Looking for Investor


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Aug 14, 2010
What im doing
buying replica's selling them

I have sunglasses, a few handbags but im looking to expand, the larger the business is, the larger profit

For Investors
I promise to double your money

say you invest 500 I will double it within 2 weeks

Everything is legit

Our site is under construction

Sales all come from person to person

If you are interested PM me
Like Bass said, you will need more info before you get any serious takers.
I'm sure what you're offer is good, but as others said, we need more information. And making the promise to double my money back in 2 weeks is a hard thing to believe. That's a big promise, hope it will happen for your investors.
I'm on board with this, I'm taking care of most of the web side (hosting, setup, etc) - my investment is on the technical side rather than the financial side. I'm not in the position to invest finances, otherwise I would consider it. We may also be interested in more of a marketing perspective as well.
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