Making Multiple Amazon Accounts (Merchant NOT Affiliate) From the Same Computer

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    Hi Guys,

    It's against Amazon's TOS to have multiple seller accounts.

    Amazon however bans accounts all the time without reason, there's dozens of stories on the seller central forums of sellers doing millions of revenue disappearing due to a single customer complaint of a counterfeit item with 0 chance of appeal. Too much risk in a lot of ways not to have multiple accounts.

    I'm not great with computers in general and know very little about hiding your id from Amazon except that it's not a simple process of purchasing and using a proxy.

    Proxies, VPN ranges and Tor nodes are easy to detect. Giants like Amazon, Paypal, Craiglist, etc have numerous in-house custom software's, scripts and utilities to detect and prevent manipulation of their properties. They are not easy to trick, whatever proxy & vpn providers are telling you about their anonymity.

    Would really appreciate a basic guide, just pointing me in the right direction, to how one could set up a system to be able to regularly access and use 2 or more accounts from the same computer without Amazon being aware.

    Thanks for any help provided :)