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    With this method you will need to have a little bit of investment money(not a lot) minimum $50

    I make side income in spare time by looking for yard sales, garage sales and thrift stores/salvation army stores. You can find antiques and plenty of other neat items for next to nothing!

    What you are looking for is something you feel that you can make some money on quick. You may need to have an eye for these things but if you have a smart phone you can simply look the item up on Google for it's proper value. If you can make a buck on it and feel that it will sell rather quick, then buy it of course.

    Now you want to use a classifieds website of your choice(I'm sure you can guess which one I'm talking about) since I can't mention it in here. List it and wait for some people to call or email. I usually just list a number and say calls only. Weeds out the bullcrap emails hence, doesn't waste your time.

    Simple as that.

    A twist if you don't have investment money: Credit by SmartMan

    You can take a camera in with you and take pictures of various items, look them up when you get home and list them. If you get some calls then simply go purchase said item and flip it to the buyer. Easy Breezy!

    Hope this helps.
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