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    Need a new article added to Wikipedia by someone with an account in good standing with Wikipedia that has written other articles before, and that have not been taken down. Independent references would be ideal. I've paid lots of people on fiverr and peopleperhour (which I prefer, since they maintain escrow to protect the buyer and the seller), and will review reasonable offers. The page does not have to contain hundreds of words. In fact, I'm looking for the type of article that ends with their tag that says "This is a stub article. Please expand on it."

    I have independent news articles you can use for your citation regarding this page, and the page absolutely, positively must be written from a non-biased, fact-based perspective without any trace of promotional language or content that could be confused for an advertisement.

    Since I'm a new member here, I don't know if I can PM anyone or not so if you have a website or some ID I can use to reach out to you, I would appreciate it. I strongly dislike Skype/avoid it (and use other things like Zoom), but I will if I have to.

    Thanks for your time and attention!

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