Looking For WP Specialists For 500 Domains - Multiple Sectors - PBN


Aug 1, 2014
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Hello everyone,

We have over 500 domains in different sectors. Each industry has nearly 100 domains.

We have been dealing with this PBNs internally and would like to outsource some parts.

All technical things are being handled by us. Distribution, servers, IPs, WP installations, etc.

However, we need content and web-site editing. The job requires those specificatons:

All domains in the same sector;

1. Must use different themes - Themes will be provided by us
2. Must follow SEO guidelines - Title, description, photos and alt tags, h1 tags etc.
3. Must have at least 10 unique high quality articles. Some will have more but min. 10 articles. (We have over 1.000 unique articles in our pool. So, for some domains, we only need you to post those articles from our custom-coded pool to blogs.)
4. 1 article can be used only once. (We have another team for link building. 2nd, 3rd and more tiers will be handles by us)

NOT: All blogs are managed by MainWP. You will have 1 single password to manage all. We can discuss technical details later.

Basically, we need you to make the blogs look perfect. This is actually not a Black Hat SEO tactic. We desire to make all those sites rank in top 10. Keywords and industries are etremely specific and there are not much competition. So, please quote accordingly.

Please quote like this:

- X USD per blog (we will give pure/empty WP and .zip theme file to you. You will design menus, install required plugins, configure plugins according to our needs and other sections)
- X USD per 500 words articles (Medium Quality)
- X USD per 1.000 words articles (High Quality)
- X USD per sharing 1 article from the pool.

If you are interested, please PM and if we agree on the price, I will give 1 blog credential to see what you are capable of.

Important Note: As soon as all blogs ready, we will keep buying articles monthly.


Aug 19, 2009
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Hello Sir,
I did this task before and ready to do on the same now. My charges will be based on per hour basis, let me know if this works for you or not.