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Merch advice

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by _basilisk_, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. _basilisk_

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    May 14, 2017
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    Ghost Town, USA
    What's up my fellow hustlers,

    So in addition to Kindle ebooks (wish book uplift was still around) and amazon affiliate sites, I have decided to start using my merch account. I use merch informer , jungle scout , unicorn smasher to help research niches and look up BSR. I only have 3 out of 10 designs up so far , but I'll get it filled up within the week. What I am looking for is advice on marketing , niche selection , and Merch informer tips (have alrdy talked to @antichrist who directed me to some vids,watched them but I want more). So...

    1)how do you market or drive traffic to your shirts? I am thinking fiverr maybe...I would go fully organic but I'd like to push out of tier 10 asap.

    2)how do you select your niches? I use informer for a lot for this... I aim for A,B, or C competition and BSR between100k-300k. Typically with a design that I feel is weak (monotone and/or only type). What I am worried about is my SEO, most ppl seem to just cram it all full of keywords and it doesn't even read properly. But often enough it's these overstuffed listingso that seem to be on top. Also I notice that my listings don't even show up in Google ( this really worries me ) , but they show in my preferred search engine (duckduckgo).

    3) I've read every blog post and watched every video on Merch informer. Looking for any additional vids , sites , blogs , etc. that ppl recommend.

    Thanks for reading my long af post. Feel free to PM me or post here