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    We have a website that's almost ready for Beta testing, we are looking for ONE individual to help us analyze, exploit bugs, and hack our website using your own resources. Basically we just want to stress test out website and fix any major security bugs, uncaught errors that still left unchecked on the system.

    You will be responsible to do following things:

    • 1 day contract of 8 hours testing at the rate of $100 - on 06/06/2014
    • You must have a paypal account - The payment will be made to your paypal account right after the completion of the contract. (If you are not happy with this condition, please do not apply)
    • Stress test the system (NO DDOS)
    • Find and document any uncaught errors/exception
    • Find and document any "strange" behaviors of the website
    • Find and document any security bugs (XSS, SQL Injection, heart bleed, data validation, unauthorized access to files or areas of the website, etc.)
    • Perform tasks as regular user and test the system thoroughly
    • Document your own recommendation as a professional to fix found security bugs and improve system performance, stability
    • You do not need to perform any SEO analyze.

    If this is right for you, please pm me your first name and a cover letter explaining your backgrounds and experiences and an answer to this question: What kind of php framework the website http://wordpress.org/ is using?

    Thank you for your time.