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Apr 12, 2009
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79 Ways To Make Money with PLR Products


Over the next several pages you're going to discover over 70 ways to use PLR ebooks, articles, and software.

Before we jump in, let's get this out of the way: In most cases it's a good idea if you
rewrite the PLR so that you are using unique content. That point won't specifically be
mentioned in most of the strategies listed below. However, you should assume it's
generally a good idea to modify the PLR at least partially - about 20-30% or so.

Now let's get started .....

How to Make Money with PLR Articles

1. Load articles into an autoresponder.
You already know you need to load up an autoresponder series as a way to
automatically build a relationship with your readers. PLR articles make this task easily.

While you should load at least seven to twelve articles into your series, you can also put
your business on autopilot by loading 52 articles into the series - one per week. That's
a full year's worth of content that you can use to build a relationship, help you close
sales, and so on.

Do note, however, that you should be using "evergreen" content. In other words, use
content that's always relevant and timeless.

2. Use the content to create regular newsletters.

Of course you don't need to use all your PLR content in your autoresponder. You can
also use PLR articles for real-time broadcasts to your entire list. And since you're
blasting it out live, you don't even need to worry about it being "evergreen" content.

For best results, weave affiliate links - or links to your own products and services - into
this content.

3. Use the content on your blog.

You can get your blog off to a good start by populating it with PLR content. Then you
can keep your blog going by posting PLR articles once or twice a week. In fact, if you're
using a blog platform that allows you to autopost, then you can load it up any time you
want ..... and the software will post it for you once or twice a week.

Since blog posts can be short - even as small as a couple hundred words - you can
easily take one PLR article, chop it in half, and create two blog posts.

4. Create offline newsletters using PLR articles.

Many marketers use PLR articles to help create their autoresponder series or their
online newsletter. However, PLR content can also be used to create an offline
newsletter - either free or paid.

5. Use PLR articles as the basis for your research.

I'm sure you've seen it before: PLR articles that are written so horribly that they are
difficult to read. Obviously, they were written by someone whose first language is not
English. While they might pull in search engine traffic, you know that any human who
reads these types of articles will hit the back button ..... fast.

Worse yet, sometimes you run into PLR articles that are beautifully written - but you
can't use them. The problem is that when you run them through CopyScape.com, you
find out that they're plagiarized. That opens you up to copyright infringement and
intellectual property lawsuits.

Obviously, you cannot use these articles as-is. But does that mean you wasted your
money buying these PLR articles? Not necessarily. You see, if the articles are well researched
and the content is good, then you can use them as the basis for your own
research to write completely new articles.

Think about it: researching your article usually takes more time than writing it. So if you
have a well-researched article in front of you, all you need to do is rewrite it to create a
completely original (yet factual) article.

In other words, don't despair the next time you buy dirt-cheap PLR articles only to find
out they're cheap because they're poor quality. Just consider the money as well-spent
since it reduces your research time.

6. Add affiliate links to articles and submit to article directories.

Here's an easy way to make money from PLR articles. Simply go to Clickbank.com,
Amazon.com, or any other site with an affiliate program. Find a best selling product.
(Clickbank in particular makes this easy to do, since they list their hottest products at
the top of each category.)

Next, find PLR articles closely related to the same topic of the affiliate product. Rewrite
the content, as most article directories won't accept PLR articles or duplicate content.
As you rewrite, insert your affiliate links into the article.

It's also a good idea to rewrite it around one or two keywords that your market will use
to find your article. Use WordTracker.com (or your favorite keyword tool) to determine
what longtail keywords get traffic, but also have very little competition in the search

Finally, submit your rewritten PLR articles to article directories like ezinearticles.com.
You should also include a resource box at the end of the article to point people to your
website, which should encourage people to get on your mailing list.

7. Use PLR articles as search engine food.

Instead of merely posting PLR content on your blog as mentioned in strategy #3, you
can rewrite it around your niche keywords and then post it. That way these articles will
not only serve as "sticky" content to draw visitors back again and again, you'll also pull
in new search engine traffic.

8. Create a content-rich site /and sell it!

That's right, you can use your PLR articles to create a content-rich site based around a
particular niche. Then you can monetize the site by adding AdSense to the site or
adding affiliate links to the content (or both).

Usually you might then start working on promoting the site, such as tweaking your
content around longtail keywords to bring in search engine traffic, using article
marketing, using expired domains that are already bringing in traffic, or similar traffic
generation strategies. However, your other option is to simply sell the site outright to
another marketer on eBay, DigitalPoint forums, or a similar marketplace.

You also have two options. You can either create one site - with a domain name and
everything - and sell the site and domain name. Alternatively, you can sell the site
template (design) and all of its content to multiple buyers as an "out of the box" solution.

Note, however, that some PLR licenses may not allow you to resell the content, even if
it's part of an overall site. This is especially true if you're selling it to multiple buyers.
You'll need to look for PLR content that includes transferable rights.

9. Create the site - and keep it.

Of course you can create a content-rich niche website as described above, except don't
sell it. Instead, keep adding content to it, keep promoting it, and keep monetizing it
..... and keep all the profits for yourself.

