Manage multiple proxies with IG in IOS?

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by dasse, Jun 4, 2016.

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    Hi. Is there any proxy managing app or way of managing multiple proxies in IOS?

    I know proxy setting can be added in wifi network settings at the bottom. But like this you can only input 1 account per wifi network.

    I want a switch and multifunction where I can name the proxy with account name so I can simply switch on the correct proxy and IG account, just load the app on my iPhone and bam I'm in the right account.

    Anyone know of something like this "profile proxy switch"?

    I have Been looking around a bit and it seems most apps come with their own purchase services and don't have the option to add my own settings. I thought open Vpn app had the possibility to enter my own. Maybe it was in android? When I open the Openvpn iOS app I get nowhere without need to buy or whatever.

    Saw there was some with jailbreak cydia etc. but gave up thoose jailbreaks after iPhone iOS 4.3.3 bcuzz all the mess about. Resets and hiccups that comes with jailbreaks:)

    Any hints would be mostly appreciated!
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