Lost $500 from someone who do charge back after deliver.

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    Aug 7, 2013
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    Hello everyone in BHW,
    Recently hit by a fraudster who are professional in Paypal abuse. He did the pay and disputes unauthorized transaction(the person is verified in Paypal) after received the digital goods and Paypal decide in the person favor. This might happen either the person is a syndicate and use his partner Paypal or he stole someone else paypal to pay me. What can I do on this situation as I my digital goods need to pay lot fee to get it and this fraudster took it and resell it. I have the fraudster real Paypal address which I told Paypal before but they not showing any initiative to find it out more or ask me on more info. What should I do to make the fraudster Paypal suspend as I confirmed that he real Paypal. :cool: