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Make some easy $ with chaturbate

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by jojolescargot, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. jojolescargot

    jojolescargot Newbie

    Dec 9, 2014
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    first I wish to apologize in advance for my english , I'm french ˆˆ

    I can't post picture and link for the moment i will do that when it's possible

    For those who don't know chaturbate (maybeˆˆ), it's a "free" camshow website, and by free i mean you can look at the model as you want without pay a pennie, but if you want you can pay.

    there are 3 affiliate method (we will focus on only two methods)

    1 $ per free signup without email verification, you also win 50$ when you reffer a model who earn 20$ and 5 % of the earnings of your referrals webmaster

    You can also choose 20% revshare, that mean you will win 20% of money spending by your refferer

    My problem, is i start with the 1$ per free signup, but now i understand, 20% revshare is much better in the long term

    I explain myself, if you choose the revshare method,you won't earn anymore the 1$ per signup, but when one of your affiliated spen 100$ you will earn 20$, of course there may be only one person in fifty will spend money but when a guy (yes generally guy ˆˆ) start spending it's like a drug it whil start every month.

    So here it is rather interesting and I know that if at the beginning I had chosen revshare 20% instead of $ 1 per signup I would probably won MUCH more is whys I can only advise you to use 20 revshare % .

    start by registering on chaturbate.com

    After registering update your payment info

    and found your aff link in "linking code"

    Now it's time to found where we can spread our link Mouahahahahah

    It's the most difficult step

    Method 1 Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
    Create 1 (even 10) fake account on each of its social network with the goal of having the most friends / follower possible without getting banned for twitter and instagram use the hashtag ( #sexy #addme #cute girl ) on your tweet / post , like the similar post to your niche ( adult cam sexy show ) retweet them and invite person ( follow ), but not too much otherwise you get banned ,of course you need a nice profile picture ( google: Snapchat sexy / cute and avoid a porn photos)
    and magically the people come to you.
    For facebook it's the same add a nice picture , share other post in your niche add some friend (guys) but be carefull facebook quickly ban fake account if you are not carefull, so try to find groups where there are a lot of people and mail the request message as friends ( guys plz add me , add me i 'm bored and alone) are imaginative.

    once you have 100/200 friend / follower ( more is better )start posting your affiliate link ( think to url reducer to analyze your audience " bit.ly " " goo.gl " etc ... ).

    You should start to see the click in your chaturbate stats.

    Méthod 2 Porn forum
    There are many porn forum with millions users , (just google: porn forum)
    register on all of them
    Create a normal account add yours reduces affiliate link in your signature ( Profile / signature)
    and participate in the life of the forum post pictures and videos regularly for a certain time and you will see it work.

    Method 3 tumblr

    Create a dozens blog for adults.
    Tumblr advantage is that you can put pictures in the queue (with a redirect to your affiliate link ), with some work your blog will be automated for several weeks , once your blog and queues are done follow up all your blogs with your other blogs like your pictures follow other people, and wait for clic :p

    Method 4 Porntube site
    This method consists of downloading porn webcam amateur videos and watermark them with the link to your blog or your affiliate link reduced ex " bit.ly/sexyjenny " and upload them to the greatest possible porntube site , it works well. to find some ( google: tube porn website )

    Méthod 5 youtube
    This is the method I used the most , because I'm lazy and I did not wanted to see porn all day long , then create an account put a nice profile picture search " sexy video "" lesbian " " sexy webcam "
    view sorting by newest !! and Take the most recent video and more popular, and add a comment like " hey guys wanna watch me masturbate ? come here "yourafflink" made ​​on until you could no longer comment and yes google blocking you , but that 's OK , re-create an account and try again.

    The last method

    Method 6 Yahoo Answer
    Simply find the subject where people looking for webcam site (free or paid) (depending change your affiliate link ) and offer their your affiliate link ( but without saying it is an affiliate link )
    exemple: This one rocks dude yourafflink

    Here we come to the end of this article, i hope it was instructive (except spelling sorry : P) do not hesitate to give your opinion in the comments , to share it with your friends if you see errors made me a sign and please , please, please


    See you soon for another post.

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  2. Pure Mint

    Pure Mint Registered Member

    Mar 3, 2015
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    OK, I'm still confused as to how to make money by watermarking videos and loading them up to this chatterbate custom tube site???
  3. Gurjarr

    Gurjarr Newbie

    Nov 21, 2016
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    Thanks for sharing mate
  4. Endri

    Endri Junior Member

    Oct 27, 2016
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    I have 20 facebook accounts and two facebook groups with 70 and 50 k members , do you think i can make money from this ?
  5. Mehdi :3

    Mehdi :3 BANNED BANNED

    Aug 17, 2016
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    Will instagram allow affiliate link in my bio?
  6. freqee

    freqee Regular Member

    Apr 24, 2016
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    These are the "standard" methods however u will get banned instantly if u do them as posted here.

    They can work but research each one before wasting your time
  7. hero76

    hero76 Power Member

    Oct 20, 2016
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    does the youtube one really work?? yahoo questions method is pure money
  8. mrarowana

    mrarowana Junior Member

    Nov 3, 2016
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    so your one of the sexy girls that added me on ig just like that :p

    i kind of undrestand you game,keep on doing it it playa