10. Create a site using PLR and sell advertising.

As described above, one way to monetize a content site is to insert advertising links or
AdSense on the site. Another way to do it is to sell advertising on the site. You may
sell text ads or banner ads. If your site has a high Google page rank, many advertisers
will be content to merely buy a link as a means to get the benefits of your high page

11. Run a membership site.

Membership sites are good profit models, because of the residual income. However,
generally membership sites are also tedious to maintain, simply because you need to
constantly be creating and uploading new content.
That's where PLR articles come in. No more struggling to brainstorm your next topic.

No more spending days creating the content. Just tweak PLR articles and upload it to
your site. Now membership maintenance only takes a couple hours instead of days (or

12. Pull in foreign search engine traffic.

Are you bilingual? Or do you know a good translator?

If so, you can translate your PLR articles into foreign languages. As usual, pay
particular attention to one or two keywords in each article. Then upload to your site and
watch the traffic start coming in.

(Naturally, of course, it's best if you have products - your own or affiliate products -
available in this same language.)

13. Turn PLR articles into an online course.

An alternative to offering a regular ebook is to offer an online course. You can send
each lesson directly via an autoresponder, or you can merely send the link to a
downloadable PDF.

Either way, PLR articles can be used to create the online course. Best of all, you can
either offer a free course as a lead generator, or offer the content as a paid product.

14. Use PLR articles as the basis for a teleseminar series.

Just because your PLR articles are in text form doesn't mean the content needs to be
delivered strictly in a text format. (Indeed, you'll discover other non-text uses for PLR
articles in just a few minutes.)

Here's an idea: use your PLR articles as the basis for a teleseminar series.

You can give a presentation based on one or more articles, and then open the phone
lines for questions. Or, you can have a friend interview you based on the content ..... and
you can give your answers straight from your articles.

It's two products (free or paid) in one. First, you can give access to the live
teleseminars. Second, you'll have the recordings to sell or give away to others.

15. Use articles to create content for others.

If you have a writing business, you can use PLR articles to create content for others.
Since you need to provide unique content to your clients, partial rewrites won't do.
However, good PLR can save you a lot of time in the research department.

You may also take on clients who can't pay as much by offering to use PLR content as
a base for their content. They get something that's nearly 100% original (yet they don't
have to pay full fees), and you get paying clients. It's a win-win situation.

Note: you should only use PLR content as a base with prior approval from your
clients. Otherwise you're likely to ruin your reputation if they discover that you're not
giving them unique content.

16. Use PLR content to post answers on Yahoo Answers.

One way to get valuable backlinks to your site (for search engine optimization purposes)
is to post answers on Yahoo Answers.

Since it can be tedious to create "fresh" answers for every question related to your
niche, you can use PLR articles instead. Ideally the full article should be posted on your
website. That way you can simply post your own site as the source of your information.

17. Use PLR articles to post comments on other people's blogs.

Just as you can use PLR articles to post on Yahoo Answers, you can also use it to post
relevant comments on other people's blogs. Then leave your backlink to get human
traffic and - if the blog allows search engines to follow links - the benefit of a one-way
link for search engine optimization purposes.

Be sure the content you use is relevant, however. And in general, you don't want to
post entire articles. Instead, post a portion of the article that's relevant to what's being
discussed. You can then link to the entire article that's posted on your own blog.

18. Use as content to post answers on forums.

Here's another way articles can be used to get links: post the content on other people's

Now you can do this one of two ways. On forums that encourage people to post
articles, you can post all or part of an article - particularly if you add your own
comments about the article. If you add something controversial, you're likely to spark a
debate (and that's good thing).

Some forum owners frown on this, however. They'd rather people have natural
conversations rather than post articles. In particular, new members of a forum are likely
to get their hands slapped for posting "drive by" articles. If you run into a forum that
discourages posting articles, then use your PLR to help you brainstorm topics to post
about on forums - but don't necessarily post the articles themselves (at least not in a
transparent way).

Note: On the other hand, some forums have specific sections where you're
allowed to post full articles. In those cases, consider posting a few along with a

Another way to use PLR content on forums is to use it to answer other people's posts.
Here you may post part of an article, along with a link to the full article that's posted on
your blog.

Note, however, that most forum owners prefer if you answer the question in its entirety
on the forum - so you don't want to just post a line or two with a link. Instead, post a
complete answer ..... with a link for those seeking additional information.

Tip: you can pay other people to post these articles or article snippets. Post a
project on elance.com to find freelancers willing to do this work for you.

19. Use PLR articles to create Squidoo pages.

Plenty of savvy marketers set up Squidoo pages (AKA lenses) around specific niche
topics. You can do the same using PLR articles to create the lens. You may want to
rewrite some of the content around specific keywords. Then add interactive features,
affiliate links, and links to drive traffic back to your own site.

20. Use PLR content to create Squidoo lenses - then SELL the lenses.

Here you set up a lens as described in strategy #19 above. However, instead of
keeping it yourself, you sell it immediately to someone else. It's a quick and easy way
to make a nice chunk of change.

Note: check your PLR license to be sure this is allowable. To be safe, find content
that comes with transferable rights.

21. Use PLR articles as content on social networking sites.

Social networking sites like MySpace are great places to network with like-minded
people, build a list of "friends" in your niche, and more. However, in order for your
social networking page to be truly effective, you should regularly update it. Usually this
means posting frequently to your site-sponsored blog.

Now if you're maintaining your own site and other blogs, the thought of maintaining yet
another blog might sound like a lot of work. It's not - especially if you use PLR articles
to create your blog.

