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    Hey all, Im Melody from, and I would like to introduce a new website that allows users to get cash for tweeting. connects advertisers with tweeters who tweet their messages for them to their followers. Advertisers benefit because is based on the principle of word-of-mouth, which is the most effective form of advertisement. Tweeters benefit because they can choose to tweet only messages that resonate with them, in their own words, for cash. offers two different types of advertisement campaign options: Pay Per Tweet (PPT) and Pay Per Click (PPC). With Pay Per Tweet advertisements, advertisers only pay when their message is tweeted by tweeters. With Pay Per Click advertisements, advertisers only pay when they receive valid clicks, based on the targeting information specified by the advertiser. With Pay Per Tweet campaigns, Tweeters are compensated on a per tweet basis. While with Pay Per Click campaigns, Tweeters are compensated based on the performance of their sponsored tweet.

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