Looking for someone to write 100 very short ads

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    I'm looking for someone who can write 100 very short 4 lines of text ads, who is creative and can make the ads sound good enough to make me want to click a link after reading. I'm pressed for time myself other wise I would do it myself, plus I know there are many of you on here who could do this blindfolded. I'm willing to pay $25 via paypal. Please let me know if you are up to it.

    P.S: The ads are all related to the electronics niche and pretty much anything you would find at a penny auction site. LCD Flat Screen tv's, IPads and things of that nature. Examples of good ads would be....

    1.It's Black Friday Every Day!
    Xbox Consoles, IPADs, IPHONEs,
    PlayStation console, Games, Jewlery,
    Clothing, and more! As low as 1 PENNY!

    2. XBOX 360 4GB Starting at 1 penny
    Large stock of Xbox gaming consoles
    ready for you to buy for as little as a
    stinking penny.

    Thanks, in advance