Making Money With Dailymotion & Traffic Exchange [proof Inside]

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    I have been making money with for over 4 months I now have 12 channels and each one make me an average $25 a day . here are some of my earnings
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    I will share with you the method. What you do is opne a dailymotion account and add 5-10 videos and ad 1 more each week. you will nedd to go in the settings of your dailymotion account and active monetization. when you have your videos you will need to singup with traffichive and upgrade to premium as this will give you referral. you will enter you dailymotion video links 1-3 times for each video in traffichive. you will set random duration 90-160 seconds this will help with impressions. wait a few days till dailymotion updates earning . the update 2-3 times a week. to gain minutes on traffichive you can run their software and you will get minutes in your account. enjoy guys

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    so bascially you upload video on dailymotion and drive traffic from traffic exchange site to dailymotion video with ad enabled? Lol I really doubt it will work? everyone knows traffic exchange uses real computers from real humans (they are not bots ) but dailymotion havent figured it out? can someone say something on this matter besides op?

    Edit: lol just noticed you are saying " you will need to singup with traffichive and upgrade to premium" and your nick is traffichive lol dude, and I also found you just copied pasted this from the web , self promotion isnt allowed here from what I know
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