website owners who were making a little money with a little cpa, linkbuilding and adsense... if they had some help they could be making a lot more

    its all in the pitch, and it is probably smart to get some good contracts to fall back on
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    The only downside I can see, is the website owner getting wise and replacing your ad with his/hers.
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    Cut and Paste from "Instant CPA Cash"