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    Okay I'm new with internet marketing - I've studied it for about 6-7 months, and have got onsite optimisation pretty much. I started to get into how to carry out offsite optimisation using tools like SENuke, and keyword research with stuff like Market Samurai, with the help of someone i met on a forum, who i paid monthly to guide me with Internet Marketing - I ended up beginning a little project using a blog intended to send links to a client website I built then asked if I could try out the seo project with, but my 'mentor' got busier and he's no longer able to guide me.

    I'm looking for someone who can help me, just maybe a 20 minute read and reply of my email once a week, to guide me on what im doing, I've felt it was the best way to learn. Paid of course - but the main thing is, I dont want to just cheat by using completely unsafe spammy SEO, because I want to try and do this for small businesses when I get better, but I also do want to take advantage of some of the techniques that can speed things up or give things a better effect, relatively smartly and relatively safely.

    Can anyone help me find someone, or would anyone be happy to do this? It wouldnt be fulltime guidance - just as I said, once a week or something a read and reply of my email which would of course be any questions I had or clarification that this next step is the correct one etc. please pm me!