22. Use PLR articles to populate your own forum.

If you're just starting a forum in your niche, you already know the "chicken and the egg"
problem. Specifically, you need people to start posting in the forum to get it going with
some good content. And yet most people don't want to post in a forum that doesn't
already have lots of posts and content.

The solution? You need to populate the forum with good content to encourage others to
start posting. And to do that, you can use PLR articles to spark discussion. Either get
your friends to post these articles for you, or ask them to join the discussion on the
threads where you've posted the articles.

Either way, in no time at all you'll have a thriving forum full of good content!

23. Offer your affiliates PLR articles to help promote your products and services.

If you want to encourage your affiliates to promote your wares, it's a good idea to have
a full suite of content to help them do so, including banner ads, text ads, newsletter ads,
solo ads, PPC ads, and so on.

However, you should also give them relevant articles they can rebrand with their affiliate
links and load into their autoresponders and on their blogs. To make it easy on
yourself, you can offer them PLR articles to do just that.

24. Tweak PLR articles and sell them.

You already know that you can sell PLR articles users to niche members who are
desperately seeking solutions. However, here's another idea: rewrite the articles and
sell them to newspapers, magazines, and other paying markets. You can find these
markets by getting a copy of the yearly "Writer's Markets" publications.

25. Use PLR articles as a basis to create an "advertorial."

An advertorial is an advertisement that's made to look like an article. Because it looks
like a newspaper or magazine article, it tends to get read more often than a regular ad.
After all, most of us have trained ourselves to ignore advertisements. So the less your
ad looks like an ad, the better response you get.

Flip through any magazine or newspaper, and you'll see plenty examples of
advertorials. Study how a sales pitch is woven into solid content, and you'll get a pretty
good idea of how you can use your PLR articles to create advertorials.

26. Use PLR articles as a basis to create a press release.

Just as you can use PLR articles to create advertorials, you can also use them to create
press releases. The difference, however, is that the "advertising" component of a press
release is even more subtle. Typically press releases point readers to your site for
more information. If you pitch anything in your press release, the newspaper editor will
probably pitch your release straight into the garbage.

27. Use PLR articles as the basis to create offline flyers.

One way to advertise your business offline is to create advertising flyers that you hang
on bulletin boards at related businesses or elsewhere around your city. You may also
do a joint venture with business owners to insert your flyers into customer shopping
bags. Or, where allowed, you can hand flyers out on the street.

Most people create their flyer by creating a regular ad. You know what happens with
these sorts of flyers: the majority get thrown into the trash and promptly forgotten.

However, you can make your flyer more valuable to prospects simply by turning it into
an advertorial that includes solid information to help them solve their problems. And of
course you can use your PLR articles to create these advertorials.

The end result? Your prospects will take your flyer with them and act on it.

28. Use articles as the basis to create an interactive survey, quiz, petition or

One way to engage prospects online is to get them interactive. And a good way to get
them interactive is to have them take a quiz, fill out a survey, or sign a petition.
Naturally, you can get the content to create these interactive features by turning to your
PLR articles.

These sorts of interactive features work particularly well on sites where commercial
activity isn't allowed ..... or at least not encouraged. For example, you can ask your
MySpace friends or your friends on a niche forum to take a quiz.

So how do you monetize these interactive features?

One way is to ask people to submit their name and email address in order to participate.
However, you'll need to offer them something else (a bribe, if you will) to encourage
them to do that.

An alternative isn't to force them to sign up for your newsletter, but rather ask them to.
Again, offer them a compelling reason to do so, such as a free report (which can also be
derived from PLR content).

Finally, you may place AdSense ads, text links, or banner ads around your interactive
features to help monetize that page.

29. Create your own niche article directory.

Here's an idea: instead of submitting your modified PLR articles to article directories,
you can create your own niche-specific article directory. You can populate the directory
by submitting dozens of your own articles. Then you can ask other webmasters to
submit their articles, too.

What you do after that point is your decision. You can keep running the article directory
and keep all the profit, or you can sell this established, content-rich site on eBay, the
DigitalPoint forums, or anywhere else websites are commonly sold.

30. Combine your PLR articles with other PLR articles to create an ebook.

You can use one or more articles to create chapters for an ebook. Put together just 20
articles, and you'll instantly have an ebook around 10,000 words.

So what should you do with this ebook? Scroll down to the next section for dozens of
strategies to profit from your PLR ebooks .....

31. Put the information to use.

In addition to selling or giving away the information, PLR articles are also personally
valuable to you if you're interested in the topic. Don't forget to use the information in
your business or personal life.

How to Make Money with PLR Ebooks

1. Combine your PLR ebooks to make an entirely new ebook.

Usually it's a good idea to modify your PLR ebooks so that your content is at least in
part original. To accomplish this, most marketers rewrite their PLR content.

However, there's another way. Instead of rewriting, you can simply copy and paste two
or more related ebooks together. Indeed, this method can be even quicker than trying
to rewrite content. Where re-writing an ebook might take you days, copying and pasting
chapters from multiple ebooks may take you as little as one hour.

You don't have to use every chapter from every ebook - and in fact, you shouldn't.
Instead, use a couple chapters from one PLR ebook, a couple chapters from another
PLR ebook, and so on. You can even throw a few PLR articles into the mix to make
your ebook a truly original creation.

