Looking for a Joomla Expert


Oct 10, 2009
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I have three medium size projects to be done with Joomla and looking for a Joomla expert (... and again, these are not small projects for $50.00)

Because of some previous experience that I had with people who indicated that they were experts (and turned out to be "not"!), and the specifications that I wrote are quite detailed (in other words, I am not going to just put them up out in the open anywhere for public viewing), I am looking for true experts who can first give me their references for me to contact.

After I check your references and talk with the owners of the sites, I will send you the specs and we'll start associating.

IMPORTANT: I would like to make it quite clear here, right now: if I encounter any complaints from any of your references, you are not a good match for this project.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Tank you,
sorry i cant help you out right now as i got too much going on, however i can personally recommend viperwebsites.com if you can wait a little while, i know the owner too, but also i know they are up to their eyeballs in work too!

other than that i would suggest take a look at scriptlance.com or joomlancers.com

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