Making Money w VPN + DNS

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    Hey fellas,
    Naturally, I've done the search on BHW but haven't found any answers that really line up with my simple question, which is: If anyone has heard of or personally has a method by which one could make money specifically utilizing the combination of a VPN + DNS. Say, if someone needed someone with those services to execute a particular function, etc? Seems to me most of those functions would be Grey Hat at the very best, which is fine with me, considering the whole point of the VPN + DNS combo is effectively hide your ID in order to do/access things you wouldn't securely be able to, otherwise.

    If your researching skills have surpassed mine and you've managed to find a thread that can render this post moot, please post and I can gladly take this down, or leave it up if there's enough interest -- any ol' thing.

    Thanks in advance.
    Cheers all,