Do this, and you can be assured that no one on the market is selling (or giving away) a
product exactly like your ebook.

2. Use your PLR ebook as a lead generator on your website.

If you're not already building a prospect list, you should be. After all, most prospects
won't buy the first time they see your ad. Your newsletter then serves as a tool to
expose your prospect to your ads multiple times, while allowing you to build a
relationship with them.

As such you, you need to put up a squeeze page or otherwise encourage all
prospective customers to join your list. One of the best ways to do this is to offer a
highly relevant and valuable freebie (a "bribe") as a bonus for joining your newsletter

Some marketers use any old PLR content they have laying around to create this
freebie. What you should do is offer some of your very BEST PLR ebooks as freebies.
That way prospects will think, "Wow, if he offers this for free ..... just imagine what his
paid products must be like!"

3. Use PLR ebooks as lead generators on eBay.

Recently eBay made changes to their auction policies to make it clear that they didn't
want people selling downloadable information products. For many marketers, that was
the end of using eBay as a lead generator.

However, that sort of attitude is entirely short-sighted. Instead of selling downloadable
products on eBay, you can ship ebooks on CDs, or you can create physical books
(using Lulu or similar).

Of course you can price these physical products so you make a profit. However, for this
strategy we're focusing on generating leads. That means you need to price these
products as low as possible. As such, you may want to charge a penny and then
charge the bare minimum to cover your shipping expenses.

If the ebook is doing a good job of converting prospects to customers, then you can
absorb the shipping and duplication costs, as you'll know you'll make it back on via your
backend marketing system.

Note: there are two ways to generate backend income from these PLR ebooks. First,
you can use follow up emails or postcards to contact your buyers to encourage them to
purchase more products (and more expensive products) from you. Second, your PLR
ebook should include links to affiliate products. Every time someone clicks on those
links and buys, you make a profit.

4. Turn your PLR ebooks into physical products you sell on your site.

As mentioned in the previous strategy, you don't have to sell your PLR products on
eBay dirt cheap as lead generators - you CAN turn them into physical products and sell
them for a profit. Likewise, you can sell these same physical products right from your

One way is to put your ebook on a CD and ship it. Another way that's completely hands
off is to load your PLR ebook onto Lulu.com. They have all the tools you need to create
a physical book, including cover templates. And best of all, they handle collecting
payment, printing the book, and shipping it out - as mentioned, it's a completely hands
off system for you. All you have to do is promote ..... and enjoy your money.

5. Turn PLR ebooks into audio or video products.

Just because your PLR ebooks are in text format doesn't mean they need to stay in text
format. Indeed, one way to increase the perceived value of your product is to turn it into
an audio or video product. A well-researched PLR ebook gives you plenty of content to
create videos or audios.

You can give these new products away as freebies, add them to your existing products
as bonuses, or use them as backend products. If your PLR license allows you to
transfer the rights, you can even sell resell rights or master resell rights to your video
and audio products.

6. Use a PLR ebook as the basis for creating a video that you submit to YouTube.

Instead of making money selling a video product, you can use your PLR ebooks to
create videos that you submit to YouTube. Ideally they should be either extremely
useful videos, or extremely controversial (to get more views). Either way, be sure to
include your URL multiple times in the video, and give people a compelling reason to
visit your site.

7. Turn PLR ebook into a video or audio tool for your affiliates.

As mentioned earlier, you can motivate your affiliates by giving them plenty of marketing
tools and content that they can rebrand. As such, another use for the PLR-based
videos and audios is to give them to your affiliates to help them promote your products
and services.

Since rebranding videos and audios must be done manually, it tends to be timeconsuming.
As such, the best way to allow affiliates to give them to their subscribers is
by pointing their affiliate links towards the audio or video. Ideally, you should present a
squeeze page before the audio or video. This builds your list of prospects, while also
helping you close the sale on behalf of your affiliate.

Tip: Offering affiliates the opportunity to use their affiliate links to send visitors to
your audio or video is a particularly good pre-launch sales tactic.

8. Give your PLR-based audio or video away as a freebie on your site.

Even if you don't have affiliates promoting your products, you can still use the tip above.
Simply ask prospects to exchange their email address for a valuable freebie. Instead of
the typical ebook, they get a video or audio instead (which you created using a PLR
ebook). These sorts of freebies tend to have a higher perceived value.

9. Use PLR ebooks as lead generators in newspaper advertisements.

If you've ever advertised in a print publication as a newspaper - and especially the
classified ads - then you already know this sort of advertising is a two-step process.

You see, there's simply not enough room in a classified ad to sell a product, so you
shouldn't even try. Instead, your advertisement's job is to get prospects to step forward
and say, "I'm interested."

How do you do that?

Simple: by offering a compelling freebie such as a free report that's highly relevant and
interesting to your tightly focused niche market.

Of course you can send prospects to a website, where they enter their name and email
address and instantly receive their free report. However, the traditional method also still
works. Specifically, you can ask prospects to send a self-addressed stamped envelope
(SASE) to you.

When you get these requests, all you have to do is send the free report back to the
prospect in their SASE. Then you can add their names and addresses to your database
so that you can send them postcards or other follow-up emails.

Note, of course, that your PLR report will also include links or advertisements for mail
order products. As such, if you're using good content that as relevant pitches woven
into the report, you should make money on the backend whenever someone purchases
a product you recommended in your report.

