looking for a joomla template with following basic stuffs [ill giv u something worthwhile]

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by jetiz, Sep 7, 2010.

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    could anyone help me in finding a joomla 1.6 template having folowing basic stuffs ?

    To help get started initially I suggest templates with the following sections:

    • Home
      • flash video on the right pointing to a our commercial
      • Main Home page Slider showcasing:
        • Our mission
        • Our brands
        • Our key products
        • Coming Soon...
      • Main (few lines) blurb highlighting what we are about....
      • Sections to highlight (clickable for entire article) latest News and upcoming Events
      • Tags/facebook/twitter

    • About Us
    • Brands
    • Products
    • Contact Us
      • Corporate office addresses
      • Online Inquiry/Contact form
    • News and Events

    I am looking for something at a highlevel (good looking hi level template) which will focus on our brand ( why should one choose our product)

    Bonus for you:

    ok now to appreciate your work and time in finding the proper template, i would give you an add space on our high traffic music website [PR6] for a week [worth 25$]

    PS: This work is urgent
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    also you make thread on HIRE FREELANCER....maybe you can find there