[Method] $20+ per day. Effortless posting.


Apr 5, 2013
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Well, this method will be short, I won't add some blablas and this will be straight to the point.

This method is a sort of e-whoring.

First, you need to search for a huge group in facebook, I suggest you to choose some groups related to Chicks or Girls [wanted].

Secondly, you are to go to Google and look for some hot chicks over there, you can search for 'nude hot girls' or whatever you can find.

Third, Share the photo / upload it on a group in Facebook, with your Facebook post, do something like.

" Click the link below for full version of this sex video or Click the link below for some pictures or something like that. "

The link that's present in your link would be your affiliate link in some of your Pay per Visit links, I recommend you to use goo.gl upon cloaking one.

Have fun and let's see how it works for you!
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It could work really good with some twists. Instead of a pay per view site, why don't you put your affiliate link there from an adult dating offer? I am sure this can work.
Won't the pay per view site know your sending untargeted visits and cancel your payout
It`s not something new and it could work. Just watch out as facebook might suspend your account, regardless of the poor cloaking.
This isn't new and I am pretty sure E-Whoring isn't allowed on this forum.
This isn't really e-whoring.
It's not like he is talking to them saying those are my pictures if you want to see more send me money ;)
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