Looking for name for my FB Bot


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May 7, 2010
I'm programming a FB Bot.

It has this features:
- Crawl Groups for entered keywords
- choose an amount of groups that should get crawled/joined
- Post messages to groups in a specific time
- upload pictures to groups in a specific time
- share pictures to groups in a specific time
- Enter time that the bot should wait between joining groups
- Enter time that the bot should wait switching to the next entered keyword
- Enter time that the bot should wait between posting to groups
- Autoposter -> Post messages to your wall - to pretend you're a human

"Server"-Function - Run bot 24/7:
- Auto-Accept Friendrequests in a specific time
- Post to crawled groups in a specific time
- Autopost to wall
- Autolike posts of your friends

I'll release the bot soon. I need a name for this bot. Does anyone know a good name for this bot? :)

I know the bot as some translation mistakes. They'll get fixed before I release the bot.


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Thanks guys :)

I chose FBnator. I think about giving away a free copy of the bot to jacobpov. But I need some time to finish the bot.

It will has following features:

+ Proxysupport
+ Multiple-User support
+ Search groups by keyword (You can set an amount)
+ Multiple Keyword support (When joined all groups of a keyword it goes to the next one)
+ Post Text and Pictures to groups (Upload picture not working yet but I'm working on it)
+ Share picture to groups
+ Set time between joining the groups
+ Set time that the bot should wait before posting to the joined groups
+ Set time between posting to groups
+ Set time that should be waitet before it goes to the next keyword
+ Autopost to your wall (Your friends will think you're a real human)
+ Auto-Friendaccept
+ Auto-Friendadder
+ Autoliker (likes posts/pictures of your friends)

I think in 1 month I will release a beta. I will create a new thread when I'm ready. :)

If u have some ideas for the bot let me know.

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