Maxbounty alternative?


Feb 12, 2024
I'm looking into possible options instead of Maxbounty that don't require any fees to get started advertising. Maxbounty quoted me $5,000 just to begin, which makes me want to explore free alternatives.
There isn't any CPA network that'll give you thousands of leads without paying first.

They need insurance so they won't have to pay publishers from their own pocket if advertisers don't pay.

Being an advertiser is more advanced and needs a deposit upfront, usually a few thousand dollars.

f you want free traffic, stick to free methods.

Good luck,
What niche is your product in?
Because in the dating and sweep (lead-gen) industry those upfront payments are always never the cas.e
There are a few solid affiliate networks out there with free plans to get your feet wet. Perform[cb] is a popular one, and they have a good reputation. Just keep in mind that free plans often come with limitations, like lower payouts or fewer offers.

Another option might be to consider CPA marketing with individual advertisers directly. Sites like can be a good place to connect. This route takes a little more legwork, but you can potentially negotiate better deals without a network middleman.
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