10. Turn your PLR ebooks into viral products.

Another good strategy to monetize PLR ebooks is to rewrite them, add something
controversial, add your links or affiliate links into the ebook, and then distribute around
the Internet for free. You may post it on niche forums, other people's blogs (where
allowed), and anywhere else that you're allowed to distribute free ebooks.

Notice I suggested adding something controversial. Where applicable, you can even
add something slightly offensive to the ebook. The reason is because you need to give
people a reason to pass the ebook to their friends. While solid content helps you do
that, something controversial seems to light a fire under people. The next thing you
know, people are posting the link to the ebook on forums and telling others, "you will not
believe what this dude said!"

The more controversial or offensive, the more likely it is that your product will truly go
viral. Sometimes humor works too. Use your judgement, as controversy and humor
aren't good fits for every niche.

You make money whenever someone clicks on and buys from a link inside your ebook.
You should also be directing the ebook's readers to your site, where they can join your
newsletter list.

Tip: Never post a direct affiliate link in your ebook. Instead, use a link from your
own domain that redirects to your affiliate link. That way if something should ever
happen to the affiliate program, you don't have thousands of ebooks floating
around in cyberspace with dead links. All you have to do is change the redirect
link from one affiliate product to a different product.

11. Allow others to rebrand the PLR ebook and give it away.

This one is simple but works great - either as a stand-alone strategy, or in conjunction
with some of the other strategies we've talked about. Here's the idea .....

Take one of your well-written PLR ebooks and tweak as needed. Ideally, you should
choose a PLR ebook that's highly relevant to your own products or services. Then
weave into this content links to your site.

Tip: if you're counting on this ebook really "going viral," then try to add
controversy (as described above) where ever possible.

Next, get a software that allows people who download your ebook to quickly and easily
rebrand the ebook with their affiliate links for your product. One such tool is
ViralPDF.com. (You'll find similar tools if you run a search for "PDF rebrander" or

Finally, get this ebook into the hands of as many people as possible, and let them know
they can make money by rebranding it with their affiliate links and posting it on their
blogs, on forums, giving it to their newsletter readers, and so on. Of course, you should
also give this rebrandible ebook directly to your existing affiliates so they can start
making money immediately.

12. Use your PLR ebook as a bonus ebook alongside your main product.

Sometimes we get so excited about launching our products that it's not until very near
the launch date when we realize we don't have any bonuses to offer our buyers.

The solution? Use PLR ebooks as bonuses for your buyers. You can offer the ebooks
as is, slightly rewritten, or in different formats (such as audio or video products).

Indeed, using PLR ebooks as bonus products is a good strategy to use any time - not
just when you're under a rapidly approaching launch date deadline.

13. Use PLR ebooks as unannounced bonuses for existing customers.

One way to help quell buyer's remorse and reduce refunds is to offer unannounced
bonuses to surprise and delight your customers. Another way to reduce refunds is to
offer timed bonuses. For example, you release a new bonus product every week, right
through the refund period and beyond.

PLR ebooks make great unannounced bonuses either way. For best results, modify
your PLR ebooks so that you're giving your customers fairly original content.

14. Use PLR ebooks as unannounced freebies for regular newsletter subscribers.

Of course your paying customers needn't be the only ones to get unannounced
bonuses (although certainly your paying customers should get your BEST bonuses).
That means you can take your PLR ebooks, tweak them slightly, and offer them from
time to time to your regular newsletter subscribers.

In particular, you should offer these unannounced freebies at the beginning of your
autoresponder series. So for example, you can offer these freebies in the first few
weeks or the first month. After that, you can offer them a few times a year.

Doing so helps build your relationship with your subscribers. It also trains them to
eagerly open every single newsletter you send. Of course you'll notice that I didn't say
you should give these freebies regularly for as long as your subscribers are on your list.
That's because you want your subscribers to eventually become your customers where
they'll get even BETTER content from you. Indeed, you should be encouraging your
free newsletter subscribers to become paying customers.

15. Repackage a PLR ebook and add it to a giveaway event.

One way to build your mailing list fast is to participate in a giveaway event. This is
where several marketers come together as joint venture partners, with each of them
offering a "free gift" in exchange for email addresses from prospects.

The reason everyone can build their list so quickly is because every marketer who
participates is required to promote the event to their own list, on their blog, or similar.
Indeed, the marketers who send the most traffic are usually rewarded by having their
giveaway product near the top of the list - thus ensuring the highest number of
downloads (and subscribers).

One way for you to easily participate in multiple giveaway events is to give away your
PLR ebooks. However, you should modify them at least in part, thereby ensuring that
no one else will be giving away identical content.

16. Put PLR ebooks into your backend marketing funnel.

When you finish your first product in a niche, your mission is to move as quickly as
possible to start building your sales funnel so that you can make money selling products
on the backend.

In order to do this quickly so they can launch their first product, many marketers sell
affiliate products on the backend - at least initially. Then when they have time to create
their own products, they substitute the affiliate products for their own products. That
makes sense, as it's better to get all the profit selling your own product on the backend,
as opposed to a portion of the profit selling someone else's product.

Of course when you use PLR ebooks as backend products, it becomes a win-win
situation for you. Not only can you build your backend line of products extremely
quickly, you also get 100% of the profits immediately.

