Making Money with pinterest easier using SB and the image grabber plugin

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    So ive been mucking around with pinterest and i do see potential (though i haven seen the results i need yet). During my trials, the most consuming bit is downloading and uploading images. And avoiding getting banned because of copyright laws for the pictures. It was during this thought of a neat trick (At least I think so)

    Following the steps below you should do 100 pins in 10 min or less.

    So using the image grabber add-on in SB.

    1. Enter a keyword or words for the images you want to use for you image blog for use with pinterest and click locate image urls.
    2. Once complete click export. This will export all those urls to a text file.
    3. Open the text file in your favorite text editor
    4. Next surround each url with the img src tag like this
      <img src="hxxp://url_toyourimage.jpg" alt="mypinterest topic">[ /CODE]
      (i use notetab light free since it does search and replace using regular expressions, this way i can do 1000 images in 2 seconds literally)
      Here is my regex(if u dont know what regex is just do it manually)
      [CODE]find = (http\://.*\..*)\r\n 
      Replace = <img src="$1" alt="Keywords">\r\n
    5. Next copy to your clipboard about 30 - 40 of the img tags containing your img urls
    6. Next start a new post in your blog.
    7. in your blog editor go to the HTML view
    8. Next past the urls you copied earlier and hit publish
    9. Logout from your blog
    10. Browse to your new blog post
    11. Click the pin it button
    12. Select the image you want to pin (repeat for each image on the page)
    13. Repeat steps 5 - 12 until your list is complete

    Been here forever but This is my first real post here so enjoy! Let me know if helpful
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    iN tHe FeEt Of My GuRu
    Home Page:
    step by step instruction this will sure to help who like to start this method.
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    I do the same thing. But I don't need scrapebox to do it or pin it manually.

    Anyways I will always know you as the first person to talk about pinmarklet on this forum. Also m giving it free to BHW members

    Good Luck