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Looking for a long term JV, earn from Amazon, Adsense, or your idea

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by itos84, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. itos84

    itos84 Power Member

    Jan 11, 2011
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    I´m looking for a partner JV. A long time partner not just for once. I have an adsense, amazon, clickbank account and I have been paid using those.

    The Plan

    Making a blogging network. We can start with a few sites, then increase it. The posts could be information about a topic, a product (amazon sales). There are two ways to make the sites: micro niche approaching or even better build authority sites in a larger niche. We can then move to making niche social portals where people can comment, ask questions, make their own posts. Also making a larger social network startup is in the plan too (like the next Foursquare, Stumbleupon, or something like that). For me the option of a new startup in social media could be really good, I have already the ideas and layouts done.

    What I value:
    Constant Communication: for a JV like these and partnership we have to communicate everyday, via chat, emails, phone, or whatever. There are so many options to communicate in these days.

    How money will be shared?
    50/50: I think is good for both parties. So all the money earned from adsense, amazon or any other method in the sites will be shared equally. If a site is sold, the money will go 50/50 also.

    Who I´m looking for: (this applies to me as well)
    * Someone that already has made money online, via adsense, amazon, clickbank, cpa, or something similar.
    * Have some experience in SEO, social media traffic.
    * Be able to write articles on English.
    * Have time to work. Not just one hour per day, but the whole day.
    * Compromise to complete tasks: both of us will have a lot of taks, we have to complete it to be able to earn good cash.
    * Someone that wants to earn good cash, at first like a normal salary and then bigger money. Maybe later we can turn this into a company and make it even better. We set goals, like $1 per day, $5 per day, $25, $100 and so on.
    * Have an eye for design. Know when something just looks ugly.
    * Have ideas, you are not a slave or a bot: we can contribute and brainstorm together!
    * Be able to invest some capital. (maybe to buy domains,hosting, buy articles, buy backlinks). We will share 50/50 the costs always.
    * Be able to work with Wordpress.
    * Like the 50/50 division of earned money.

    I´ll also invest some capital on this so we can start with a bigger approach than just one microniche website.
  2. Kalyken


    Jun 27, 2011
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    Hrm, you seem professional and somewhat trustworthy.

    Let's give it a try :)