Tip: turn your PLR ebooks into audios or videos to create backend products with
higher perceived values and higher price tags.

17. Run a membership site and use your PLR ebooks as monthly content.

This is the same as Strategy #11 in the PLR article chapter, except you're using PLR
ebooks instead. Indeed, because ebooks have a higher perceived value than articles,
giving ebooks to your members increases the perceived value of your site.

If you buy PLR that includes transferable rights, then pass on these rights as well inside
your membership site. That way you'll get customers who are interested in the ebooks
themselves, PLUS you'll get customers who are interested in the money-making aspect
of these ebooks.

18. Translate PLR ebooks into different languages to create new products.

This strategy goes well with Strategy #12 from the chapter on PLR articles, which
suggests you translate your articles into foreign languages to pull in foreign-language
speaking search engine traffic. You can sell your translated PLR ebook to the search
engine traffic that comes in on these articles.

If your PLR license allows you to resell rights, then you can sell the foreign language
rights to your PLR ebooks. That way you don't have to find someone to translate the
ebook. Instead, you find a marketer who's willing to get the ebook translated into the
language of his choice.

19. Choose a product you'd like to sell, and use a PLR ebook to promote it.

Here's a nice way to promote an affiliate product .....

First off, find a suitable product to sell by visiting Clickbank.com's marketplace. Ideally
you should look for products that are already selling well. These are easy to find on
Clickbank, since the best selling products are listed at the top of each category in the

Tip: I'm assuming you already have a hungry niche market in mind, and that you
just need to find a product to sell to that market. If you don't already have a
hungry market in mind, find one before you do anything else. It's much easier to
find a hungry market and then figure out what they're already buying ,as
opposed to starting with a product and then trying to figure out who to sell it to.

After you find the product you'd like to promote, then find one or more PLR ebooks that
closely compliment this product. Modify the ebooks to make them unique, perhaps by
combining two or more ebooks together, rewriting, or otherwise changing the content.
Then insert your Clickbank hoplink (affiliate link) for the product you chose before.

Finally, all you have to do is get your free report into the hands of as many people as
possible. You can give it to your list, post it on your blog, include it in your signature link
on forums, mention it in articles that you submit to directories, and more.

Note: if you'd like to make this a viral product, then allow others to rebrand it.
You can do this one of two ways:

1. You can find a two-tier affiliate program, meaning you get a small commission
every time someone in your downline sells the product.

2. You can allow other marketers to rebrand the ebook with their own affiliate
links. While they get the backend income in the ebook, you'll get subscribers
since you'll include links to your own site in the ebook.

20. Hold a fire sale using your PLR ebooks.

You can do this in any niche. Simply gather together as many related ebooks as you
can, and then sell them all at a ridiculously low amount for a few days to a week. To
increase a sense of urgency, you can raise the price every day (by $10, for example), or
you can raise it a small amount after each purchase. Either way, a script can handle
this automatically for you.

If you're holding a fire sale in the Internet marketing niche, then ideally you'll want some
of your PLR products to come with transferable rights. That way your buyers can resell
the products for a profit.

21. Sell your PLR products with resell rights.

Many PLR licenses do not allow you to transfer rights to the products. If your license
comes with transferable rights, then you can tweak your PLR to create original products
and sell these new products with resell rights or master resell rights.

Ideally you should rewrite major sections of your PLR ebook to create an ebook with
fairly original content. If you have multiple ebooks that include transferable rights, then
you can take sections from these multiple ebooks to come up with an entirely new
product. You can even take it a step further by creating audio or video products from
the PLR ebooks.

Once you have modified it in some way, you can now sell resell rights to this new
product. That way you not only make an income in the long-term from selling it to the
niche market, but you also make a big profit in the short-term by selling the resell rights
to other marketers!

22. Use one or more PLR ebooks as upsell on your order form.

You can use your PLR ebooks to make more money from every customer, simply by
adding one or more ebooks as upsells on the order form. You can either add them as
"upgrades" to the current product you're selling, or you can even offer related PLR
ebooks as a one time offer (OTO).

Here are just a few examples:
• Offer a related PLR ebook as a traditional upsell.
• Offer a package of PLR ebooks as a one-time-only offer.
• Offer audio or video products based on PLR ebooks as an upsell.
• Offer a live teleconference (based on a PLR ebook) as an upsell.
• Offer a package of physical products (derived from PLR ebooks) as a one-timeoffer.

In addition to offering these at the time of ordering, you can also make similar offers on
the thank you / download page.

23. Rework a PLR ebook and submit to ebook directories.

If you don't already have a platform or ready-made audience, such as a newsletter list,
blog, or high-traffic website, you can still get your free ebook into your prospect's hands.

How? Simple: by creating an extremely useful, entertaining or even offensive ebook
(for viral purposes) and uploading it to all the free ebook directories you can find.

For starters, run a search for "free ebook directories" in Google, and you'll find dozens if
not hundreds of potential places where you can submit your ebook.

Insider's Tip: Don't forget to submit your ebook to Lulu.com! While it's not
exactly considered a free ebook directory, it is a place where you can create an
ebook and allow others to download it.

They also give you other promotional tools on the site, such as an author's page
and free blog. Take advantage of these ,if nothing else, they give you free oneway
links to your site.

24. Use your PLR ebooks to create tips booklets.

Naturally, you already know that you can chop PLR ebooks into smaller reports to sell
or give away, either as hard copies or digital copies. However, here's a twist: create
small "tips booklets" from your PLR ebooks, and then sell these tips booklets in large
quantities to businesses as employee training guides or advertising specialties.

You already know what an employee training guide might look like. For example, the
tips booklet might be centered around safety in the workplace, sexual harassment,
meeting and exceeding sales goals, motivation, or any number of other issues related to
a business and sales environment.

But what, exactly, are advertising specialties?

These are small gifts companies send to their good customers as "thank you' gifts. The
key is that these gifts are branded with the company's logo and advertising. Since these
are useful gifts, it makes it more likely that the customer will hang on to the gift.

For example, many companies give away refrigerator magnets, calendars, or even pens
to their customers. Indeed, you probably have a calendar or other item in your own
home from your electric company, car dealer, insurance agent, or other business.

The idea behind this strategy is to create a useful report that's highly relevant to a
company's business ..... and then brand this report with the company name and

For example, you may create a special tips report for car dealers that centers around
issues like saving money on car insurance, simple at-home maintenance and repair
tips, how to drive in a way that saves gas, and more. Then the auto dealer can pass
along this booklet to all their customers for free.

The bonus for you is that instead of selling one copy to one person at a time, you can
sell hundreds or even thousands of booklets at time to a business. Because you'll
make your money from volume, you should take a small profit per booklet to make the
overall price attractive to businesses who might want to buy copies from you.

25. Use your PLR ebooks to create fundraisers for charities.

This idea is basically the same as the above Strategy #25, except in this case you're
creating physical products for charities to resell in their fundraisers. As such, you'll be
taking a relatively small profit off the price of each copy, but you'll make it up in volume
since you can sell dozens, hundreds or even thousands of copies at a time to a
charitable organization.

26. Create a backend income stream using P2P networks.

First, rewrite a PLR ebook, being sure to include relevant affiliate links in the ebook.
Then upload to peer-to-peer file sharing networks such as Kazaa and dozens of similar

Note: Most of these networks are full of pirated ebooks that make any ebooks that
appears on the site a bit "forbidden." That means there are certain people who are
more likely to download your ebook just because they think they're "getting away
with something."

As such, you may not get the most targeted prospects from these sorts of sites ,as
they may not be interested in purchasing information since they know they can
download it for free elsewhere. That means you need to find something they ARE
interested in ,like ringtones.

27. Create a bonus product using PLR ebooks and swap with another marketer.

In a previous strategy we talked about how you can quickly turn PLR ebooks into bonus
products. Here's a twist: trade your bonus products with another marketer. That way
you each get a fresh bonus to promote ..... and if you include your links in your bonus,
you'll get a backend income stream, too!

28. Use your PLR ebooks as a basis for self-promotional speeches.

Giving speeches to local groups - whether at the garden club, the Humane Society, or a
Chamber of Commerce meeting - is a great way to promote yourself. You can easily
create speeches simply by basing them off of your relevant PLR ebooks.

29. Use PLR ebooks as the basis for a workshop or seminar.

Instead of using your PLR ebooks as the basis for a mere speech, you can create an
entire daylong or multiple-day workshop or seminar from the material. You can also use
the material to create Power Point slides as well as worksheet and summaries sheets
that you pass around to workshop attendees.

30. Create short reports to hand out at trade shows.

The next time you rent a booth at a trade show, expo, or similar event, it's a good idea
to have on hand short reports that you can give away to prospects in exchange for their
contact information. PLR ebooks can be used as the basis for these giveaways.

31. Use PLR ebooks to help you do JV's with local businesses.

First use one or more PLR ebooks to create a short report that's highly relevant to both
your business as well as a local business. For example, if you provide dog training
information, you could do a joint venture with a dog supplies store.

Next, rebrand this short report so that it includes the affiliate links for your joint venture
partner (in our example, this would be the person who owns the dog supplies store).

Then have these short reports added to customer shopping bags, left in the waiting
room (where applicable), or posted on the bulletin board for anyone who wants to take

Your joint venture partner gets a commission for every customer who buys something
through the links in this short report ..... and you get a new customer!

32. Sell your PLR ebooks and give your affiliates 100% of the profits.

Giving your affiliates 100% of the commissions on a product has always been a great
way to joint venture with super affiliates. It's a win-win situation: you get the customer
list and the affiliate gets 100% of the profits. Indeed, because this is such a winning
model, programmers have even developed scripts that quickly and easily allow you to
set up 100% commission affiliate programs.

To make it even easier on you, you can create your product from PLR ebooks. To
make them original, however, it's a good idea to rewrite them (at least in part) or
combine them with other PLR content.

33. Use the PLR ebook content for personal reasons.

You don't have to make a profit from a good PLR ebook in order to find it valuable. If
you're interested in the topic, be sure to apply the information and strategies to your
business and your personal life, too.

34. Break your PLR ebooks into articles

And use all the strategies mentioned in the previous "PLR Articles" section of this ebook.

How to Make Money with PLR Software

Note: may need to hire a programmer to tweak the code and interface of your PLR
software in order to meet your needs and your customers' needs. Go to elance.com,
rentacoder.com, or warriorforum.com to find a good programmer.

1. Create a membership site using PLR software.

If you're interested in creating a business around a forced continuity (residual income)
model, then one way to do it is to offer new software products each month in a
membership site. And you don't even need to worry about spending thousands of
dollars each month getting new software created - instead, you can just use PLR

Example: you can create a "business tools" membership site that offers software such
as article-posting tools, autoresponders, content spinners, accounting software, and the

If you purchase PLR software with transferable rights, even better: then you can give
members a chance to make money by reselling the software.

2. Offer PLR software as a freebie for joining your list.

In other words, entice people to sign up for your mailing list by offering them a valuable
piece of software in exchange for their email address.

3. Use as a bonus product alongside your main product.

Here's another strategy that's commonly used with PLR ebooks. In this case you offer
relevant software as a bonus for your main product.
For example, if you're offering a diet book, then you can offer a software bonus that
helps customers track their eating habits, estimate their bodyfat percentage, determine
their macronutrient break-down in their diets, and much more.

4. Use PLR software as an unannounced bonus for customers.

This is a great way to build customer loyalty, tamp down buyer's remorse, and reduce

5. Use PLR software as a surprise bonus for newsletter customers.

Your customers should get your best bonuses and products. However, your free
newsletter subscribers will also appreciate getting surprise freebies, too. This helps
ensure your readers always drop everything and read your newsletter when it hits their

6. Sell your PLR software outright.

Instead of using PLR software as a bonus or freebie, you can make money by selling it
directly to consumers as your main product. You can even burn it on a CD and sell it as
a physical product, thus increasing the perceived value (and the price) of the software.

7. Give away branded versions of your PLR software.

Here's an idea for web-based software tools: offer your PLR software for free ..... as long
as users keep your branding (name, link, and perhaps a short ad) intact.

For example, if you offer an autoresponder script for free, you make it a requirement
that all users leave your link at the bottom of outgoing messages.

If you'd like to give your users the option of using an unbranded version of the software,
simply charge a fee for an "advertising free" version.

8. Rebrand your PLR software and submit it to free software directories.

Simply put, this is one good way to get your software seen - and downloaded - by more
prospects. Just create a free version with your company's name and link branded on
the software, and load it up to all the free software directories you can find.

Tip: Many of these directories ask users to rate the software. Ask your newsletter
readers, blog visitors, and forum members to give your software a good rating. The
better your rating (and the more people who've reviewed it), the more downloads
you'll receive.

9. Where allowable, sell your software with resell rights.

You can charge more for your software if you sell it with resell rights or master resell
rights. However, be sure to check the terms of your PLR license to ensure you have
transferable rights to the software.

10. Add your PLR software to a fire sale.

You can hold a fire sale that just consists of useful software, or you can add your PLR
software to a fire sale that includes PLR ebooks and articles. Check your PLR licenses
to determine which PLR software you can offer in your fire sale with resell rights.

11. Add your PLR software to giveaway events.

This is the same as Strategy #15 described in the "PLR Ebooks" section. The only
difference, of course, is that you're adding software to the event instead of an
information product.

12. Use the software yourself!

PLR software isn't only valuable as a product you can resell to your customers - it's
also valuable because you can use it to make your business and your life easier.

13. Do a JV with a programmer.

If you can't include programming talents in your own skill set, then chances are you'll
need to hire a programmer to modify most if not all of your PLR software. This may
take hundreds to even thousands of dollars - and many months - to modify and debug
by hiring professional programmers (depending on the quality of the PLR software).

Here's an idea: instead of hiring a professional programmer, you can offer to do a joint
venture with one. Of course you'll need to be able to bring excellent marketing skills to
the table. If you can do that, you two will be a good match. You can then create
membership sites together, create individual products together, build a backend
marketing system together, and so on.

You bring in the customers ..... and your joint venture partner modifies the software. It's a
win-win situation.

14. How to use PLR software if you are a programmer/

Many times your clients want a code and interface that's original and to which they'll
maintain the exclusive rights. However, sometimes your clients will ask you to create a
quick software or script for their own needs. If they're not selling the script as a product,
they might tell you they don't care if it's all original.

You can offer to do an original script, just in case they decide down the line that they
want to sell it as a product. But you can give them the option of you creating their
custom script from a similar PLR product - they won't have an original (exclusive) script,
but neither do they have to pay for "from scratch" code.


If you have a combination of PLR ebooks, articles, and software, there are certain
strategies you can use that combine all three. For example, you can start a
membership site, or run a one-week fire sale. You can even use your articles, ebooks,
and software to create a content-rich site with built-in software tools ..... and then flip the
site on eBay for a profit.

When it comes to PLR, your profits are only limited by your imagination.

Enjoy ..... :cool2:

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hey!! i have read this all in an ebook somewhere:confused: i cant remember...
Thanks for the share it was a nice read , though my eyes bleeds before i end the articles, will continue later !! :), am currently looking free solution to edit/rebrand pdf, can you point me to the right direction ??Thanks
A very nice list as others have said. Of these, I have found translating plr from one language to another somewhat more profitable than the other methods listed here. To each his own, I guess! :D
"Instead of rewriting, you can simply copy and paste two
or more related ebooks together
" nice trick
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Wow! Thanks for such an awesome list.

I have around 4,000 articles that were given back to me from the YCN shutdown (they were previously bringing in over 100k of readers per month), so I've been searching for ways to best utilize my content. You've given me ample ideas to marinate, so thank you for that!

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